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Mar 11, 2014
All complaints aside, I don't think many mangas can match Shingeki no Kyojin's titanic entertainment value :D

Initially, I thought some of the major plot twists were downright silly. I'm trying not to spoil, so I'll just say that I remember thinking stuff like 'Wut? No one bothered to check what the wall was made of? For a 100 years?' or counting on my fingertips thinking 'Ok, so thats nearly half of his friends who''. I thought about it however, and now I think that without those twists, the story would have been pretty boring and linear. I really love how everything is linked in this read more
Jan 26, 2014
If it annoys you to see people utterly dependent on their mobiles, stay well away from Mirai Nikki!

Nothing brings down an anime like an unlikable main character, and no main character has ever annoyed me more than Yukiteru. From his cringeworthy relationship with Yuno to the way he manipulated her yandere feelings for him, the lack of any redeeming characteristics for Yukiteru made him completely unrelatable. I understand that this anime was supposed to be twisted, but a good psychological show will bring out twisted sympathy in the viewer, and watching this, I felt alienated. In fact, Mirai Nikki does such a perfect job of read more
Oct 12, 2013
K-On! (Anime) add (All reviews)
The strange and (in my opinion) great thing about K-on is that it is pointlessly entertaining.

The story is pretty cliche yes, and it never strays from the guidelines of slice-of-life, but the way I see it, K-on specialises (and does a damn good job) in delivering straightforward, lighthearted fun. I really loved that there was no drama or romance (as it can make you dislike characters) and that the main character is never treated as the underdog; it was without the frustration (if done badly)of watching characters overcome social rejection.The characters are easy-going and lovable, and they actually drive the fun and aren't boring like read more
Oct 11, 2013
I haven't played the game, so I'll judge this as what is was for me: a mediocre mystery anime.

Danganronpa has an overused but interesting premise, and I was pleasantly surprised (at first) that they included the murder mystery theme to spice up a straightforward battle royale. The problem is that it's frustratingly obvious where the writers have (lazily) covered up massive plot holes. A good mystery has an intelligent villain, the clues and suspects are clearly established early on and the viewer should potentially (shouldn't be easy) be able to guess who the culprit is. The twists in Danganronpa come out of nowhere, and the read more
Oct 1, 2013
Although its good entertainment, Kyojin is far from stellar.

The story, after a great 1st cour, hits the familiar ceiling that all survival anime inevitably face. The story becomes repetitive, falling into the cycle where the characters run, fight and then reflect on the damage. There was no real plot development or revelations about the titans, and no matter how many characters-I-don't-care-about they killed, I felt indifferent. I felt that this anime tried to dress up weak story arcs and pointless characters with the amazing animation, which was sometimes over the top. There were times when I was sat in awe at the fights, but just read more
Sep 30, 2013
Rising premieres in a week, its rated 15th on MAL, I have no life, why not?

I was originally skeptical, thinking "ugh boxing anime, the only thing they can really do is make him never give up" but since it didnt fit in (as a relatively old sports anime) with some of the overated animes on the top anime list, I thought Id give it a shot. Well, thats what I thought. In fact I ended up watching the entire series (100 eps give or take) in under 4 days!

I think what makes this anime so good is that it makes you care about Ippos opponents. read more
Jun 9, 2013
Hyouka (Anime) add (All reviews)
KyoAni are well known for making anime that is pointlessly great, and Hyouka is no exception.

Its a detective anime, but there are no murders, no psychopaths and no crime scenes sealed off with yellow tape. In fact its slice of life, but its the school setting that makes it more believable and easy to relate to. Hyouka is what every Detective fan wants their lives to be, and its great fun just watching Oreki do the things Sherlock fans only think they can do. If I had to gripe, I would say there could have been more development of the main character and his relationship read more
Jun 9, 2013
An anime about fishing, that somehow becomes shonen.

I expected Tsuritama to be a slow slice of life that recreated the relaxing atmosphere of fishing and was driven by dialogue. Sadly the characters are mostly annoying and the strangely shonen ending is last minute character development. The whole fishing aspect is a bit gimmicky and I thought it was wasted potential. Yamada (Sugita Tomokazu) is awesome and the anime is visually really pretty but its still not particularly interesting.

People say Tsuritama is underrated...

May 15, 2013
Danshis greatest strength is its simplicity; the way it presents real life situations with a slight twist. It is one of the few animes that excels in its category.

Danshi is mainly aimed at male teenagers, and exaggerates their insecurities. While hilarious, it also makes the characters more relatable and not just 'boke' characters. Personally I found the graduation scene emotional as it really did feel like the end of fun and games.The alienation of most girls in Danshi focuses the anime on the guys, which is great because theres no fan service that takes away from the humor

Most people should find this anime interesting enough read more
May 10, 2013
Gintama (Anime) add (All reviews)
The great thing about Gintama is that it is not limited by anything. It tells the story of a jack of all trades in a sci-fi setting, meaning that there are no boundaries as to where the story can go or what can happen to the characters. As pointed out by Gin-san himself, 'In this world it's never a strange thing to have your manhood crushed or switched out for a screwdriver'.

The show may seem dull to begin with, but this is simply the downside to having such an open premise. As soon as all the main characters and their traits are established the quality read more