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Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu
Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu
Mar 27, 3:16 PM
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo!
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo!
Mar 27, 12:02 PM
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Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. 2
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. 2
Mar 27, 12:02 PM
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Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku
3 hours ago
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Mar 23, 8:59 AM
Reading 60/141 · Scored 10
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Mar 7, 1:54 AM
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iftsistrnn Feb 18, 6:35 AM
Yeah, similar has happened to me, it's always when I have plenty of time to watch anime that I start to do other stuff instead. And then after all that free time is gone, I look back and think that I could've easily watched some more anime.

I don't understand the hate either, I also don't understand how people can compare Kirito with Guts xD. I can't really do that with my favourites because I feel like nothing really left a big impact on me, that could be because I mainly watch light-hearted shows tho. I haven't seen "Tomoyo Chapter" yet, but I'll give it a go since you've made it sound worth watching. Nah, I'm sure they could squeeze at least 24 eps out of them living a married life if they tried xD Lol, I don't find it cute at all, I just find it a bit annoying and cringe. That possessiveness is probably the best part of Nagatoro's personality xD

If you decide to give it a try, tell me if you find it funny or if it's just me laughing at everything, lol.
iftsistrnn Jan 22, 3:48 AM
That makes sense and I can definitely see how it's possible after writing all those chapters of Naruto. xD they should call it a spin-off, but instead of starting from scratch they should just not make anything else and leave it alone, that way people won't complain xD


I wish I had more free time, atm most of my free time is spent watching the new eps of seasonal shows, reading new manga/hwa/hua chapters when they come out and MAL stuff. I barely have the time to watch 1 ep of a non-airing anime show, but I'm not regretting it xD

I really like SAO too (I rated it 9) and even had it in my favourites at one point as well, I only removed it because I changed all of my favourites to reflect what I currently like to watch. I watched Clannad and didn't really like it, after all, I prefer shows with the opposite kind of tone, I still finished it though. I've done similar things before, for example, I dropped Inuyashiki, but then someone recommended that I should pick it back up, so I gave it another go and ended up liking it, which surprised me xD. That sounds horrible, I think that would be the point where I drop it xD I really don't get how so many people like the show, like are people into that stuff? xD

Have you seen any of Boku to Roboko? It's 3 mins per ep and I found it really funny. I'm a big fan of comedy, including gag humour (which this is) so it's pretty funny to me.
iftsistrnn Jan 21, 6:19 AM
Agreed, they were probably just trying to drag out and make more money off it, and the result of that ended up being a series named Boruto. Why did he let his assistant write Boruto?! Even if he takes charge again there's no saving it xD

I don't think there's even a chance of that happening xD

Yeah, I know what you mean, but conversely, you should be happy that you've got so many shows you want to watch xD

The thought of dropping it has crossed my mind, but it's only 1 ep a week so it's bearable. Jesus, how has it got 120 chapters so far, does he just not change...? I hope not xD the studios should spend their time adapting something else instead of making a 3rd season xD. That's true lol.

Np about the late response, take all the time you need :D
I'm enjoying this season, and tbh I don't think I'll ever not enjoy an anime season xD Out of all the (seasonal) shows I've been watching, here's a small list of the ones that stood out the most/surprised me/I'm really enjoying:

I could have easily added more, but I didn't want to make a massive list xD Wbu, are there any shows for you that stood out/surprised you/you're really enjoying?
iftsistrnn Jan 8, 1:34 PM
There's absolutely no way I'm a hardcore fan lol, the only reason I watched that much was that I thought it would be a waste to stop when I had already spent all that time watching the prequels. Okay, I didn't watch 186 eps of that anime just in case it got better xDD And I will never pick it back up again xD

Still not sure if I like the compliment itself... xD

It's a good show so you'll end up watching it eventually :)

The whole concept of the show makes me not want to watch the show... xD I only watched the prequel so that I could watch the sequel as it airs, ikr waaay too much effort, for a series I dislike 😩 Honestly couldn't tell if the show got better or not, it all seemed the same to me. You can't call the character growing a single spine cell character development xD
I don't really pay attention to those MAL notifications because once they get pushed off that bell notification bit and you have to go into the view all bit, the titles just get cut off and I can barely see the names of 2 titles.
RedCat_cher Jan 8, 7:41 AM
Yeah, I think most users are doing that. It's their basis when it comes to scoring.
RedCat_cher Jan 8, 6:48 AM
Hi! thanks, I'm doing good.^_^

Anime affinity? From what I can see we both are generous scorers and don't give a low score as much as possible. Our scores have little differences too. Is that right? haha.
iftsistrnn Jan 8, 4:26 AM
That's great for Ishida fans ig, but it's probably not what the rest of the Bleach fans wanted xD You got me laughing hard when you said about the show 'almost being one big filler' xD I only got that far with Boruto because I kept thinking, "I've already seen the 700+ eps of Naruto + Shippuden, so I might as well watch this and you never know it might get better...". But yeah... Once I stopped the momentum, I didn't want to continue xD

Thanks, and I'll take that last comment as a compliment xD

Yeah, I'm thrilled about the adaption :D Lol, at least you can binge-watch both seasons of Vinland Saga :)

Whilst I'm watching and will continue watching Nagatoro-san S2, I'm not a fan of it. It's one of those shows that if I don't watch 1 ep at a time as it airs, I'll never watch it kinda thing :( I never know what airs on what day, mainly during the first week of a new season, sometimes I'll look up a couple start dates for shows I'm really looking forward to, but other than that it's a surprise of what I get to watch and how much I get to watch on that day xD
iftsistrnn Jan 6, 12:09 PM
Why would he watch something that long and tedious twice?! That's some dedication to his favourite show xD So nearly the whole Bount arc is just a filler 😨 That's the thing that puts me off these long shows D: I did indeed manage to get up to ep 186. I watched Naruto, into Shippuden, into Boruto and ep 186 was one of the latest releases, after I got to that ep and finally had time to start watching something else, I realised that I was never going to watch it again, lol. It went straight into my dropped list xD

I'm planning on watching nearly everything 😨 Including 43 of the shows that start airing during Winter 2023 + 8 of the shows continuing on from last season, a total of 51 shows... I have no idea whether I'll be able to watch that many, I think I might have to choose some to not watch xD However the ones I'm really looking forward to are:

Are you planning on watching many Winter 2023 shows?
iftsistrnn Jan 6, 2:28 AM
Does your Bleach friend enjoy the Bount arc or do even they find it tedious? I've watched Naruto (somehow), excluding Boruto, but I don't think I'll ever watch One Piece, purely because I'd rather spend all that time watching lots of different anime instead. I don't think I'll watch another long anime again unless it's finishing bleach or a newly airing one where I can keep up with it by watching 1 ep a week :)

Same here, she can play the guitar like that, but doesn't have the confidence to show it off. I would say it's a shame, but if she did have that confidence, the anime wouldn't have been nearly as funny xD. Yep, Bocchi is definitely "my type of anime" :) I enjoy watching anime with a strong male protag too, I'm also quite a big fan of the isekai genre/theme. I also watch any genre too, though I have my preferences xD
iftsistrnn Jan 3, 5:26 AM
I used to like harem anime when I first started watching anime, but now the only time I really watch it is when they air as seasonals. I did like Bleach, probably before that arc, maybe I'll try watching it again, skipping that bit. It'll probably be after I finish Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon S2, if I do decide to. It's a pretty long anime after all :)

xD Bocchi is definitely and interesting and funny character, same with all the other characters. I really enjoyed watching that show :D Do you watch much CGDCT? from your favourites it doesn't look like it, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
iftsistrnn Jan 1, 6:27 AM
I also do that, if I watch something serious/heavy I'll watch something light-hearted alongside it. Though now all I really watch is light-hearted comedy/SoL shows if you don't count seasonals, (not that I mind obviously).

I almost dropped the first season of Realist Hero, but I was so close to finishing it that I thought I might as well finish it. You're re-watching Bleach?! I watched up to ep 74 and now it's sitting in my on-hold list, probably forever xD

How far into Bocchi are you?

Thanks, have a Happy New Year too!! :D
RdTheSadSloth Jan 1, 4:57 AM
Happy New Year mate! Cheers!
Serafos Jan 1, 3:42 AM
Happy New Year! ^^
iftsistrnn Dec 31, 2022 10:59 AM
I'm a few eps into Black Lagoon atm, it's okay ig, I'm thinking of starting Anime-Gataris and watching that alongside it.

What about you, are you watching anything decent atm?
iftsistrnn Dec 31, 2022 3:59 AM
Sounds similar to mine, I spent a bit of time browsing through forums and playing some forum games whilst listening to music. I also watched a bit of anime on top of that :)