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Jun 10, 2024
Mixed Feelings
"Devilman: Crybaby" begins with promise, offering a strong introduction to its characters and the intriguing world they inhabit. However, this initial spark quickly fizzles out, as the show fails to develop its characters or expand on its world-building in any meaningful way. The plot becomes erratic, jumping from one event to another without a coherent sense of pacing.

The story's writing is disappointingly weak. The creators had an interesting concept: exploring the difficult times and flawed decisions of teenagers, exaggerated by a devilish twist. Unfortunately, this promising idea remains superficial, never delving deeper into the complexities of its themes. Instead, the show wastes precious screen time ...
May 28, 2022
Preliminary (8/10 eps)
- Excessive Exposition and talking. Talking is not bad but requires a good script.
Dialogues are rough here.
- fighting has no choreography and sense of environment. They are talking most of the
duration of the fight.
- animation is worse than 2006's Fate/stay night
- no setup and payoff, things are introduced on short notice
- trying too hard to be serious and deep. It tries to ask questions that the original has
already asked and answered. Same questions can be asked but they should be
answered in new different manners to make this series unique but fate/extra fails to ...
Aug 8, 2021
They should've restructured the show for the movie instead they made a summary of the show with minor changes.

Animation and fighting are fun to watch. Other than that there is nothing special here.
The TV show is far better than this.

It's only for people who are familiar with every character. It lacks character development and there is no storytelling or narrative. It feels like a compilation of random events.

It does not feel like a movie at all. nobody should watch this at the cinema because this thing has nothing to do with the cinema.

Waste of time.
Not recommended.
Jul 21, 2021
It is the most painful show I have ever watched. it's so boring, I can't sit with this shite for 24 minutes.
There is no story. It's just random events forcefully made to happen by the author.

There is no art. It's just a PowerPoint presentation. there is a slide of pictures and they just keep talking over it. The pictures in the slide show are meaningless. they share no information about the plot or story. There is barely any animation here.

characters are complete trash. they pretend to be smart and logical but none of their talks makes sense. None of them have something meaningful to say. ...
Feb 17, 2021
I think this is one of the best pokemon seasons. Many people don't like it because it is a soft reboot.

I think their nostalgia is blinding them. I watched it in 2010 then rewatched it again in 2021 with all of the other seasons. The first pokemon season is the worst in my opinion because they are trying so hard to appeal to the western audience. The world is still a lot like the real world. But the game world is a lot alien. They were afraid that an alien world might weird out the audience and that's why the first season is so bad.

But ...
Feb 17, 2021
Meloetta arc is what makes this season great. The Unova league part is lame.

In English Version, the season ends at Meloetta arc and serves as a season finale where Ash and his friends fight against team rocket. This has only been done in this season and the previous season.
A more structured season is made instead of just ending it anywhere. This entire arc is well written and fun to watch. Melloetta is adorable. Piplup and Oshawott are even more adorable.

Everything about the league sucks. Ash vs. Trip is a 1v1 battle instead of a full 6v6 battle.
New characters are introduced just before the league. ...
Feb 17, 2021
Mixed Feelings
These episodes are fillers with some lore.

Only Reshiram is discussed. No Kyurem. No Zekrom.

N is a boring character. His game version has more to say.

The exact story from games is not adapted here.

They should've used the time and money from next season and used it here. The whole Zekrom vs. Reshiram thing can be explored more.

Feb 17, 2021
Mixed Feelings
This part of the series is the worst because it's just fillers. In the previous series, the fillers were balanced between the main episodes. They feel stale here because they are all lumped together.

There are few fun episodes like the Oshawott scalchop competition and the episode where Emolga joins the Team Rocket. But many episodes are unnecessary.

Charizard is here for no reason.

There is nothing to talk about in this arc and mal wants me to write a longer review.
why do I need to write a long review for a show where there is nothing to talk about?
Feb 7, 2021
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl is my favourite pokemon series.

Its story is directly taken from the games. Lore from the games is present. Each town is given a personality just like the game. But routes still don't have a personality and feels like generic jungles.
Concept of pokemon ability is introduced, late but still appreciated. Team rocket interrupted many important battles. Happiny's egg hatch was way too dramatic. All of the elite four and champion were part of the story. Only the Sinnoh League victor can challenge them, but they made Ash lose in the League. It would've been great if Ash fought Cynthia in a ...
Jan 30, 2021
This is the first pokemon movie to consider the events that happened in the previous release. Which makes it sort of a sequel to Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai.

Lore from the games is used to make this movie but the story is still generic. Evil guy trying to capture strong pokemon and Ash stops him. A little bit of backstory is given to the evil guy and there is only one side character, who is also related to the evil guy, which is excellent and makes the story better than most of the generic evil guy pokemon movies. And also evil guys were missing ...

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