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Dec 2, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Watching this filled me with an overwhelming sense of, "But why?" First off, there is something about our main female character, Liliana, being "Magi" in the description. Magi? What's a Magi? They never explain what the hell a Magi is. What really happens is that some random shota boy looks at some leaves funny and decides to follow it. But why? Then shota boy scares away some dogs and finds a random naked lady in the middle of an alley. But why? Shota boy decides to take her in and gets her some clothes. Fair enough. Then they start going out and get close enough ...
May 23, 2023
Shigokare is quite the disappointment due to how cheap it is presented. What is so conflicting about this is how it has few decent scenes, but it is clear that fundamental part of the art and animation is lacking. Usually I give things like this a pass due to enjoyment, but this hentai fails to present a significant form of unique charm to offset this lacking quality.

The anchor to the quality of this hentai is in its animation It doesn't do well to hold up in quality. This ends up coming off as an aged hentai with a multitude of flaws.

Some flaws that are ...
May 21, 2023
"SEX! UWAAAA~! SEEEX! I am not merely doing sex. I- No. My entire EXISTENCE, truly, has become SEX!" -Motivated Biker in a tunnel

You might be wondering why I mention such an inspirational quote. Well that, my friends, is because that is the culmination of what our main character, Yamato Hitsuhara, becomes in the final episode.

Welcome to Nuki Doki Revolution. Where the demon fucks around, the angel is goofy as hell, and silliness is cranked to unparalleled levels. It is through this silliness that Yamato is supercharged and attains the ability of flight, tracking, and transformation.

Our legendary MC, Yamato, is led to a shrine where presumably ...
Sep 11, 2022
Trinity Seven (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
One of the Harem titans of the old era. The 7 in Trinity Seven means the seven harem girls which glomp on the MC. The main reason you'd want to watch it is general attitude of the characters that are clearly aware that this is a harem anime. The male MC, Kasuga Arata, and many of the female ones being very upfront with sexual attraction. In fact this show is so clearly aware of its harem status, that within the first 30 seconds beyond the intro, our MC is literally groping boobs already.

When I say old era of harem, I mean the era where harem ...
Aug 27, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Your Lie in April is the anime embodiment of Omori, focused on the weight of expectation over enduring the responsibility over one's actions. I would put this in a recommendations section, but it's impossible for a section like that to exist, since I'm comparing this to a game, so I'm doing it here.

So why the hell am I comparing a depressing ass game like Omori with Your Lie in April in the first place? Well for one, they both centralize on a type of musical duet with a violin & piano. And spoiler alert, one of the two dies while the one left behind is ...
Jun 18, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/? eps)
Sakusei Byoutou, aka. Semen Extraction Ward is about nurses who wring a guy's nuts dry cause he has a condition where he generates too much cum. He can't masturbate since he broke his hand, and the nurse in charge absolutely hates his fucking guts because of it. That being said, this is a pretty good setup for a femdom fetish.

It's quite refreshing to see the deviation of the warm-caring nurse trope play out in this way. It's a different way approach to portraying unwilling sex without relying on the overused rape and blackmail mechanisms. Sure, it might seem strange for someone who absolutely despises you ...
May 27, 2022
A vanilla that starts off with a straight shota. Girls Rush is a simple, delicate hentai with bishounen MCs. There isn't a central theme to the story or the characters, so the only similarity between the two episodes is the art style and the vanilla. Yet the art-style is pristine enough to merit discussion on its own.

The characters are silky-smooth and polished in a way very reminiscent to Rent-a-Girlfriend, except the difference is the male MC is very well polished as well. Coincidentally, the first episode dives into a topic similar to Rent-a-Girlfriend where the male MC rents himself out to a "sugar sister."

That aside, ...
Oct 2, 2021
Imouto Paradise? More like Immaculate Paradise. This second iteration single-handedly the best iteration of the Imouto Paradise series. Its animation-to-theme matches far more closely than the Imouto Paradise 1, the animation far outstrips the animation quality of the Eroge, and even Imouto Paradise 3 is far more rigid than Imouto Paradise 2. I will only be making a review on this, because it far outstrips the rest of its franchise thus far.

Before I begin, something important to note about this franchise are the characters being an incestual family. While that might seem obvious at first, what is more important to note is that it has ...
Apr 13, 2021
This is about one of the most self explanatory hentai in existence: an Isekai Harem Story. The entire logic of the story being that this perverted hero's semen is actually a power boost. So a party of adventuring women constantly have sex with him before battle to be strong enough to win.

The story is so simple and low effort, that it is comical how bad it is. The characters are also as no-dimensional copy-paste personality as it gets. So where is the charm in this hentai if not in the story's premise? Obviously, it's the sex.

There is so much sex in this show that it ...
Dec 31, 2020
Fairy Tail (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
The only thing happy about this show is the cat named Happy. Aside from that are my eternally glazed over eyes from the "power of friendship." Fairy Tail has a boring and cliched mess of a story. The only acceptable part of this show is how diverse the cast is and their effort in making everyone relevant.

Fairy Tail starts you off with a blonde bitch who stumbles upon spiky haired anime protagonist. From there blonde bitch is welcomed to the guild named after the show. As far as the plot goes, this is where the story starts, and where it ends.

The issue with the story ...

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