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Aug 14, 2012
Mixed Feelings
It's ironic that a game structured similarly to an Anime would create such a poor adaptation. For the interests of disclosure, I am a huge Persona fan. The expected fanboy criticism of an adaptation is that it isn't loyal enough to the source material. I actually think this is remarkably faithful; what this anime lacks is the re-imagining needed to make a great game into a great anime.

For those completely unfamiliar with P4, it begins with a high school student, Yu Narukami, moving to Inaba for a year. His arrival coincides with a serial murder case that seems to be tied ...
Mar 17, 2011
It’s funny how a parody somehow has license to nab the actual appeal of its subject matter. It’s almost unfair, and that’s exactly what Kami Nomi does. Lets be honest, dating sims are sexist, treating girls like puzzles to be cracked, and those who would never touch such a game can appreciate how this series exaggerates its common character archetypes and lampoons them. The final romantic moments though are completely straight faced, and at times, somewhat touching as they should be in a dating sim. A satisfying romance this is not, but it is riotous, with a few sweet moments on ...
Mar 16, 2011
Kuragehime (Anime) add
There are a couple of good Otaku community Anime's out there, but
none have Kuragehime beat in the sheer absurdity of the fan
community. As the name implies, the main character, the
jellyfish princess, is utterly taken by jellyfish. She lives in
a "nunnery" so named because the residents are female outcasts
that hate all things fashionable and hip, and regularly curse the
existence of men. The other residents are obsessed with trains,
old men, Kimonos, and Romance of the 3 Kingdoms.

Jellyfish girl, Tsukimi, meets a fashionable girl one night who
persistently insists on staying over. Uneasy already with ...
Sep 28, 2009
At first NHK is a cute comedy in which a young girl, Misaki, tries to save a guy who`s secluded himself in his room, and can no longer function in society. The allowance reliant, defunct Satou gets himself involved with one taboo hobby/obsession after another, all in a hilariously misguided attempt to pull himself out of his shut-in lifestyle. The situations try to tickle the funny bone in a dark way. In one instance, a terrible misunderstanding gets Satou unwittingly caught up in a final hoorah of a suicide group. Thinking it a vacation, which is an especially exciting treat for someone ...
Sep 28, 2009
Inaka Isha (Anime) add
Making sense of Kafka`s work is difficult enough in its original form as prose, but trying to throw a theatrical spin on something as introspective as Country Doctor makes it even more confusing. The story starts with a distraught country doctor who`s horse has died the night before. His maid runs around town trying to borrow a horse so that the doctor might make his urgent appointment, but no one is willing. In frustration, the doctor kicks the door on his pigsty, and he finds a groom inside, and two horses as well. The groom prepares the horses but the doctor realizes he is after ...
Sep 26, 2009
Maria†Holic (Anime) add
There are few things in the world more subject to taste than comedy, which makes grasping for the objective in an evaluation of maria holic a difficult task. Take this review with more salt than usual.

I tend to prefer the simple punchlines in the likes of Hyakko or 4 panel mangas. Mariaholic has none of that, but has a nice balance of recurring gags, non sequiturs, references and self deprecating humor. Kanako is a closet lesbian genuinely allergic to guys. She thinks her life has taken a dramatic turn for the better when she steps foot in her new, all girls ...
Sep 25, 2009
If only all designer commercials were like this. It hasn`t convinced me to blow a month`s pay on a Louis Vuitton bag, but it has given me 5 minutes of happy. The music video starts with a little girl texting away on her phone. A tie-dye bear appears in front of her, and before the poor girl can recover from the shock of seeing something so outlandish, it eats her phone. Then it eats her as well. The inside of the bear is an alternate dimension that looks something like a hippie`s imagination filtered through the taste of a pre-teen Japanese girl. The girl flies ...
Sep 25, 2009
Leaving life to the wind perfectly describes Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran. The series follows the traveling swordswoman, Ran, and her partner Meow (or more likely, Miao) as they move from town to town, stumbling upon troubles and fortunes at the whims of fate and coincidence.

Story & Characters:
There isn't a semblance of a central plot, it's not particularly dramatic and its episodes are a bit formulaic. Perhaps it is this simple, and gentle approach to story telling which forgoes the dramatic and melodramatic that makes this series so easy to enjoy. It's safe; you know what to expect, and no pretentious philosophy lessons or ...
Sep 20, 2009
Inukami! (Anime) add
Inukami are dog spirits, and Keita comes from a family that uses these spirits along with their own spiritual powers to rid the world of evil. Youko is Keita`s Inukami, but she`s not like the others. Not obedient nor respectful, she is a big burden on Keita financially. Youko does, at the very least, love him. She is prone to jealousy though, and extremely possessive, not to mention starved for attention, but Keita is a free, perverted soul who does his best to escape her grasp and hit on all the women he comes across. It`s too bad for him that Youko can teleport and ...
Sep 18, 2009
Bamboo Blade (Anime) add
It's surprising the amount of insight Bamboo Blade's silly, gag oriented characters provide on the passion for and the meaning of Kendo. Even more unthinkable is the lack of ecchi in a high school girl oriented cast clearly aimed at males. Bamboo Blade is full of wonderful surprises, but the repetitive comedy and weak action elements do nothing to fill in for its uneventful plot.

An unambitious teacher is the supervisor for Murota school's Kendo club. Throughout the years, his club has been whittled down to one hard working and devoted girl, Kirino, who loves the sport but is miffed that her teacher is always so ...

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