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acrbarros Yesterday, 2:35 PM
My friend and I have very different interests because the majority of my interests include things I can do at home, and my hobbies, reading, playing games, drawing, watching anime and other series, movies, etc..., and this friend of mine hates to be alone. She can't have fun alone and when she has to be alone, she's either depressed or sending messages to her friends, because her interests are mostly going out with friends, socialize, going to pubs, disco bars... She's a little difficult to deal with because she has depression too, complains too much, and is extremely pessimist about everything. When she is like this, I feel the urge to cheer her up, but after being with her I'm completly sad and exhausted. I feel like she drains all my energy, and sometimes I feel alone when I'm with her, because we always do things she likes, and I go to pubs with her, which can be fun at times, but there are always those moments when I feel unconfortable in those environments and feel that I don't belong there. She doesn't undertand very well my way of life (in her opinion, I don't actually have a life ahahaha), and she gets confused when she sees I'm a happy person, despite not being very social.
When I see her complaining too much and because I know I can't do anything about her problems, I wanted to talk about happy things with her, so that she becomes happy. But the thing is that what makes her happy is compeletly different from what makes me happy, so if talk about a certain anime or game she gets bored. She gets bored verily easily because the majority of things don't interest her at all. For example, the only kind of stories that she likes are the genres psychological/mystery and psychological/horror. She doens't like anything else. She hates comedy and romance, she doens't like fantasy, adventure, action, sports, etc... She says she loves music but the only kind of music she likes is k-pop and heavy metal. I'm a k-pop fan too, but I also listen to many other genres like pop, rock, R&B, soul, jazz or even classical. I also listen to music from different countries and from differents periods of history. I feel like she is very limited regarding her interests and when anyone shows her something new, she tends to say she doens't like it without even knowing it. xD
So if she doesn't like to talk about things that I like, and she doens't like to do things that I like, I let her choose what we do or talk everytime, because I only want to see her happy. I will always listen to her complaints and give her advice, because if her friends don't listen to her, no one else will. There are moments when I feel happy around her, but there are many others when I don't feel so well, but if I tell her, it would be very bad, because I really think she would get even more sad, insecure, and become anxious around me. I don't think she could change her attitudes that easily, and if she knew her negative vibes sometimes affect me, I think she would try really hard not to complain anymore, but at the same time I don't want her to do that, because she really needs to express all those emotions and let out those bad feelings.
I guess all the people with depression tend to be self-centered. It's not actually her fault, and I remain her friend because I know she has a good heart and I really love her, so I can manage this.
I hope that she becomes happier and more open minded in the future, but even if that doens't happen, I have other friendships that are not this complicated and I can fully enjoy myself when I'm with them, and they enjoy themselves too.

I'm sorry if I talked too much about my friend's situation ahaha I promise I won't talk so much anymore about these kind of things. xD

When I watch Fullmetal Alchemist I tell you my impressions. It really must be a great anime!! A roller coaster of emotions! I can't wait to see that! About the soundtrack, I just know the opening song "Again", by Yui and I like that song very much.

I haven't seen many anime that has a feminine protagonist... I watched Kimi ni todoke, Akatsuki no Yona, Violet Evergarden, and I can't remember more right now xD Oh I also watched an anime called Hanasaku Iro Wa, and it was very nice and the art is beautiful.

Ahahaha When I started to watch Hunter X Hunter, on the first 2 days I had nothing else to do, so I watched episodes the whole day. After that, I'm not having much time for that so I can only watch like 2 or 3 episodes per day. (T_T)
When I finish watching the last episode for that day I just wish I hadn't to wake up early the next day, so that I could stay longer...
Yes, you must have had a lot of free time! ahah

Yes, my dad is old-school. xD
But my younger brother says he's retarded ahahah
At the age my father is now, I don't think he will ever change his beliefs, but I don't care. I just listen to him when I think he's right. When he's wrong I don't pay attention.

I am 24 years old ahaha I think I mentioned in my previous messages that I was attending school, but it's actually university. It's just that in portuguese it doesn't matter a lot if you say "school" instead of "university" in a casual conversation. I am from Portugal by the way.
Which country are you from? You must be from an English speaking country because your English is very good!

A mail man! That's interesting! xD

Actually my first day at university was very nice and the subjects seem very interesting for me. Because I love reading and I will have to read a lot in my course, specially classic authors.
acrbarros Sep 15, 3:48 PM
Yes, we had a good time! =D
But this friend of mine is a little different from me and has other interests. I like to spend time with her doing the things that she likes, but I would be happier if we could do something I like once in a while... oh well.

Full Metal Alchemist must be amazing, from all the positive feedback it has! I will defenitely check it out soon!

Ahahah, yes, you have watched a lot more anime that I had, so it must be difficult to find new anime that you actually like. For me, I know that there are a lot of great shows I haven't watched yet. But my best friend is in the same situation as you.

Hunter X Hunter is indeed very addicting! I stopped watching for a few days, because I was getting too obssessed and needed a break to do other things ahah, but I now I will resume watching. I already watched 1 re-cap episode, the other one must be ahead. xD

Gintama must be good, but if I try watching a large series that I don't like, I'll drop it.

Thank you!! Yes, now I can sit back and enjoy anime! I understand, I can't see the future, so I can't garantee, but when I get very old, I will probably watch anime at that age too. xD
My father says that anime and cartoons are for kids, and hopes one day I will grow out of it, but honestly, I don't think I won't, ever.

Thank god you got better! What are you working at?

My classes begin tomorrow ahhhhh

bobby-jean Sep 15, 9:40 AM
It's amazing!
acrbarros Sep 14, 7:06 AM
Hello! =D
I'm back from my friends' house.

Yes, everything's ready for school now ahah

I never watched Rainbow but I'll keep that in mind. I don't watch many dark themed shows, but I'll probably watch in the future. But for now, there are many famous anime that I haven't watched yet. For example I didn't watch Naruto yet, I didn't watch Fullmetal Alchemist, Ao No Exorcist and the list goes on and on.

Ahahah I've been only watching 12 to 26 episode shows. Hunter X Hunter is the only longer series that I tried now.

I also want to watch Gintama because my best friend recommended it for me.

I started watching anime several years ago, but I was having a lot of personal problems at the time, so I didn't watch anime very often. But thankfully, those problems are now solved and during the last year I've been watching more anime, and I hope I continue this way.

Thank you!!! It was fun! ^_^

Are you still on summer vacation?
maay101 Sep 13, 7:33 PM
Oh definitely it made sense but it was like a holy shit moment and they really are like I know they’re the bad guys but they’re so good good at what they do
minana5 Sep 13, 11:49 AM
I'm so sorry for the late answer. I was busy with the exams and I didn't want to answer halfheartedly. But hopefully,I'm done with my exams and I'm free till the beginning of October. ^^

I'll definitely watch Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho! Actually my friend recommended it to me a long time ago,but I was watching something else.
I've recently started this ongoing anime Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. which is similar to Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho,so I'll check it out,too. ^^

Aw,I heard that Cowboy Bebop is really slow so I was delaying it a little bit. But I Wanted to watch it because it's a classic so I'll do it one day. ^^

Aw,I understand. Personally,I really liked Kimetsu no Yaiba. Maybe it's not perfect and seems to be generic but I think it's a little bit different from all these popular shounen animes. It's a little bit unusual and honestly,I really like Tanjiro's character. :'3 I've also started reading manga. I admit,there are moments where I was disappointed but I hope that it will contribute to the plot and development of the characters. :'3

Koi wa Ameagari no You is really beautiful and heartwarming. It's not pathetic and cliche and not overdramatic. I really like the development of the main heroine. It was really relaxing and beautiful and yet so emotional.

Servamp was good,and Hatenkou Yuugi was okay. :'3

I've currently started watching Fruits Basket, above mentioned Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.,Given and they're all ongoing series. And I've also finished Darling in the FranXX. It was okay,but I didn't like the ending that much. It was kinda rushed.

I think I'll maybe start Chihayafuru now. :'3

What about you? Did you start anything new? And how are you these days? ^^

Lil_Death Sep 12, 7:04 AM
Yeah I'm pretty easy to please so I'm sure I'll enjoy it :) I know the feeling about waiting for episodes to be released. I'm waiting on Danmachi, Dragon Ball Super dub, and Vinland Saga. It's a mission to keep track of haha. Yes officer this anime right here, I'm a big fan of Hestia's VA, that can really make or break a character for me tbh. A big problem I have with it is Bell was given a straight-up Deus Ex Machina ability which I'm really not a fan of because any time he fights anything that's a higher level than him he can just one shot it. You recommend Dr. Stone? I've heard a lot of hype around that.

I agree. Konosuba would be the one you're after, it's not really dungeon orientated but it's set in an RPG and they go into dungeons sometimes, it's my favourite anime and it's hillarious :D

I think if there were less episodes released I'd catch up but since I'd have to binge 23 episodes it's kind of lower on my list, but I'm definitely gonna get around to it eventually.

That's most shounen for you unfortunately. I still find it pretty entertaining either way though. It's just a bit more predictable than I'd like it to be. I wish the characters would have more depth to them and have emotions and deeper relationships but that's wishful thinking I guess. Nel and Byakuya are my two favourites but I was sad to see that Nel wasn't really in it after the Hueco Mundo arc, and Byakuya didn't really have much to his character other than being a stoic badass who occasionally does something character breaking. I really dig all of the post timeskip characters, it significantly made them all look better imo.

Finished Koe no Katachi and I really enjoyed it, it's in my top three but to be fair I've only read about 6 manga in total, but that doesn't mean it's not a really good read, I'd recommend it. I also read Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan which I really enjoyed, it was only 8 chapters long but that was what drew me into it as I'm looking for manga that aren't gonna take me weeks to get through for now, just so I can experience different manga and have some variety I guess.I also picked Pandora Hearts back up again which is my favourite manga so far, it's pretty spicy where I'm up to but it's one you definitely need to be in the mood for, and you really need to pay attention to everything.

I started rewatching Deltora Quest in the English dub for the first time in about a decade, it was a big part of my childhood and I thought I'd relive the nostalgia. I'm really enjoying it, I'm about three quarters of the way through at the moment. Also started Hunter x Hunter for the first time, it's living up to the hype so far, I'm glad I started watching it.
Okallu Sep 11, 5:30 PM
I actually am really enjoying it! I've read the manga first and truly loved it. The early's 00's shoujo art style is like disgustingly cute and I love it, and the story really surprised me. For the anime I think I still like it, though I'm not too big of a fan with some things they changed, especially with making it more comedy like (well, more so like all the nice and cute life lessons aren't in it. Along with some character scene and introspection is totally gone), and the fact Izumi is like lacking any morality???? I remember kind of liking Izumi in the manga, but here as of now he's kinda not redeemable and is made to be the bad guy? I'm on episode 46 as of now so I still have a lil bit to go, but I do hope I like the ending.
Rainbow Sep 11, 12:55 PM
thank you! :)
acrbarros Sep 10, 4:01 PM
Yes, I've been busy taking care of things for school, that is about to begin.

Ahahah Hisoka sure is a mistery!!

Of course, it's okay. Watch Ansatsu Kyoushitsu when you feel like it! What are the different things that you want to try watching?

Yes, I'm enjoying No Game No Life, but if the series was longer, maybe it would be boring, unless they developed the story a bit more.

I will spend the next 2 days at my friend's house and I won't bring my computer, so if you reply, I'll read later. :3
acrbarros Sep 10, 1:59 PM
Yes! I'm enjoying it so far. It's not one of the best anime I've seen, I don't have a particular attachment to any of the characters so far, but the plot is creative and interesting.
acrbarros Sep 10, 1:56 PM
Hi! Sorry that I took long to reply, but I have been busy.
Hisoka is an interesting character, although until now I get confused if he is a villain or not. But I hope I'll understand him better as I watch eheh

Ahahah I also thought that Kurapika was a girl at first! Because of his appearance and voice.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is very unique. And yes, it gets better. I've watched some years ago, so I don't remember much of the details. I will probably rewatch soon.

Kaylle Sep 10, 12:29 PM
I was so upset when she broke up with her husband. ;-; I through they’d be forever. D: And ikrrr josh totally owned drake. xD

And my super powers are... I am able to control the body I am pinned too. I gallop from one persons hair to another. If I get intimidated I will gallop and flick a man in they’re balls. My flick has the strength of a hundred punches. :)

And ikrr gotta party can’t be all work work work. And meh cheap? I’d rather stuff a burger in my mouth than exercise thanks :O

What kinda powers does the elderly man have? o-o
-sohaib- Sep 9, 7:49 PM
Yeah, and she wouldn't survive if it wasn't for that, cause she lost every thing she has, her captain, but you can always recompense the things you've lost with some another. damn XD, she is fifteen, I thought she's going to be 17 at least, But you can't judge from the look, otherways you'll be surprised. Yeah damn, she still can does both things tho xD. Yeah, when you see cute girl can beat ppl up with her bare hands, and even soldiers, you just like " wtf nigga" xD. I haven't read the manga at all, so no I don't, I'am satisfied with the anime so far. does those stuff spoil anything important?

damn!!, I would be sure to do the same if I was in your place XD. Lol, Iike to do the same sometimes, if the other person can accepts opinions, or if they are easy to get mad XD.

damn, it seems it's easy to scare you out xD.Yeah, I got u bro. I used to watch alot of movies, before I got anime addiction.
I don't know the correlation about adult rena, and the end. did I missed that out too?

You don't have to say, cause I really can't stop my ass from lauging, especially from the faces mements XD. I'am at the 4th ep now, and It's still lauging me out xD. Well I hope they animated it as the fuck as they can, for the sake of our desires.
-sohaib- Sep 9, 4:25 PM
I've seen Violet just 2 months ago and it was great. and It has very sad eps and also has some happy moment, I can still remember the Ep, when Violet wanted to go to a camp to write letters for the soldiers but ended up saving that guy (for a while at leat) and delivering his emotions to his wife, honesty I cried in that ep besied some other great Ep like when she went to that writer. I really liked the art, the backgrounds and the character animation, and if you realized, the character blinks alot, wich is something rare to see it in other shows. and also I liked that violet is very similar to Mikasa in her face, reactions,she fights the same and also the same voice actor, did you realized that? Also, glad we share the same ideas xD.

I do the same too. But somtimes I forget and just start shooting their favorites shows, and god damn, they just trun angry, I feel like I made their sisters pregnant or somthing xD. Well it's nice to be optimistic about thing, cause ended up finishing them anyway xD. Yeah I know what you mean, but I think since his a good freind, he needs to accept your opinions. But also I think, We always ending to be having an Arguments, So it's better to keep to ourselves sometimes.

Yeah, and sometime they make you worse and othertimes not, but mostly the 2nd times. So it's about luck, and how good the doctor is. Lol I got used th the needles when I was I kid, they injected us every 2 years when I was at elementary school. Yeah I've seen this movie and its squel, it's quite scary, but I don't like the actor, if you know, they always act with each other, I thought they were couples or some shit. also the women, I didn't like her in her movies except for the Departed, you know it?

Yeah, I rally couldn't hate her anymore when I remember what she has been through, if anyone was in her position, would've done the same or worse, but thanks god the ending wasn't bad for her either. Maybe she in that photographer will get married eventually xD.

Glad you got my point :)

Lol, she would butcher you with no murcy if that happens. Yeah the kind of her and also rika is the cutest thing in this show, especially when rena say; I wanna take her home, and when reka says; mee and nippa xD. If you meant when rika was telling the story that makes rena more less time, then I agree, it was very sucks for rena side.

Yeah you should get more, cause you can't get enough of animes. also I just finished the first Ep in Grand blue, and Hell I've never laughed because of anime like that before, even Gto. I hope It stays like that till the end.