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Jun 5, 2022
Gankutsuou (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Gankutsuou stands alone as an anime where I hate every single character for the right reasons, and still hate the anime as a whole. Every character is bad in a good way, but the plot still didn’t do anything worth watching.

Before I delve more into why the plot is terrible, I do want to mention that Gankutsuou is the worst looking anime I’ve ever seen. This vector style texturing borderline hurt my eyes just looking at it. Absolutely disgusting.

Now to the plot, but don’t worry I won’t spoil anything, not that there’s anything to spoil anyways. I feel like Gankutsuou was going for Monster ...
Mar 29, 2022
Princess Tutu (Anime) add
Princess Tutu may well be one of the best classical-style stories ever told. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into when I started Princess Tutu. It had been recommended to me in the same light as things like Revolutionary Girl Utena so I had some expectations going in but Princess Tutu did not disappoint.

Without any spoilers, I want to use this review to talk about the literary progression of the series. I want to talk about what impressions each of the three major arcs left on me.

Princess Tutu is as classical of a story as it gets. There’s princes, princesses, good ...
Sep 6, 2021
Evangelion 3.0+1.0 (Eva 4) is the epitome of disappointment. To be honest, I’m not even sure why I watched it, I knew all I would get out of it was going to be anger. Eva 4 is empty, baseless, dry, and fruitless. It is exactly what anyone would expect after watching the first three movies.

I was trying to have low expectations when it came to Eva 4, but somehow I was still able to be disappointed. I think a small part of me was hoping that Eva 4 would offer some sort of redemption for the movie series and that was enough for Eva ...
Feb 4, 2021
It should go without mentioning that the most something like High School DxD could hope to get from me is a 5/10. Having gotten that out of the way, High School DxD is about boobs, so this review shall too, be about the boobs.

[Tig o bitties]

If anyone ever told you that High School DxD was an Ecchi Harem with a good story, they lied. The story is horrendous, come here for boobs and boobs only.

I have a really big beef with the boobs in High School DxD: there is not a lot of variety. All the boobs are the same color and the ...
Feb 4, 2021
Perfect Blue (Anime) add
Imagine a domino set up where you start by knocking down one domino and before you know it, there are a thousand dominoes down in the shape of the Mona Lisa. That is what it feels like to watch Perfect Blue except that instead of ending with the Mona Lisa, you end up with such a distorted image that you are not even sure you're still looking at dominoes at the end. You start by knocking down one domino and you end up questioning your own existence.

[Ok, ok... wait, what?]

Perfect Blue is the kind of story that begins innocently enough by making sense and ...
Apr 2, 2020
Angel's Egg is uniquely brilliant in that what it set out to do, it accomplished masterfully.

Subtle imagery is often held with high regard as it adds nuance and a level of detail to storytelling that is invaluable. Angel's Egg uses a similar technique that is the literal opposite. Instead of using subtle imagery to enhance the telling of a story, Angel's Egg uses a towering amount of imagery as its form of storytelling altogether.

In this review, I want to contrast different viewpoints on Angel's Egg's method. I was not the intended audience of Angel's Egg, but former internet personality Sudostef was. I will ...
Apr 1, 2020
Mixed Feelings
I don't think I've ever seen a more average anime than Cells at Work. The art is average, the sound is average, the writing is average (from a literary perspective), the characters are average, the themes are average, just everything.

Obviously, I wasn't expecting Legend of the Galactic Heroes when I started watching Cells at Work though, so I can't complain about its average-ness. I didn't watch it for the plot. The highlight of Cells at Work is its educational content. Cells at work entertainingly teaches you microbiology. It should win a Nobel Prize for doing that.

Cells at work teaches the viewer the essential ...
Apr 1, 2020
Wolf's Rain (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
So I have a problem with Wolf's Rain. It is often compared to its younger brother Texhnolyze. Texhnolyze is in my top 10; Wolf's Rain is in my top 50. What happened?

[Movie Announcer Voice:]
From the creators of timeless classics like Evangelion, Lain, Code Geass, and Cowboy Bebop... comes a dark, dystopian, atmospheric fantasy-sci-fi series that is bound to sweep you off your feet. Wolf's Rain, 2003.
[End Trailer]

"OMG, every anime the announcer mentioned is in my top 10!" - me

Again, so what happened? Wolf's Rain has the right formula, the right people, and the right feel. They had the technology, but it's just not Texhnolyze. ...
Apr 1, 2020
Mixed Feelings
What happens when you take the epic plot of Code Geass and replace it with a generic action plot? You get Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re:surrection (R3 for short).

I don't want to call R3 a cash grab, though I'm sure there's plenty of people calling it that, but it was missing that special spark that made Code Geass so great. The plot wasn't, "let's save humanity from the instrumentality project" like R1 and R2, it was, "your sister was kidnapped, come and rescue her." Very different. One's Evangelion, the other is Taken.

I don't even want to get into the Lelouch being alive ...
Apr 1, 2020

Revolutionary Girl Utena is exactly what I want from an anime. When I'm starting a new anime, I generally go into it with three levels of expectations: what I fear it is going to be, what I think it is going to be, and what I want it to be. I can count on one hand the number of anime that have been what I wanted them to be. Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of them.

In this review, I will avoid spoilers to the detriment of the review itself. The defining moment of the series is the climax and I will not say anything ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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