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Apr 13, 2020

I get it. Middle school students are immature. They've no perspective of what the real world is like, so they make dumb mistakes. This can make for good drama if handled well, yet in this particular work - the immaturity of middle school students is handled very poorly, more specifically the narrative never treats the actions of the characters are lacking in maturity and instead focuses on the problems of the characters - which are honestly small in comparison to some of the hefty problems others end up dealing with.

Getting even more specific here, of the three middle school students who the read more
Apr 12, 2020
I can't deny falling in love with this particular piece - in fact, as I write the review I am watching the movie a second time, nor do I think this will be the last. Even more specifically, part of the draw for this particular movie comes from the fact when you talk about quality 3D animated movies for children, the two studios which come to mind are Pixar and DreamWorks, yet this - this piece is not from a Western company, yet is exactly what one is looking for, although I do wish the Western version didn't get trimmed down. Said studio has read more
Apr 12, 2020
Sol Levante was fun yet disappointing at the same time. I definitely enjoyed looking at what I saw, but disappointment that there wasn't more. (Note - it gets a one on rating because there was no story, and five on character because we don't get to know them well.

However, I think here is a good place to discuss the significance of this particular piece in that it shows what can be done with digital animation. Historically, before digital animation came about, everything was drawn by hand and could take a few years to get a project done, such as a movie. Then, the digital age read more
Mar 7, 2020
While this particular piece is only twenty-four minutes long, it's also rather lackluster in the art department. Sure, the animation flows smoothly with the orchestral piece, but that doesn't mean the art is good. Yes, the person who did the drawings does have an eye for the human form. This ends up a mute point when a good chunk of the scenes are so muted out because of the pastel colors the viewer struggles to make out what is going on, making it way to tempting to tune out the art work and just listen to the music. The problem with that is - despite read more
Mar 6, 2020
The summary for the show doesn't go into the fact Apple is getting kidnapped because they want her to become the bride of the eldest son in the group, yet I think if I saw that in the summary I wouldn't have been as thrilled going into this as I was - I was honestly looking forward to a series where the heroes get on with their lives despite not having ever seen the original series, only to find they never really do get on with their lives, but instead are definitely left at a place of picking up the pieces, but not moving on. read more
Feb 26, 2020
As someone who loves mythology, I found myself majorly disappointed at the butchering of Susanoo by whoever created The Dark Myth. It’s as if the creator thought, “I’m going to make the hero the villain and the villain the hero” which in turn resulted in this mess. Truthfully, gore, gore, gore – a ton of pointless gore was the only point of this, yet the creator couldn’t be bothered to develop his characters in any manner, not to mention the storyline was rushed.

Actually, I wonder if the reason the narrative spends so much time “telling” the myth is because it’s not the actual myth.
- According to read more
Dec 4, 2019
This special definitely draws from Naruto's negative experiences when he tried impersonating Sasuke in an attempt to steal a kiss from Sakura. The comedy focuses on the inability to use the bathroom during a special event, but is honestly not for those who would label Captain Underpants as crass simply because much of the humor is related to - well - the bathroom and the bodily functions which go along with this. In fact, people are quick to label any work which uses bathroom humor as immature.

There is nothing immature about this special, not even the ending. In fact, the ending makes sense given the read more
Nov 22, 2019
I wish there was a sequel for this Anime.

The storyline is clean. By this I mean the story involves an adult male interacting with a female child with nothing romantic going on between the two. The focus is instead on the platonic relationship between the two and how both grow from said relationship, yet this feels fresh particularly after another series – Usagi Bunny – made me wary of such series.

Character wise, Naru is your typical hyperactive child who enjoys getting dirty and hunting for bugs – except, unlike most characters which show up in Anime series with these likes, she’s a girl, but read more
Nov 22, 2019
How does one explain ‘Yuri Kuma Arashi’?

The creator of this particular Anime is known for pushing the box, but also taking the story in metaphysical directions particularly regarding the supernatural elements. Nothing is out of the question yet guessing the actual meaning behind the symbolism is part of the journey, not to mention the multitude of meanings one might get from just one series. What one sees symbolically can change with each viewing, yet the series can also be enjoyed as simply a story.

On the other hand, this creator is also known for going all the way out there regarding the psychological elements he pulls read more
Nov 21, 2019
There is nothing wrong with being “like” studio Ghibli, which is something one can definitely say regarding ‘Mary and the ‘Witch’s Flower’. Yet, despite all of the similarities Studio Ponoc shares with Ghibli there are also differences which make said studio’s work stand out against that of Ghibli. More importantly, anybody who thinks Ghibli has a monopoly over the given style is actually unfamiliar with older works from studios such as NHK.

The style is definitely softer than a lot of the Anime we seen, yet also has a realistic appeal despite not having the level of realism as seen in some of the newer styles read more