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Jun 17, 2012
One of the biggest criticisms the anime medium constantly faces is that it merely a form of entertainment. With the abundance of shows, especially in the recent years, that are evidently nothing more than blatant attempts to cater to hormone-overflowing young men with endless amounts of fanservice, it is easy to see why many skeptics share this common misconception. And while there are numerous titles that break the mold and provide watchers with much more than just flashy action sequences featuring gun-toting, well-endowed girls, a great deal are quickly forgotten, destined to only be watched by a small fraction of individuals who are read more
Mar 29, 2012
I have to admit that I have put off watching this anime for quite some time, despite having heard many good things about it. A series about an anti-social, unemployed otaku who apparently isn't in the best psychological state to boot? How interesting could an anime like this possibly be? But with nothing to do on a rainy Monday, I finally decided to give Welcome to the NHK! a chance to gain my approval. It did much more than that. It also managed to win over my heart with its loveable characters and my brain with the numerous philosophical questions it poses. I couldn't stop read more
Mar 28, 2012
I want to start this review off by stating that I absolutely loved this anime. Very few anime manage to capture my attention enough to compel me to spend time reading wikis and even going as far as doing research. In fact, I loved Madoka so much that I watched it twice within a week, mainly to see if I could pick up on any details that I missed during my first watching. I was particularly interested in all the supposed references and parallels to Goethe's works (namely, Faust), but as I am unfamiliar with German literature, I honestly couldn't discern much. But, I digress. read more