Marida "Ple Twelve" Cruz

Marida Cruz

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Kidou Senshi Gundam Unicorn
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Marida Cruz (マリーダ・クルス)

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Genetic Type: Cyber Newtype
Affiliation: Neo Zeon, Glemy Faction, "The Sleeves," Vist Foundation

Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Mobile Suits: AMX-004G Qubeley Mass Production Type, NZ-666 Kshatriya, NZ-666 Kshatriya Besserung, NZ-666 Kshatriya Repaired,

She refers to Captain Zinnerman as "Master," which irritates him, and loyally carries out his orders. Marida also sees herself in the ideal of misconceived notion that Newtype are to serve as weapons. Marida also seems to have a deep loathing hatred for the concept of the Gundam, as when one appears her objective changes to completely and thoroughly annihilating it.

After meeting with Banagher Links, and particularly after her recovery from the Banshee's cockpit, Marida's personality begins to change, and a hitherto unseen kindness begins to become apparent.

Marida is a capable pilot and artificial Cyber Newtype. She is also proficient in military martial arts. When piloting the Kshatriya Marida primarily utilizes the funnels, usually about 18 at any one time, to overwhelm the enemy with multi-directional ranged attacks. This tactic tends to quickly eliminate weaker enemies while restricting the movement of stronger enemies. Should the funnels prove to not be enough Marida will then close in and use beam sabers. She tends to hold the mega particle cannons in reserve.

Voice Actors
Platt, Tara
Kaida, Yuuko
Vadacca, Maddalena