Jul 21, 2021
abandonedCat (All reviews)
It is the most painful show I have ever watched. it's so boring, I can't sit with this shite for 24 minutes.
There is no story. It's just random events forcefully made to happen by the author.

There is no art. It's just a PowerPoint presentation. there is a slide of pictures and they just keep talking over it. The pictures in the slide show are meaningless. they share no information about the plot or story. There is barely any animation here.

characters are complete trash. they pretend to be smart and logical but none of their talks makes sense. None of them have something meaningful to say. The protagonist wants to save "girls" but why? no motivation is explained.

in the first couple of episodes, the show is like "rape is bad" but then continues on objectifying underage girls for the pervert fans of the series.

Harems are usually dumb but others are dumb fun. Bakemonogatari is just dumb.