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Sep 23, 2019
Like many in the anime community, I’ve grown tired of harem anime. Why, because it’s the same crap every single time. A completely average guy gets involved with completely average girls and does absolutely nothing. Typically harem anime are the biggest wastes of time that you can come across. With that being said, occasionally there is a show that can break this formulaic mold. That show is “Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki... yada yada yada” or “that one anime airing this season that has HENTAI in its name”

The story of “HENTAI” is what initially piqued my interest. It sounded like a pervy take on the ...
Sep 22, 2019
When I heard that Skilled Teaser Takagi-San was renewed for a second season, I was ecstatic. Not because I read the manga or anything, but because I greatly enjoyed the first season. It was one of the sweetest most adorable and wholesome shows I had ever watched. The chemistry between the two main characters was great. The show in general was both a relaxer and a breath of fresh air. With the second season I was fully expecting more of the same. Instead, I got something a little different.

The story continues kind of where it left off with Takagi continuing to relentlessly tease Nishikata. ...
Sep 20, 2019
O Maidens Of The Savage Season kind of came out of nowhere. Going into it I thought it would be one of those funny high school sex comedies with loads of fan service and no real plot or story. Instead I was in for quite a shock, and I’m not just talking about that one scene in the first episode. This ended up, surprisingly, being one of my favorite anime of the summer season and a real contender for anime of the year.

The story for Maidens Of The Savage Season is one that I initially had little faith in. The primary plot point centered ...
Sep 19, 2019
Given (Anime) add
Given is a first for me. I think my first foray into BL/Yaoi type anime was with Yuri On Ice though I never knew it would turn out the way it did. I thought I was in for a normal sports anime about ice skating. Then came along Banana Fish where all I knew about it was they hinted at some shounen ai themes but never fully went into it. Based off that I assumed it was safe enough for someone of my tastes and interests. Then came along Given. An anime where I fully knew it was a yaoi yet I proceeded to watch ...
Sep 18, 2019
I’ve always been drawn to stories of survival. There’s just something about man being out of his element. Being forced to do anything to survive. It’s like the classic underdog story just with more psychological elements and a wilderness setting. In the same way I’ve always found space to be fascinating. It’s the great beyond where no one knows what really exists out there. I just love the mystery aspect of it. This season I was blessed to discover an anime that fit all the different things that I love.

Kanata No Astra or it’s English name “Astra Lost In Space” opening shot gives this sense ...
Sep 18, 2019
Girl do you even lift!?

How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift or my preferred name up above is the recent edition to a new sub genre of anime that I like to call cute girls doing cool and educational things. This year we’ve had girls singing beautiful songs and girls surviving on a deserted island. This time we have girls working out and getting in shape for our viewing pleasure, and what a pleasure it is.

The concept for this anime/manga is genius. How do we get people to start taking care of themselves? How do we get people to hit the gym? The ...
Sep 17, 2019
Well this was a pleasant surprise. The Girl From The Other Side had been on my radar only because I heard the manga was good, nothing else. While watching I was instantly reminded of a cross between the Ancient Magus Bride and one of those animated shorts that always gets nominated for an Oscar. It had that kind of feel to it. What blew me away the most however was the art and animation. It felt like I was watching someones sketches in a notebook come to life in glorious detail. Every movement is fluid, the scenes are jarring, and the atmosphere has the right ...
Sep 17, 2019
I’ve noticed a trend recently over the past couple years. No longer are we getting the influx of cute girls doing cute things. Now we are getting cute girls doing cool things. Whether it’s a bunch of friends sailing to Antarctica or camping in the wilderness or now surviving on a deserted island, this sub genre of anime has undergone a change that I believe is for the better.

Sounan Desu Ka or it’s English name “Are You Lost?” is about 4 girls that suddenly find themselves stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. While this could be the starting point for ...
Sep 16, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (12/12 eps)
Earlier this year there was an anime that came out called “Fairy Gone” which was largely panned by the anime community for one reason or another. Overall, it left a bad first impression on whoever watched it and word of mouth of its dreadful story spread through the community like wildfire. By this point you are probably wondering what does Fairy Gone have to do with To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts? Anime has existed long enough to the point where some begin to feel like copy cats or they have similar features. Almost like a sense of deja vu. MyAnimeList has a recommendations feature for ...
Jul 27, 2019
Miru Tights (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
“Thicc thighs save lives, but thigh highs will be my demise” -a man of culture.

As a short form ecchi series it’s not bad in that it doesn’t tone down the content past episode one as there are quite a few steamy scenes later on in the series. All in all though there really isn’t much worth diving into. It’s girls wearing tights. Seriously, almost all of the shots are focused on either their legs or feet. If that’s your thing, it’s a good way to kill 20 minutes. If it’s not then (you are clearly not a man of culture) that’s ok.

Each episode is ...

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