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Apr 14, 2022
Maple is a Mary Sue.

And if you thought that would mean a negative review of this series, think again, as this is one of those exceptions.

See, Maple is a Mary Sue, but her being one is completely intentional, not to mention completely the fault of the devs of the game she plays. After all, they're the ones who created a game with the loopholes that allowed Maple to become the Mary Sue she is within the game. This in turn results in some crazy stuff going down within the game that wouldn't happen in any other game, and simply because the devs attempted to have read more
Apr 9, 2022
Female gamer here.

Why is it that a series where the cast is predominately female gamers for once has to portray female gamers as being less capable than then our male counterparts?

I’ve never come across a series where a male player went a full year of playing a game only to need another male player to teach them the game mechanics. I’ve never come across a series where a male gamer was mocked for their love of premium items. And play to win tactics. I’ve never seen a series where a male newbie is so illiterate they are incapable of using the in-game chat. I’ve seen read more
Apr 7, 2022

Oh, the drama.

There’s a lot of drama in Stars Align, no denying that. And I wouldn’t normally have a problem with the level of drama going on in this series, if say, we were actually talking about a class of delinquents which suddenly started playing soft tennis because a new teacher suddenly came in and used soft tennis to the path of redemption.

Except, we’re not talking about a class of delinquents, so the fact every single player on the team has some kind of dysfunctional parent isn’t just not justified within the narrative they’re trying to tell, it’s also unrealistic that every read more
Aug 5, 2021
Nobody is that clueless.

That was the thought crossing my mind as the series progressed, that Katarina's level of clueless is just not believable. I contemplated the reason why and the first conclusion I came to was that clueless people aren't idiots, but instead simply naive, only for me to remember there is the character type of clueless idiot. Both the naive idiot and clueless idiot are popular character types, the former because of the innocence personified by said character and the latter because of the trouble they cause. It is possible to combine these two.

So then I started examining it from the view point of read more
Aug 4, 2021

Why does this review contain spoilers? As I thought about how to go about my review, I realized simply telling the reviewer that the series falls apart in the second half doesn't really cut it in regards to helping people figure out whether they want to pick up this series based on my review, though for some people - the ones who aren't fond of spoilers, that is actually enough of an explanation, that while it does start well enough in story and character it starts falling apart in the second half.

Those who want a bit more depth before deciding to pick read more
Jul 19, 2021
Shingo is a Gary Stu? Are you kidding me?


As someone who writes fanfiction, I understand the appeal of the Isekai genre having seen said genre quite a bit in fanfiction long before it became a major thing within the Anime community. The genre allows for the reader or viewer to self-insert themselves as the main hero or heroine in the series, but in the case of the Isakai genre it always involves falling into another world. Note that I say the reader or viewer because there is a misconception that self-inserting is all about the writer inserting themselves, yet in reality there is nothing wrong read more
Jul 11, 2021
Show, don't tell. Don't use contrived plot devices.

Well, Rokka no Yuusha fails in those regards, that's for certain.

The first two episodes are about explaining the words mechanics and the second two chapters introduce a plot point which ends up really being a non-issue later on except to drum up drama and suspicion while the last eight episodes are where the characters are faced with a mystery they need to solve to progress. Which, while I do admit that the clues are there leading to how the culprit pulled off what they did, the who isn't so much set up in a manner which leaves a read more
Jul 11, 2021
Clumsiness is not a flaw, but a trait more often than not used for endearing a character to their love interest - guilty as charged for this particular story - and only there as a superficial flaw which doesn't show up when it isn't convenient for the protagonist, which isn't the case for this series. It pretty much words for the first part, yet...

I can't give this a completely shining review because of the ending which ended up happening at a faster pace then the rest of the story line.

I guess a good way to explain things is it feels like towards the end the read more
Jun 30, 2021
Clumsiness is not a flaw.

The mantra repeated over and over in my head despite the fact I knew that in the right hands clumsiness can indeed be a good character flaw, but this often happens when I find myself introduced within the narrative to a character whose main flaw is clumsiness only for said flaw to go away when it is no longer convenient. In this particular series Hikari's clumsiness is explained away by having a lack of magical power, not that this really stops her later on because she's just that much of a hard worker and with that being her counter trait she's read more
Jul 1, 2020
Anime isn’t the only place one finds the Isekai genre – a genre where the name literally means “another world” or “different world”. One place in particular the genre is popular is fanfiction, but why bring up fanfiction when discussing this particular Anime? To truly understand the problem with this particular Anime, I think it helps to bring up what’s been done in fanfiction, which while at times does the genre quite well at other times does not.

Imagine a story where an OC (original character) falls into say Lord of the Rings and ends up solving the political problems of the race of Men instead read more