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Feb 7, 2021
Dirty Pair (Anime) add
There is just something fascinating and absolutely special about Dirty Pair and it really is a shame it never became a long running anime like some other shows of the time. The relatively limited episode count may be linked to the sheer quality of the animation however, I do not think there are many Tv anime that can match Dirty Pair in fluidity, consistency and the art direction. Every episode is OVA quality!

But of course pretty animation isn't always enough to make an anime special. Dirty Pair at first glance just looks like a shallow, sci fi romp but there is something that belies the ...
Oct 17, 2020
Tokyo Vice (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Tokyo Vice is an astonishingly mediocre OVA and forgettable to the point where surrounding literature and synopsis fails to even point out that its a mech anime. Yes, its a mech anime of the 'real robot' variety, featuring a bipedal non-humanoid military walker design that undoubtedly was influenced by Kojima's original Metal Gear mech on the Famicom.

The mech is clearly the best part of the show; leading to a man with big gun vs robot setup not unlike Armor Hunter Mellowlink. Of course, Mellowlink is a must watch anime while Tokyo Vice isn't. Honestly, this whole OVA just lacks that visceral energy of contemporary 80s ...
Apr 24, 2020
Forewarnings first, this review will be quite racuous owing to the nature of this show.

Ishuzoku Reviewers is a badass totally unabashed anime of culture that sticks to its surprisingly well thought out sex centric fantasy world to explore a highly taboo subject with conviction. Its also pretty damn well drawn and looks better than most hentai/ecchi I've seen.

Every fetish, both fantasy eroge and irl such as toys, group play, pornos, lesbian, roleplay, even snuff and my personal favorite: tomboys is covered. Thankfully there is no NTR, bless the absolutely cultured creators of this anime. The fantasy ones get pretty hilariously creative with a literal skeleton ...
Apr 22, 2020
Its clear cut this sequel to the first Midnight Eye is not as good. It has many of the elements, if not almost all of them that makes Yoshiaki Kawajiri's ovas so brilliant. It has the gorgeous, sharp character designs that lend themselves to the witty yet steadfast heroes and the badass femme fatales we love to root for. It pits them against an unscrupulous, calculating asshole of a villain with a dash of high level crime/government corruption that adds a menancing edge and dispells petty cartooniness they may have. Finally theres the awe inspiring mechanical or body horror artwork that lends themselves to unforgettable, ...
Apr 22, 2020
Midnight Eye, despite its unassuming appearance (for a Yoshiaki Kawajiri feature at least), is a true cyberpunk anime through and through. Still, it perplexes me how subtle and restrained this cyberpunk world feels despite featuring laser firing quadruped android redheads complete with kinky motorbike handles attached and the nature of the titular midnight eye. It seems that once you take away the relentless in your face dose of the far out occult or gorgeous mechanical art that Yoshiaki Kawajiri is so well known for, his equally distinctive atmospheric metropolises bite very close to home; to our own bustling yet uncaring and distant cities.

I would dig ...
Apr 21, 2020
Bounty Dog dives right into the deep end with surreal, near psychological drama imagery and is guaranteed to confuse the sh*t out of you within its first 5 minutes; but what a beautiful 5 minutes it is. The anime starts with an absolutely beautiful montage of its moon city setting set to some slick city pop music and sets such a powerful tone of a false utopia beset by impending doom that will permeate the rest of the ova. It will take your mind off the plot confusion until the anime finally explains its premise; our main characters are secret agents and the mysterious girl ...
Mar 14, 2020
Watching anime girls emulate their favorite tank aces has been taken to the next level. Girls und Panzer the movie is absolutely gratuitous 40+ minutes of tank porn that turns venerable (and also rickety) WW2 AFVs into Initial D memes and Russian T90 flying tank videos.
I can see how a lot of these extreme antics would annoy more serious military nerds but this is an anime where we have T28s with jetissoning their outer pair of quad tracks for tight urban combat, possibly the only appearance of a Karl Gerat heavy mortar system we will ever see in anime and Japanese pea shooter tanks ...
Mar 14, 2020
In between the uneven pacing, exposition dumps and wtf deus ex machina moment at the end, its pretty clear this ova is more a vehicle for Urushihara's legendary boob - I mean character designs! All things considered, for a boob slideshow, this is a pretty decent ova.
Aside from Oppai, the main thing I found entertaining was how the colony's big bad military are SO backwater their gear is overshadowed and outmatched by the civilian equipment of one space whaling ship. It's no wonder this colony is going to such lengths to develop a superweapon!

Of course most people aren't going to over analyze ...
Mar 10, 2020
Good anime at its peak potential is all about being utterly unabashed, wacky and having a rowdy fun time. Girls und Panzer shows that even with the ever encompassing singularity of high school moe that seasonal anime has been converging into, anime can still be all three.

Girls und Panzer has an insane premise about turning tank fetishization into a female only combat sports, about time something followed up Dominion Tank Police with nutty tank centric antics I say! What really makes this premise work is just how straight and fleshed they were willing to play and take it.
Tanks are reinforced by retrofitted, high tech ...
Jan 12, 2020
This OVA brilliantly carries across one of Araki's earlier works into animated form and proves that he always had the talent for creating truly memorable battle encounters. Much of the escaped bioweapon falling into a teenagers hands premise reminds me of Guyver but BAOH is so much more concise in its pacing and spectacular in its action. (Not to put Guyver down or anything, also some awesome anime there).

Baoh's action sequences have this sheer intensity punctuated by flamboyant and merciless special moves, with a single well calculated strike decisively winning an encounter in an instant. Exactly like a certain other BIZARRE anime.

The art is ...

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