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May 5, 2011
Beck (Anime) add
Beck was a great music anime, it had a real and inspiring feel to it. The pace of the series was great, the story was interesting. The story is about a band trying to make it big in the underground scene and their relations and struggles that come with music. The perspective was mainly from Kayuki which made the story easy to follow.
In the beginning I wasn't keen on the art style, but as the story grew on me I felt the characters were drawn with such expressionism and realism that it was great. The colors were muddled (especially during the festival and at ...
Apr 6, 2011
Hiyokoi (Anime) add
Hiyokoi is an immensely sweet shoujo. The story line is pretty typical, shy boy/girl meets out going boy/girl who helps them break out of bubble and they fall in love. The characters were actually pretty well developed for being only a 30 minute OAV. Even though it was easy to see the outcome, it was still an enjoyable watch.
Apr 6, 2011
Mezzo DSA (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Mezzo DSA was action packed and comedic. The episodes were episodic but built upon one another to reveal a unifying plot. Overall it was fair but left something to be desired, the ending was abrupt, I know in order to keep it open for another season but some of the side characters were just forgotten. I liked it but it didn't stand out much, the art was One of The more enjoyable parts, the characters were expressive but still a little too typical looking.
Apr 3, 2011
Ocean Waves gives the feeling of typical teenagers. Realistic, calming, and understandable. The characters are simple but likable, with each character's point of view touched upon at one point or another during the movie. The story had no particular twists or turns, just a matter of fact- "this can happen to you" type feel. I'm personally not a huge fan of the soft, 90's animation style. The characters always seem fuzzy and not as expressive as I'd like, which is why I gave it a 6/10. The OST was fitting for the storyline and allowed for nice visualization. Overall, it was good.
Sep 16, 2010
Star Blacks (Manga) add
It's been a while since I've done a review and it's gonna be short... I like this series animation was great and I thought that there wasn't fluff even though the story is pretty typical... Reincarted demon slayer... I liked how there wasn't romance mixed in and some of the characters were left vague, allowing for the reader imagination to create their significance to the story. It was a good short read.
Jul 31, 2010
This was an interesting story where space exploration is achieved through highly advanced locomotives. The SDF is a police force of sorts that protects those on the railways.

Story 7/10: I liked it for the most part considering like I mentioned the space traveling was done by trains which is different. But the rest of the story was somewhat typical and for half of the series i thought it was slow paced. Towards the end an alien force tries to wipe out the railway system because of angst over there lost planet and they decide it's travelers fault. Which isn't the most original concept.

Art 8/10: it ...
Jul 31, 2010
Berserk is a classic feudal era political anime. Basically the dreams of commoners to achieve their own rights must be won through bloodshed. It shows how hearts can dream and be warped by those very dreams.

Story 9/10: it was interesting how the first episode was present then the rest of the series explained the reason Guts was after Griffith. The story was complex but easy to understand.

Art 9/10: I liked the realistic proportions most of the characters had. The animation was clean and had vivid colors but also nicely utilized darker aspects.

Sound 9/10: it was well played for the effects. I wasn't crazy about ...
Jul 13, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Animal jungle was 4 short shoujos that revolved around a female protagonist and bishie of some sort. The first three stories didn't really do much for me other than give the feeling of a typical high school romance with somewhat air headed girls. The fourth story was original and neat. The quiet, unnoticeable lead gal accidentally runs into a popular boy and through some strange means the two can hear each others inner thoughts. Overall, decent short romance reads.
Jul 12, 2010
As I was reading other reviews, I noticed one person mention that the anime doesn't do the manga justice. I haven't read the manga, so my review is based off the anime solely. However, I think Flame of Recca was a fast-paced, action-based, easy to understand story. All the different opposing groups from Team Hokage were explained fairly well, given the style of the series. The story was very easy to understand and was smooth in delivery. I liked the art, it was reminiscent of 90's style, which I've always liked. The sounds were great, although since I watched the dubbed version, some of the ...
Jul 12, 2010
This anime was quite enjoyable. The story line was interesting, and well developed. The characters were endearing, strong and cool. It was nice that Megumi's friends covered the whole gammit of stereotypes in Japanese culture..
The animation was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. I liked the OP & ED songs- they were catchy. What really shined in this series was the characters, as I mentioned they fit stereotypes, but even still they all evolved and developed into more noble characters as the series progressed. Overall, a very good series that I'd recommend to anyone who likes romance, comedy and action.

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