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Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade
Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade
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Little Witch Academia
Little Witch Academia
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Plastic Memories
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Oct 2, 2014 7:04 AM
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Freezing: Pair Love Stories
Freezing: Pair Love Stories
Sep 8, 2014 1:15 PM
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Zettai Karen Children
Zettai Karen Children
Nov 5, 2013 4:24 AM
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Lulech23 Oct 21, 2014 4:51 PM
Apology accepted; it was I that initially screwed up by putting out a sub-par review when I was just feeling upset at all the negativity. I'm glad that we were able to resolve things, too--that doesn't happen all that often on the internet (sad but true) but it's certainly always nice when it does :)
ninqyo Oct 21, 2014 11:42 AM
Oof. Darn. I was kind of hoping it's surprise me and make a complete turn around into something I could enjoy.
Lulech23 Oct 17, 2014 7:42 PM
Review re-written. I hope you find it a more fair, objective assessment even though my ultimate stance hasn't changed.
Lulech23 Oct 17, 2014 5:35 PM
You assume an awful lot about me. I do a lot of writing for a living and I don't think it's less insulting to call me 'misleading and incompetent' than it is for me to write a positive review on something that other people didn't like. But since I DO write a lot for a living, I will also admit my GC review was far from the best review I've ever written. I wrote it after a long day and my brain was already fried and I just put out what my feelings were at the moment without filtering them well. For that I apologize and I will intend to rewrite the review more carefully.

However I will still stand by my scores, and I will still not mention Code Geass because I just don't see it as necessary. When I say I know Guilty Crown, I am referring to its story--which yes, does share some similarities to Code Geass, but without having seen the latter show, I am confident Guilty Crown is still miles apart. Why? Because of the finer details of Guilty Crown's plot that are not immediately obvious on a single watch-through. This is also why reading my fanfic would help validate my knowledge of the show--while I took creative license with it, I wrote it as a sequel attempting to remain as true to the established universe as possible, down to the finest details (except in cases where I just plain wanted things to turn out differently, ha). It's not a definitive guide to Guilty Crown, but since you accused me of lying about my knowledge of the show, I offered a resource to prove that I am telling the truth.

Also, there seems to be a lot of misconception out there surrounding what a review should be. Most people that write reviews write them as "here's a summary and how I felt about it." That is not a review. That is an opinion. The purpose of a review is to help people make informed decisions. Summarizing is not reviewing (hence why my reviews will generally be spoiler free; I'm not hiding behind anything, it just doesn't fit with my reviewing philosophy). Saying "I had a bad time" is not reviewing, though there is a place for that in a review. Generally I think of a review as rating two things: quality and enjoyability. It's a sort of two-sides-of-the-same-coin approach where one side is objective and the other subjective (but informed by the objective side to be less subjective).

I did not live up to this standard in my own review, which is the reason I intend to rewrite it. However I find that most of the negative reviews on Guilty Crown don't live up to this standard, either. "I hate the main character," for example, is not a valid review point. That's not informing anyone about anything other than your personal feelings, which they will not take part in by watching the given anime. They will have their own feelings, and maybe they will line up with yours, maybe they won't. Instead of this, think of a character description instead--something that people can use to decide for themselves if the main character is someone they would hate or like. *That's* review material (and I will say, looking over your reviews I do see a lot of them follow these principles, so good job on those--really. Your Guilty Crown review, however, does not).

So no, I'm not just coming out of nowhere. Judging by your own Guilty Crown review there are indeed a number of key plot points you missed, which I don't blame you for because as I said in my review, the anime does a poor job of informing its audience. But just because you weren't well informed doesn't mean that it's impossible for me to have studied the storyline enough to gain an understanding of it, and just because the majority doesn't like the show because of what they fail to see in it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to enjoy it for what I do see. You may well never come around to like Guilty Crown, and that's fine--forcing people to like the show isn't my goal. I just think it was given unfairly poor treatment and I want to get the word out to anyone else who, like me, will take the time to get to know it and enjoy it.

Whew, that was long. If you actually read all that, thanks for giving me the time.
Lulech23 Oct 13, 2014 9:05 PM
* sigh *

Somehow I figured anyone saying anything nice about the show would be interpreted as a troll comment. And I even 'disclaimered' the 'just don't get it' comment as being trite.

Sure I could have written a 10 page review first being a rebuttal to negative reviews and then going into all the details I have learned about the show, but I didn't have that kind of time on my hands, so I stuck to what I felt was the most important. If you want proof that I know the show, read my fanfic.

As for not mentioning Code Geass, well...I didn't review Code Geass. I haven't watched Code Geass (yet, it's in the plans). I'm aware that the two shows share producers; I don't see how that needs to be mentioned in a review by necessity, especially when so many have already done so.

Honestly it surprises me that the hate for GC runs so deep that someone feels it necessary to comment on my profile just to complain about me leaving a positive review :P
Nachteule Apr 3, 2014 9:38 AM
Guter Geschmack, mein Freund!

Lass dich von roriconfan nicht blöd anmachen, der ist ein typischer Animeelitist, der keine andere Meinung zu lässt. Auf jeder Seite die Animereviews zulässt, meint er sich aufspielen zu müssen, wegen Madoka und meint ewig um wieviel EVA einen besseren Protagonisten hat, wie Princess Tutu eine bessere Deconstruction sein soll und wie die Charaktere aus Madoka eigentlich keine Charaktere sind, sondern nur flache Stereotypen, ohne Development und joa.

So ein klassischer LOGH-Fanboy halt :D
Nasty001 Nov 2, 2013 1:27 AM
Yeah, Hombre "Freezing 2" is starting to be boring to watch.
Subpyro Nov 1, 2013 11:06 AM
I quite agree with your criticism on Freezing Vibration.
Forganesolid Oct 11, 2013 3:50 AM
I'm glad you liked it, thank you.
Mythical_Truth Oct 10, 2013 12:45 PM
OOOHHHH! I keep mixing those two up.
Mythical_Truth Oct 10, 2013 8:39 AM
IT DOESNT???? then what time period is that?? a lot of the character have similar names though...
getkampredx Oct 8, 2013 3:39 AM
Hi, I saw your review about GC, its quite long, how can u don't enjoy the anime at all? it looks like you are the anime haters that don't even see the full show and just go rate badly, do bad reviews and just drop it, u should take your time and watch again and relax :)
a--iko Aug 6, 2013 11:54 AM
I didn't mean for it to sound like it could not have ended otherwise, that's just bad wording on my part. I more meant for it to mean that I couldn't see it (myself) ending otherwise, but I'm sure if it did end differently, I still would've loved it. Sometimes I get to into my reviews and they don't make sense sometimes.. :P
Thank you for your feedback though~

After reading this comment, I'm for sure putting it on my plan to read. Thank you for the suggestion.
YuiMomo Jul 28, 2013 4:19 AM
I see, If that's what you have in your mind then I have nothing more to be against you since each individual have their own opinion i guess. I have just finished watch code geass and now i know what your talking about. Guilty crown has a strong base which is code geass which makes be disappointed that they didnt get to be as good as CG, well not even close.

Soon I'll be releasing my code geass's review please have some tie to read it. thanks
YuiMomo Jul 25, 2013 1:08 AM
Your review is quiet long so it took me sometime to read.

I can see how good you are at spotting those mistakes. I think it's not wrong to compare 2 anime but i think it's little unfair for GC to be compared to CG. Yes, CG is far ahead than GC but dont you think that comparing them is too harsh? I mean every anime has it's own stories and events.

futhermore, your scoring are too harsh because i believe that even if im looking over your point of view GC deserves atleast a 6.

oh ya, thanks for your input and great job for taking your reviews seriously. I wish i could be more thorough next time.