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Nov 10, 2023
On the positive side of things, this is one of those sequels viewers don't need to see the prequel material to get. On the not-so-positive side, the show may leave viewers actually wanting to check out the prequel material, which may not be something viewers may have access to. Akuma-kun is certainly a long waited delight for those who are into the older series, perhaps even more eclectic styles of Anime/Manga, albeit this isn't a reboot let alone an older Anime finally getting a dub.

Of course, Akuma-kun is difficult to explain, beyond the fact it is of the supernatural mystery genre which can in itself ...
Nov 4, 2023
Don't be fooled by the visuals or the premise, as the ball was definitely dropped on this one.

Effectively, the series tries too to hard present the family as dysfunctional in real life, reducing certain narrative elements to mere shock value while glossing over certain things that really shouldn't have been glossed over, but at times the series doesn't feel at all like the writer >new what they really wanted to do beyond surprising the audience with plot twists for the sake of shock value

For example, shut-ins are certainly a major issue in Japan, with the narrative setting attempting to present this as a bad thing, ...
Jun 17, 2023
Mixed Feelings

This Anime, for the major fight scenes, is computer generated by placing a 2D art style onto a 3D frame which in turn runs the risk of animation that could cause seizures. This is also a process not everyone is fond of the end product of.

And that's the main reason for the mixed feelings when it comes to recommending this particular Anime and the reason for writing the review. Had this not been a factor, the seizure warning review would lean more towards recommended. On the surface, this particular Anime may appear to be a harem series. Still, in this particular case, the show ...
Jun 1, 2023
Animal abuse.

Why the writer decided to start the adventure off with animal abuse is a mystery, but they did.

More specifically, the reader is left asking why the main character gets the idea that they have to do their project regarding the environmental impact of creatures by capturing cats and tagging each cat by shaving them and marking them effectively with a sharp. However, one might argue that the main female character quite imagines herself as the scientist wanting to win the science project their teacher assigned because she's jealous of another classmate whose doing sparrows instead.

Did the teacher really instruct students to go out and ...
May 30, 2023
The plot is a walking cliche. It's been done before. Actually, there's nothing wrong with a plot being done before. The problem lies more with where the writer takes the plot, and in this particular case, the writer doesn't take the plot anywhere new, so the more a reader comes across this plot being used, the more they'll be bored with this particular manga one-shot. Mind you, I do have to credit the artwork with being gorgeous, but the plot--

The plot does nothing to flesh out the characters. The reason why the guy likes messing with girls' hair is barely fleshed out, but more importantly, ...
May 30, 2023
There is no mother-in-law in this story. No, mother-in-law is the nickname Mashiro earned when she was younger because the other girls didn't like the way she'd nitpick everything, which in turn ties into a negative mother-in-law stereotype. This does, in some ways make the one-shot a bit odd of a read, yet it ended up being quite enjoyable. For those who enjoy romances where opposites attract, this particular piece will be a quick read. Still, if the readers think it will be a run-of-the-mill romance with absolutely no development where the opposite traits are Mashiro and Kobato, the beginning is simply the setup.
May 25, 2023
Is the concept for this isekai unique? - Yes. Are the character archetypes used in this series unique as well? - Yes.

The problem is, coming up with a unique concept and/or a unique combination of character archetypes doesn't mean the series is going to be good. In fact, having a unique idea that's never been done before has nothing to do with whether the writing for a given series is good or not. No, whether the writing is good or not has to do with the quality of the narrative being told, how the writer utilizes the narrative devices at their disposal, and whether the ...
May 25, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This particular series certainly is a mixed bag of narrative elements.

I'll start off by saying the series does have some unique features in that the premise for this particular isekai - a story where someone falls into another world - are certainly unique. Rounds three and four which our main character is introduced, are also well thought out regarding what the game master is asking for, and I really can't find any fault in those two rounds. In fact, I'd argue those two rounds and how they work out are definitely what draws the audience in

There is also an attempt to utilize unique character types ...
Apr 14, 2022
Maple is a Mary Sue.

And if you thought that would mean a negative review of this series, think again, as this is one of those exceptions.

See, Maple is a Mary Sue, but her being one is completely intentional, not to mention completely the fault of the devs of the game she plays. After all, they're the ones who created a game with the loopholes that allowed Maple to become the Mary Sue she is within the game. This in turn results in some crazy stuff going down within the game that wouldn't happen in any other game, and simply because the devs attempted to have ...
Apr 9, 2022
Female gamer here.

Why is it that a series where the cast is predominately female gamers for once has to portray female gamers as being less capable than then our male counterparts?

I’ve never come across a series where a male player went a full year of playing a game only to need another male player to teach them the game mechanics. I’ve never come across a series where a male gamer was mocked for their love of premium items. And play to win tactics. I’ve never seen a series where a male newbie is so illiterate they are incapable of using the in-game chat. I’ve seen ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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