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Viewed Yesterday, 10:36 PM
Heya! No worries you got better things to be worried about like taking care of your health. Sounds dreadful to be in that state. Wishing you a speedy recovery. ><

Like for example: Donald Trump abusing his powers and now getting put on the spotlight wither I like it or not...
Dying is okay if you've done more than what you wanted and feel as if you've accomplished what is necessary. If I died I would want to die in around my 60's or 70's cause after that it just goes downhill and I wouldn't be able to stay happy knowing what's to come.

My very fondest memory is probably just coming home to school as a kid to always look forward to a new episode of Dragon Ball. I stayed up late at night to catch something violent on adult swim as well. It just came natural to me since most of my older brothers used to watch it as well and I just found myself liking it more than I should. I'd probably say I watched for well over 20 years... I still can't seem to find some anime to add to my list since I can't remember the names or anything. Childhood does tend to get blurry unless you were really into it. How about you? How did you first get into it?

I'm just more comfortable in my own bed. It's so big and warm. All my blankets and pillows are nice and cozy as well. Adjust meaning I would have a hard time sleeping unless I force myself to get tired otherwise I might be awake the whole night which is terrible unless I planned a all nighter of course. XD

At least you got to be with the same people, I've found it hard to get accustomed to since I would make friends and get used to the area only to transfer schools. Doing it over and over for awhile was kinda difficult. It is true I got to meet new people and go to new places though. Problem is this is what probably caused my introverted personality.
Yes she was terrified indeed and probably for the remainder of my childhood I wouldn't be left alone, always accompanied by someone to watch over me until I turned 10 or so then I could look after myself. I got picked up at a park. XD Which reminds me I did get lost again when I tried looking for my brothers since they left me alone to go to a video store and after awhile I tried finding the store myself but got lost. x.x Glad after these 2 two incidents I wouldn't do that again.

Sometimes it's better to not focus on anything since once it catches your eyes, it's game over. Wallet will be crying feeling empty.
When I was a kid the guy did a lot of terrible things but I vaguely remember him trying to get me to finish his beer. Other things are probably too crude to explain. @_@ Plus I have maybe one or two people always checking my stuff. LOL SO HI IF YOU ARE READING THIS.
I've been meaning to use the forum less and less just because I've been thinking it's not worth my time but instead just focus on reading or trying to actually accomplish something. For example: I've been trying to write a story but I've been extremely lazy to update it and get new material. There indeed is a few people I don't particularly like in there.

WHOA, that is dangerous! D: Really glad nothing happened to your sister. As kids we don't know any better but the experience of getting yelled at will definitely help improve not doing anything idiotic like that again. I did some pretty dumb stuff as well... Like phoning the cops one or two times. O_O
Yeah that is true he only comes once in awhile. We just catch up and look up stuff on here and talk about several shows and he is addicted to Asian dramas, particularly Korean ones. My bed is like queen or king size. After becoming an adult I get extremely uncomfortable with someone else in the bed unless it's like a significant other. I don't like people that snore at night. >_>

It happens everyone has their own tastes and style so nothing you can do about that.
Probably some new clothes, I've been meaning to get new shoes as well. XD and yes they have been fun to read!
Glad to hear you've been resting. Just take it easy. I hope it goes away soon.

My day has been decent for the most part, although I got a new scar on my arm today. :c
Fuckery Yesterday, 1:52 PM
You can reply to it without posting art to give your thoughts. Glad ya liked it.
Viewed Dec 9, 1:30 PM
You would really have to be out of your mind to do that freely without any care in the world but then again there are crazies all over.
No, it's fine no worries it was a few years ago. I always get over things quickly if I could. If I lost the life I once had then yeah everything would be meaningless. Even thinking of dying in my sleep sounds creepy to me. Reminds me of the song Bring me to life by Evanescence.

Trueee, it's mostly folk songs or instrumentals that really get your brain thinking. Just yesterday I found a very old ipod nano with all the songs I listened to in high school. Surprised I found tons of anime openings and endings. Must have been a huge fan even then. I got to listen to Soul Eater again and was just as intense as I remembered it haha. Knowing you might cry is different from being spooked since that's something you never want to feel ever. That's understandable. I do that a lot too just stay up late at night and leave a video in the background then I can relax but I have another problem if it's not my bed I can't adjust that well. The little things makes all the difference. ><

Maybe just a little bit haha. It was! I mean a kid just moving in to a new city just trying to fit in with the neighborhood can be tough. I would know since I moved around a lot as a kid. That doesn't sound like a good time at all. Being lost is the worst. Reminds me of the time when I was a kid, my mom wanted to go to her friends house but I insisted I wanted to stay home and play the Super Nintendo home alone. 30 minutes later after she was gone I felt extremely lonely and ran out the house trying to look for her. I left the door to my house open... walked very far and got lost but a police officer stopped me and got me back home. That was a terrifying experience. XD

Sometimes you're just like let's save.... but then something you want goes on sale or something catches your eye and your inner desires just takes over. Bad habits are hard to control. That's great to hear! Having the support of your parents really do make a difference. I only like my mom for the most part.

Yup the feeling is great once all those feelings vanishes and it feels like you can be yourself and having a blast. I think the worst possible offenders over the internet is once they know they lost the argument. they will start nit picking anything. Even go far as criticizing your grammar to win. XD

There are certain times where things have to be done no matter so I can see how you could cause some trouble! What's the worst thing you've ever done? Actually you don't have to answer that. XD
Ahh, yeah my older brother came over last night and did his laundry at my place. It was pretty fun talking about anime and games. I couldn't sleep until around 4 am though since we were talking a lot and the fact he wanted to sleep in my bed so I had to go the empty couch or the sofa. I have trouble sleeping in places that i'm not used to comfortable with though. :c
I saw the lineup in Netflix, most of them seem decent! You have to watch the best ones first then you can move on lol. I'm not much a decorating type of person but I can move furniture around.
Yes, mainly food and clothes! Hmmm Christmas shopping... maybe I should buy something for myself. XD
I downloaded a few Visual Novels to read so my nights would be more pleasant! :3

Hope you're having a great day. >~<
-Nyami- Dec 8, 9:39 PM
Thank you :)
-Yokai- Dec 8, 5:29 PM
well for one thing he doesnt die, and he nina stays around for 3 eps, the first 12 eps of brotherhood assumes you already watched or read fma

just look up the 2003 version of it
-Yokai- Dec 8, 4:33 PM
im pretty good, i didnt like fmab as much as i thought i would, i mostly preferred the 2003 version

oh shou tucker was a lot worse in the 2003 version lol
-Nyami- Dec 8, 4:27 PM
Welcome to MAL :) I'm a bit inactive but I thought I'd drop by
-Yokai- Dec 8, 4:19 PM
hellooo, how are you?
Viewed Dec 7, 9:50 PM
I think we both might be more evil and crude than we have imagined since that path is how Light first began and we are taking slow steps climbing up that ladder with him as our guide if one should ever present the chance of it dropping in front of us. The people who turn out like vegetables do deserve better than that. My uncle a few years ago was like that and my grandma told the doctor to cut the cord, it was a really cold day.

Ohh, yeah I heard that was super scary but I might have lost my memory of it somewhere. Now sure if I watched it or not now I'm itching my head LOL. Sometimes I just watch those kind of movies cause I want to be spooked once in awhile so I can feel the emotion. Yeahhh... I was just like trying my best to focus on the screen but even then my body was shivering at what was happening during that so I couldn't really get out of it otherwise it would be so awkward. I think during night time if it's super silent, I get anxiety hearing my own heart beating I feel afraid. I might have been scarred but don't know what caused it. I always have to have something like a video playing in the background to pass out. Do you sleep easily?

The best way to continue making trips and memories is just to have a set date and time for everything. Your family might be understanding if it's like that. I don't think there was any beef stew XD It was about baseball and how that autographed baseball was hit into someones backyard where they have to face a scary dog. The whole movie is basically trying to get it out of there but that dog is vicious. Yes I think so as well! Do you remember any memories of you when you caused some kind of trouble?

I probably feel the same way because I'm usually very careful in how I handle using my money. I sometimes feel bad if I use it on something completely useless. It is indeed a nice gesture since they helped you grow up and brought you into the world unless they were terrible but that rarely happens. D:

Whoa, I have the same problem. Even if i'm meeting a close friend to hang out or something I still get anxious when waiting for them to show up. I sometimes get negative thoughts like if I'm even worth their time, they won't show up but in the end everything always work out.

More gaming, more raging, happy life. XD I feel that applies to everyone that won't accept that they are in the wrong even if presented evidence layering out contradictions into what they are saying. Well being inexperienced is sorta good in a way. Just seems you don't really get into much trouble. I mean you won't even watch anime unless you pay for it or something. XD There are plenty of site's to go to but it's probably against the rules to link it unless you want it I can pm you some. LOL. Ohh, well I hope that you had fun the other night. Decorating sounds kind of tedious but fun in it's own way. At least you get to spend more time with her. :3 I might go to a few get together or what not and catch up on my reading or watch a few episodes of anime. I've been itching to go to the store and buy a few things but I get lazy. XD
Precious Dec 6, 11:05 PM
ohhhh its on netflix too?? i had no idea!! thanks for telling me that
ahh okay if you ever go to the library, let me know!
and dont forget, you still have the offer of me sending you the manga page by page = u =

yea i use chrome
how would i enable adblocker? :o

okay so i tried league of legends... and it was fun! tho it seems like it could repetitive but then again all i did was the tutorial.. so i havent played with actual people. im trying to train by myself so that i can actually get good at it because i heard that others get mad at you if you suck... yikes!

OHHHHH you were talking about ponzu and pokkle! LOL i thought you were talking about hisoka and machi and i was like uhhh wait what? they died?
OMG that made ME SO SAD!!! i hated how ponzu died and when it was revealed that pokkle was still alive, i was so happy! when he was hiding under the piles of bodies, i was praying that he would make it out alive. :(
but darn pitou for exposing him and stripping him >:(
that made me so sad.. and yea i agree it was disturbing...

ohhh okay! got it
thank you!
i use pixlr but it gets frustrating because when you shrink down a very large pic, it gets blurred :/
hehe i kinda stalked ur comment (ONLY THAT ONE COMMENT I SWEAR) with brooke's tutorial about using paint to add borders... it was so helpful! thank you brooke for this!
-Pastelle- Dec 6, 5:36 PM
Noice, Toph is awesome! Ty ^^

And yeah, totally true. It brings back so many memories and the jokes were hilarious! Hmm you may not like Korra as much since it’s way different but I’m sure you’d like seeing some of the original characters pop up in it.
Brooke Dec 6, 5:33 PM
Brooke Dec 6, 4:40 PM
aw ty ty samtime!
oh lunapic is alright but i think paint is easiest
ill give a lil step by step rq

hope this helps
-Pastelle- Dec 6, 4:39 PM
Aww yeah, do I get a prize? Lol

Ya your sig def brought back some memories. I loved ATLA more than Korra but both were nice. ^^
Precious Dec 6, 4:17 PM

what do you use to edit your pictures?