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Oct 25, 2018
Mo Dao Zu Shi (Anime) add
Where do I begin with? I was doing a search on pinterest for some traditional media pictures and some fanart of chinese illustrations and some pictures with long haired guys that looked like anime images would pop up again and again. So I finally decided to do a reverse image search. And I can't believe what a gold mine I stumbled across!!

This anime... first and foremost there are breathtaking landscapes in almost every frame of each single episode. I kept on imagining how ancient China must look like before its modernization but I feel that most part of China (probably the central parts) might ...
May 21, 2017
Giving this show straight 10s in all aspects. In all honesty,stories based on historical facts need to be made in this manner. And I strongly wish more of such stories are produced in the future too.

Story: This show is based on the life of Oda Nobunaga and you all can guess from the title. The first thing that caught my attention when I started watching this show was how much close to historical facts this show was. Though the story starts with a guy accidentally time traveling to the Sengoku (Warring States) period, everything from that point on is purely about happening in the past ...
Feb 6, 2017
Ah. What can I say? You see that high rating right? This show very much is of that high quality. And all those soft romantic moments <3 Japan you have to make more of such sweet anime for older audience!! Be it any genre, the romance between the characters has to been this soft and sweet and expressive as between Yuri and Victor rather that the always awkward patterns shown still in most anime:3

And now a word of caution- there are BL elements all over the place. So people who don't like that stuff might not be enjoy it 100%. Also, I personally though ...
Sep 5, 2016
Heart to Give (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
Before going into the review, just a message- this series is for age 16+ audience primarily as has been rated by NETCOMICS. I'd personally give this a rating of mature due to some contents shown repeatedly in the story. Reviewing this based on the 7 volumes I've read till now. Could contain a few spoilers**

Story [9/10]: I loved the concept! This story is a chronicle of a being who has lived for hundreds of years and how his presence is intertwined with the world of this story. A depiction of what happens when humans get too many things in their hands and how that brings ...
Jan 14, 2015
A very well made special 9/10 overall.

As it is, the end of Kuroshitsuji made be cry even though the ending is completely filler even now. Ciel's circumstances and his interactions, especially around the end of the series, with Abberline and Sebastian were such a mass of contradiction! I felt the same sort of contradiction from the dialogues between Ciel and Sebastian in this special.

Sebastian came out fantastically as a demon who toys with Ciel's thoughts. He says things which would be considered good advice and yet he'll also force Ciel to accept the point of no return that he has already crossed. And ...
Apr 29, 2014
Fruits Basket (Manga) add
I'm being a bit more critical in rating this manga series. It's a really great manga though. So its definitely recommended for anyone who has seen the anime and who want to see a closure to the story.

Story [10/10]: The base of the story was wonderful and perfect to weave a long story including people associated with the zodiac. The main concept that keeps the story rolling is the fact that each person, who is possessed by an animal spirit associated with the chinese zodiac, suffers from emotional hardships because either their own parents won't accept them or society wouldn't. The one causing them to ...
Apr 21, 2014
Cantarella (Manga) add
Giving this series a 10/10 for everything- story, art, character, enjoyment.

Its a story full of angst, forbidden relationships and unrequited love. Each character is doomed to suffer emotionally for life. And the protagonist Cesare has the worst share of them all.

Story: The story is well woven with historical facts (can't say how much percentage though) + heavy dose of supernatural elements to it, similar to how the Hakuouki anime series has been made. It gave me a vague idea of what kind of struggles must have taken place between France and Italy which was really interesting to read, since I haven't really read much about ...
Feb 1, 2014
Its a 10/10 for this series from me.

Its one of the most wonderful series that I got to read. Yes its long but it doesn't matter really. Once you get hooked on reading you'll always be asking for more. And the best part of this series- the humour in the series doesn't rely on anything vulgar. Its purely from the characters and their interactions and reactions. From random internet surfing on the best shoujo anime I had come across this title many times, but was reluctant to pick it up due to the "Host Club" in the title. But I am so glad that I ...
Oct 20, 2013
Chihayafuru 2 (Anime) add
Combining my views on both seasons-

A straight 10 for everything in this show.

Story: The topic is difficult. Karuta is not a sport that any of the people outside Japan can relate to. And I don't think even in Japan this sport would be too famous. But this game has an extremely interesting concept of combining the Japanese poems with cards. For any sports anime the matches of that sport need to crafted extremely well for the show to get noticed and appreciated. This show does exactly that. The pacing of the scenes aptly builds up the atmosphere of an exciting match.

Art and Animation: Well ...
Feb 20, 2013
Amnesia (Anime) add
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
WOW so many reviews giving this show such a negative publicity !! Well the show is not at all poor in any sense.

Writing this review after watching 7 eps. and I have to say, I totally look forward to this show every week. In fact its hard to wait for a week actually to see what's gonna happen next.

Story [10/10]: I loved the concept of the show- A girl, who, every time she experiences some kind of shock wakes up, finds her surroundings changed. How she and the people around her respond to it is the essence of the story till now. I loved the ...

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