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Black Clover
Black Clover
2 hours ago
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One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
Yesterday, 6:34 PM
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Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season
Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season
May 5, 8:44 AM
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Apr 2, 6:10 PM
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Apr 2, 11:04 AM
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Mar 24, 9:47 AM
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Gator Mar 31, 11:33 PM
It also was pretty forceful, I mean that dude really did not want that to happen but he still did that to his best friend xD

Hehe yeah I already saw some GIFs of the Grand Blue girls in a bikni... that looked neat :>
I'm not aware something like "unwanted nudity" exists lol

I mean there are non-violent tsundere who are okay, like Tohsaka Rin from the Fate series.
Shinji went too hard?

I could use something like that again, but I guess it will never happen xD
They are dragging the show way too hard currently, the pacing is quite bad. Also the art and animation dropped in quality, it's only good in specific fighting scenes.
Gator Mar 18, 12:59 AM
Though I'm sure there are enough other anime with a 1000 year old loli, but I tend not to watch those shows in general xD
That was probably the most uncomfortable scene for me, so I'd rather forget it haha. Yamato had a lot of really cute scenes ^^

Group bath? Can be nice as well, but sometimes I actually prefer a bikini or bra to being fully nude.

I just don't enjoy violent tsundere characters at all, so she's a red flag for me.
I also remember his dad being quite an ass, but that's pretty much it.

I think that was when I transitioned from studying to working and I had like three months of freedom or something ^^
The first arcs in One Piece are reaaaaaaally good though, I can recommend it. At least unless you hate never-ending anime :3
Gator Mar 11, 12:24 AM
Especially the protagonist, couldn't be more of a loli if she tried xD
Finished it yesterday, it is a really great show. I laughed a lot and it has a lot of cute scenes. Only the last few episodes were a bit boring, thus I only gave it a 9/10 ^^
Yeah the MC was a lot of fun to watch, so was the female protagonist. No tsundere-shit haha

Bikini scenes are my favourites though, so I'm sure Azusa will provide enough service for me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I hear a lot of people hating on Shinji, so I guess there must be some truth to it. Though when watching it I didn't find him especially annoying, would rather throw that redheaded tsundere out instead of him xD

I think I watched about 200 episodes in one month, that was some nice vacation haha
Gator Feb 27, 11:16 PM
I see, well the characters do look a bit more grown up as well. In New Game they still looked like children partially ^^
Will get around to watch it soon I think, maybe after Ore Monogatari :3

Yeah it looks pretty dope. Also it has some fanservice I might enjoy as well hehe
KonoSuba thought is just comed-gold

It's also made by Madhouse, so the animation should be quite good. A good OST can also really improve my opinion on a show, so that's another plus ^^
It's been soooo long since I watched NGE, I barely remember anything about Shinji anymore haha

Hmm I'll think about it, still got a lot to watch on my PTW list. Ore Monogatari will surely entertain me for another two more weeks or so and then I have Shirobako as well xD

Yeah, I watched it as a kid on German TV and then had a long break. About 6 years ago or something I started watching it again and since then I'm really into anime :3
Gator Feb 25, 12:10 AM
Don't worry about it :3
Ah, I haven't watched Shirobako yet... is it that good?

I only saw GIFs from Grand Blue so far, but it looks really funny ^^

Even Naruto was better when it comes to flashbacks, to me it rather was the king of filler episodes though xD

Hmm I haven't watched Yuru camp, but good characters sounds great. Most important thing in a good show imo, if the characters are enjoyable to watch, I should enjoy watching the show overall as well :3

Ah I see, Nana is not on my PTW list so far. I heard good things about it though!

Haha yeah, if One Piece had not been one of the first anime I watched, I wouldn't start it again tbh. More into short shows now as well ^^
Gator Jan 30, 11:34 PM
Though those shows are usually very interesting, with some adult protagonist in the daily working life. Like "New Game" :3

Yeah please do, it was 75% flashbacks xD

Ah, that one's on my PTW list as well. Good to hear, what do you like about it?

Wait, were you talking about only "Nana"? I thought you said that you didn't think I'd watch Nana, so I though you meant "Nana to Kaoru", since that's the only anime with "Nana" in it that I watched xD

It's so loooong though, not really in the mood for such a long anime. Especially since I know half of the story already.
MisaoAino Jan 25, 9:58 AM
I'll surely will!! With all those rules!! >.<
Gator Jan 24, 11:39 PM
Oh, I haven't watched that one actually. Not even planning you and after you told me that, it's probably for the better then xD
The most boring anime for me... was probably Tenjou Tenge T_T

It's about four female students living in a really small village at the countryside and their daily life. It's very soothing and the characters are all funny and enjoyable to watch. I'm not really into the CGDCT stuff, but that one is really good :3

I thought it was a bit over the top at times, but the female characters were quite interesting at least ^^
Oh you mean Nana to Kaoru? The synopsis sounded kinda funny, but it was just bad xD

I hear a lot of people praising HxH 2011 to the heavens, but I assume the characters won't change much and that's the most important thing to me in anime. I expected to give it a 7 or 8 in the end since it'll surely be better than the 1999 version :3
Gator Jan 20, 11:16 PM
Slice of life is also nice to watch, my favourite one is probably Non Non Biyori. That did such a good job at just being calm and soothing :3

Ah, you mean when those two senpai girls were going crazy over the boys? That actually caught me by surprise, didn't expect something like that happening at all ^^

I actually haven't watched HxH 2001 yet, only the 1999 version. That one's good, but didn't really catch me either. Not sure if the HxH 2011 will be much different though.
MisaoAino Jan 19, 5:39 PM
Ooh! That's good to know!! I really watch a lot of seasonals XD
I just hope I don't make any mistakes >.<
MisaoAino Jan 19, 6:38 AM
I guess I'll try to finish that 15 anime challenge I'm doing for another club, and then try at least the first step of the AWC :3
Have you started with it?
MisaoAino Jan 12, 5:35 AM
Looks like I can be one of them too! XD

Oh... i wish I have time to do it :(
I'm already on a 15 anime challenge.. beside the seasonals XD ahhahahah
Gator Jan 11, 3:57 PM
You think so? I actually prefer anime with settings in a fantasy world, even isekai can be quite good imo.

Yeah it had some funny scenes and some well done dramatic scenes. And the dancing was awesome ^^

Oh I see, same here. I couldn't really connect with the characters. It was a fine show, but nothing overwhelming like I expected because of its massive popularity on MAL.

Haha okay, gotta see for myself :3
MisaoAino Jan 10, 5:43 PM
Ooh. Those instructions are so long XD
Gator Jan 7, 11:16 PM
It is one of the better drama anime that I have watched so far. I also liked the characters way more, even though Banri had some weird ideas at some points ^^;

I only watched FMBH? What is that? :3

Interesting, gotta look it up then. I'm really in the mood for some guitar right now xD