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Sep 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Well, now that I'm catching up again with this franchise, the only thing left to say is that each season I watch is a recycling of previous ones, but well, that's beside the point and I don't want to emphasize this since everyone will know where they take their opinions from. "references"

At first I wanted to give it a rating of 6 but for one reason I preferred not to since it is that case in which the plot does not catch you and does not stand out but it entertains you (for those who have seen several seasons will know what I am talking ...
Nov 25, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Onegai☆Twins differs from its predecessor in all but the question is why it did not work or at least be up to the first

In the first place, the story, from my point of view, looked promising and the first 2 chapters hooked you, but as you progress you begin to notice that it is a typical anime of this style.

The characters themselves do not stand out much and it seems that the creators married the previous characters, taking advantage of every moment to put them in so as not to contribute anything in particular to mizuho.

What is rescued from this anime is its relaxing and ...
Dec 18, 2021
This was one of the first hentai I saw when I already had access to the internet (my own) when I was already starting to browse and see this type of content with this I do not mean that I was a child who had just discovered something that everyone already knew but hey no I want to go into detail about this.

After seeing Otomi Dori I continued to watch this saga that in itself (personally) does not stand out I thought that somehow this was going to be but I was very wrong taking into account that I had already seen it for many ...
Dec 17, 2021
After seeing the second season, I reached the third with great spectra in first, see now if "another generation of girls" and the surprise was pleasant to see that this season stands out a lot in several aspects and they learned (in a certain way) from their mistakes in the previous season.

As I said before, now if we see a new generation where the world revolves around them, but what stands out from the 2 previous seasons is that they bet on developing the characters more and not just putting them to dance and sing the same song. and again, it was quite nice to ...
Dec 17, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Three years after the events of the first season, we find new characters and therefore another new "story" but what did this season do to just entertain me and not please me or put it another way, get hooked and want to see more.

I will try not to put many spoilers in case you think to see it beforehand, I apologize for making you lose much of the anime.

To begin the story does not stand out at all we have an annoying girl (but seriously annoying) who wants to beat aira and be the best in her way she meets several girls they form a ...
Nov 28, 2021
Otome Dori (Anime) add
After seeing so many images and clips on facebook groups and the internet, this hentai came out directly to me that a part of me was avoiding it (letting myself be carried away by what people said) but one day I had to come by and write a review here.

Otome Dori is a hentai that, according to what many say, is one of those who represents well what the NTR genre is (Netorare) but if you play egores (like me) you will realize that it is not a great thing and you will not be surprised in absolute.

Now why did I touch on the subject ...
Nov 23, 2021
After dedicating a few days to it I can say that this is a wonderful series that if it is not perfect but it does entertain you and makes you want to watch more.

To start this special it would be episode 24 but it is not a big deal and it is below the first and second season both in character development and in animation.

Although I am not one of those who criticize the animation (and I do not intend to do so) this season is below the first and second seasons 1996 and 2007

And in the case of this "special" we only see (as ...
Nov 1, 2021
Lupin VIII (Anime) add
Now that I saw everything related to lupine, I can say that I became a fan of the series (although the term fan I don't like to use it) let's just say that if something new comes out, be sure that I would see it without hesitation

I preferred to see everything about lupine for a reason to understand what this series was about (at that time I only knew about the extent of this verse from what I read in MAL but I did not go into detail until today that I saw it.

I do not want to get into technicalities since that is not ...
Jul 22, 2021
IDOLiSH7 (Anime) add
IDOLiSH7 An anime that catches you from the first chapter but before starting keep this in mind.

It may be that my review is based on experience playing (not this one in particular) if not on visual novels made by fans as well as some anime of this style.

The story basically follows the life of a group of boys who want to be idols but with the great difference that each character has their problems and as each chapter progresses you go deeper and deeper into the lives of these boys.

Now this anime as I said from the first chapter catches you since it does not ...
Jul 20, 2021
Gensoumaden Saiyuuki OVA Little I can say about these eggs since practically you are seeing the same thing, we have our protagonists continuing their journey to the west.

The story takes place in one of its many stops (in a bar) everyone is having a great time until suddenly three yokais annoy a girl and the fight begins, they win and are happy again in the course we meet a yokai (crazy by the explorations) that when our protagonists leave the town, they activate a bomb destroying the entire town and start a series of games to find and kill them.

In general, as I have already ...

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