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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
May 11, 7:58 AM
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Joker Game
Joker Game
May 5, 5:37 AM
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Ensemble Stars!
Ensemble Stars!
Apr 30, 2:01 PM
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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
May 9, 10:13 AM
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Banana Fish
Banana Fish
May 3, 6:51 AM
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Bungou Stray Dogs
Bungou Stray Dogs
Apr 29, 2:51 AM
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MysticGod 2 hours ago
Yay, Happy to hear that you like it as well.

It is my pleasure to be friend of your too
Miaya Yesterday, 1:04 PM
Thanks for accepting as well! ^-^
I actually added you because we have so many common interests! xD
And your profile is so beautiful. ( Souma is such a beautiful boy ♥ )
Teekee Yesterday, 6:37 AM
all those games and possibly more to install lol if your phone could talk it'd be nagging at you now XD
Yes >◡< idk if it's a good thing though lol

I looked into I-Chu wiki and Creation has 38 chapters... aah I still have a long way to go (¯w¯٥)
I see :O maybe its story will be based on the anime..? and full voiced you say? I'm in then XD
yes it's a big OH NO for me (=﹏=;)

Ooooh that's interesting... B-BUT! THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M WARMING UP TO HIM ALREADY...! >﹏> g-gimme some time... lol what the heck I just did a tsudere-ish act

hope the game will give us NON PAID gacha soon and bless us with MG9...
guaranteed LE.. whales love this game then (¯―¯٥)

asdfg something happened to our wifi yesterday I'm using mobile data now.. I can't play most of my games.. slow internet I get bad connection error ;-;
I can't play lives on I-Chu... just when I'm enjoying the game this happens (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ goodbye bingo event
at least EnStars still works.
Moune-Chan May 17, 6:14 PM
Yeah another Akatsuki's fan (^○^)
Do you have any other boys you like? xD
I wanted to make a set with the Setsugetsuka UR but... the Ranmaru UR for the event kill me...
P.S: Serena is best girl for Arc-V x)
Teekee May 17, 12:14 PM
Hope you'll like TsukiPara xD RIP phone lol it's a good(?) thing your phone can handle all those games that's why I play most of my games on emulator.
I just started Enstars last year, around September I think, and it's my first idol fandom ^^ aahh... most of them are male idol realated now ^^;;
Oooh those two, I heard those two are good games ;-; when I searched about banyaro before it was exactly on the day the game shut down (ಥ‿ಥ)

I need to unlock more storiesss (。>﹏<。) thank youu
new game?? (°ー°〃)
me having soft spot for deep voices doesn't help...!

aaaaa thanks again (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

that's what dads usually do lolol

I see :O no worries! hope you get a manager soon! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
aaand just when you said watch out for MG9 banner one just showed up lol but it looks like it's paid... what a tease >:(
I need moar discs so I can scout moar and get crownsss ( ´Д`)

hopefully lol
YES I am loving I-chu THANK YOU SO MUCH
Moune-Chan May 16, 6:44 PM
Welcome to Enstars Hell!! :3 Is Akatsuki your fav unit? xD
And congrat for Reiji who came twice! UtaPri was also my first idol fandom ^^
oh so I was the reason why you changed your set for Reiji haha. So if I put Masato or Tokiya instead, it will be Otoya? xD
_Mawaru May 15, 8:16 AM
Thank you for the claim banner <3
Teekee May 15, 6:36 AM
'my singularity' lol XD

Don't worry, the notes just move/jump to other buttons. Things only get really crazy when you play expert difficulty and carnival mode XD It might be easier to play it on phone, you might easily get the hang of it :)
oh. OH you're right lol I keep playing without realizing it ahaha... (;´∀`) -yes it's sad (._. )... yep those two and also utapri, but only enstars really got my interest and made me play its game xP oh what are those two games? if you don't mind me asking.

lol so he's the mom of his unit. I got his card and he does look like that xP
Thank you ^^ Too bad the excess LP doesn't stack up when you level up, 1-3 songs kinda not enough ^^;;
I'm regretting it. I shouldn't have search it. His songs are still playing on my mind. dammit curiosity. (=_=;)

First OC usually turns to universal OC lolol
aaaaa thank you (艸д゚*)
here are earlier designs of two of my OCs. the girl is Krea (pronounced like Kreya or sth ^^;), my first OC. can't find my other drawings of her rn, I changed her hair white last time I draw her... The guy is Rexx, my edgy elf(?) boi. eh, earlier design especially for this guy means diff clothes only tbh lol

A perfect family then lolol XD

Okay! (>ω<) btw, are managers like support or sth? they have their own slot.. and YES I NEED MORE MG9 SONGS still a bit salty they're not main unit lol
Ah, so that's how that one works. it'll take a while before I get enough crowns tho (¯―¯٥)

You can't skip the story the first time you read it so it could take a while to finish all of them tho ^^; you can just tap all the way and do the actual reading (or listening since they added voice on these event stories) later lol.

enstars and i-chu took most of my time lol
Kirito507 May 14, 3:05 AM
Teekee May 13, 11:12 AM
exactly my thoughts when I said that lol XD

can't say I know everything about the game.. I lazily play it Good, well.. for me at least ^^; I like its gameplay, I find it a liiiitle bit easier compared to other games (maybe because I played it first and already used to it..?). things can get confusing when the notes starts jumping and that is the game's gimmick. You unlock stories not by leveling up but by playing lives/songs, and you unlock more songs by reading those stories xP. It also requires some grinding for the cards' "Tsukino board" (equivalent to enstars idol road). It lacks contents' translations and arts (only 4* change art) tho... :/

I tried Yurayurari _(:3」∠)_ I tried Sadistic Romantic expert earlier and I managed to finish it! by pure luck. with 2 lives left pffft (ಥ‿ಥ)و✧ I know I'll flop again if I try another one so that's enough for now xP
I got curious so I searched it...

Ooooh I see. she is... flexible lol xP inserting her in other anime/game world? relatable. xP
ehehe I'll send a pic later (^^;)7 I also have a deviantart acc where I used upload some of my fanarts.. here. (at gallery, click "All" to see them)
oof RIP sketchpad ;-;

I stan TOXIC already pffft xD
Ah! yes he does look like Ren :O It was his voice that I noticed, same with Camus lol. (so he's Ren with Camus voice lol)
Yeah, I'm eyeing Tenjou Tenge x3
Ooh I see :O they made SRs look like nothing lol
I miraculously got two different LEs, so they expect me to get another copy of them? this game will kill me XP

aah.. too bad you missed his birthday, you have chance to get a bunch of Soumas in his Birthday scout box...
btw, there's a campaign where you can read all of the main story and some previous events' story. (what is important is the event story, you'll get 1 diamond for each chapter you read :3 ) There will be an event soon too, you can try it. :3

I‘m way behind than you in fgo lel xP
Moune-Chan May 13, 10:22 AM
I see someone here love Souma (•‿•)

Teekee May 12, 10:32 AM
I still have to deal with Shinjuku before that next singularity _(:3」∠)_

( ´ ▽ ` )b
slowly getting used to it.. then not again after I play TsukiPara lol there are just times I still get confused with holds, I thought they're just taps especially for the blue notes. ^^; I tried expert. I failed miserably ahahaha.. _(´ཀ`」 ∠) _
Wow. he sings too. O_O

i never show my OC online lol uh, okay.. now I feel unfair to you ^^;;;;
Oooh your OC looks cool x3 and it's a girl lol i thought she's a boy since you mention she looks like Souma/Gakupo XD oh man, seeing your art makes me miss drawing. I haven't drawn anything for a year(s?) already >_<
no worries, it's ok :D oof that sucks x( i hope not all of your arts got ruined.

It's DanKira!!! a rhythm dancer raising game (dunno if it's also gacha tho). I find it interesting since unlike the usual idols, it's about dancers this time lol. here's a trailer of it (there are also trailers for each group too)
Hmm.. my eyes are currently on Akira, Issei and Baber :3 for units... dunno which one I'll stan yet >_< I'm usually biased to traditional themed units, but want some time to know all of them first >_<
(oof I realized I said 'cool' lol I meant 'good' but you get what I said anyway xP)
btw, just how many ★s do the cards in this game has anyway??

I see someone head over heels for Souma rn (・ิω・ิ)
Xanae May 12, 7:19 AM

Teekee May 11, 7:58 AM
hnng... I feel really lazy on the event now I won't force myself to get BB anymore _(:I 」∠)_ I'll just get whatever I can until the event ends...
lolol yessss XDDD

I can't see myself surviving expert & nightmare lolol _(:I 」∠)_
always caught off guard whenever I hear his voice XDD

actually I'm preparing my soul for two games xD there's another game I'm waiting for besides HypMic x3 I'm just hoping I could play them orz
Currently reading the wikia.. x) I'll ask when my potato brain still doesn't get something xP
I just notice 'cool' there is kinda considered bad and breaks the combo..
(・ิ◡・ิ) (・ิ◡・ิ) (・ิ◡・ิ) (・ิ◡・ิ)
I'm curious with your OC, can I see him?? ooh but if you don't want that's fine too, i respect your decision :)

new to the game but you can tell it's a free gacha already lol
Teekee May 10, 7:47 AM
(my team.. I just bought whoever I think I can use lol) Support Waver, Saberlot, Shuten douji, Mash, David, and ofc Cu again xD
I'm advancing really slow.. No, I don't have BB yet. I take back my words, I don't think I could even get her in time. (¯―¯٥)

aah that sucks i can't play it everyday lol but still its in the game so it's good x3
I've installed the game now :3 i was like WTF with the bear's voice that was unexpected lmao XD

Still no exact date for its release but a lot says it will be this year! XD
I joined I-Chu hell and you joined Enstars hell lol
I haven't started naming cards yet, do you want all my souma birthday cards? :3 i'm not spoiling u right away XD
aaah yes Gakupo <3 xD and... did I see that right??? 👀

btw in case you haven't yet, there's a anniversary scout box, the first 10x is free :D