Jan 14, 2015
A very well made special 9/10 overall.

As it is, the end of Kuroshitsuji made be cry even though the ending is completely filler even now. Ciel's circumstances and his interactions, especially around the end of the series, with Abberline and Sebastian were such a mass of contradiction! I felt the same sort of contradiction from the dialogues between Ciel and Sebastian in this special.

Sebastian came out fantastically as a demon who toys with Ciel's thoughts. He says things which would be considered good advice and yet he'll also force Ciel to accept the point of no return that he has already crossed. And a truly clever idea for using Hamlet for the play to portray these contradictions. The cheering from the children in the crowd during the play simply added to the highly emotional atmosphere. That made me cry the most probably since I had just completed watching the series and Ciel's end.

All in all, a totally recommended special to watch. This show itself forces you to think of the concept of good and evil especially because of the way the demons and angels act in it. This special adds a nice support for highlighting those concepts.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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