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Oct 15, 2022
Cute, mildly queer Slice of Life fun, plus a classic action-thriller-with-confusing-politics anime setup? You wouldn't expect those two things to work well together, but they honestly really do here.

It's almost entirely thanks to the extremely strong character work all throughout the show. The main characters Takina and Chisato are intensely compelling, two of the best anime protagonists in recent memory, and the entire supporting cast is memorable as well. No annoying stock character stereotypes, no contrived conflicts to make the characters clash. There's not a weak link as far as characters go, and that alone propels it really well.

The story is cute and intense at ...
Dec 31, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Happy 2021 everyone! I started my year off with this 12-episode anime series about the sport of Soft Tennis, popular in East Asia but virtually unknown elsewhere. I'm not really one for sports series because they tend to follow the exact same structure almost universally, but this one's really interesting because it basically takes the entire team of middle schoolers and peels back the layers to show the quite broken or complicated family lives each one of them has. There are some really mean parents in this show!

It covers all sorts of topics like depression, neglect, abuse, poverty, and all that stuff that Japanese dramas ...
May 6, 2020
Gunnm (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This OVA makes the case for the sheer extent that good direction matters when adapting a work.

Robert Rodriguez's live-action movie contains a good 75% of the same story beats and all of the same characters as this movie here, but thanks to Rodriguez's keen eye for visuals and his ability to elicit strong performances from his actors, that version stands strong.

In comparison, this OVA here is a far inferior version of the same story, coasting by on the strength of the source material and that's it. The animation is fairly poor, the art direction isn't as impressive, and the bizarre choice was made to ...
May 6, 2020
OZ (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Despite having nothing at all to do with Oz and having the production values of, well, a 1992 anime OVA, there's some pretty funky stuff in this movie that makes it interesting to the point that if trashy late 80s/early 90s sci-fi is your thing, it's worth checking out. The second episode is much more interesting than the first, even if the ending isn't exactly gonna blow your mind or anything.

For some reason there's an actual transgender character in the story and a frank discussion about it, even going far enough to use the word dysphoria and everything. I mean, it's handled about as well ...
May 6, 2020
Mixed Feelings
This is too long, yet too simple to be anything more than a novelty, but I think this is definitely in the upper level of the Dragon Ball Z movies, and by FAR the best of all the TV specials/OVAs. We get to see the story of a villain falling into a seeming curse and then failing just at the last moment to prevent disaster.

Basically, this is a kind of Greek Tragedy-lite, Revenge of the Sith-style story where Bardock sees visions of a future he doesn't understand, visions of his son's accomplishments, and in his quest to figure them out and prevent tragedy, ends up ...
May 6, 2020
Like my last review on "Pink: Water Bandit, Rain Bandit," we get another extremely solid, very funny adventure short out of an old Akira Toriyama one-shot manga. This one's longer, actually feature-length at 47 minutes, and drags a bit accordingly; the first half is more talky than I'd like, and the world is a bit less vibrant than the likes of "Pink" or either of Toriyama's mainworks (Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump, if you somehow don't know). Still, when this gets going, it GETS GOING.

If I recall correctly, "Dragon of Konpei Island" as a manga was essentially the prototype pilot episode for what would become ...
May 6, 2020
Ah man! This thing's awesome! Thanks to Akira Toriyama's impeccable cartoonish worldbuilding sense, and some really funny moments, this thing's a fast-paced adventure that easily rivals the best of Dragon Ball. The short length of one-off OVAs sometimes work against themselves, but this one makes the best of it; it doesn't overstay its welcome and doesn't get involved in any subplots to slow things down.

Watch this if you enjoy fun. Don't watch this if you hate happiness.

Also, one of the villains speaks in Nagoya dialect, which is how you know Toriyama put his all into his work because he only ever does that when ...
May 6, 2020
Cipher (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This thing's wild. It's a jumbled up montage of music videos stripped of context, and then an MTV-style "real bro interviews" thing where the main actor has a very noticeable accent, completely breaking the illusion of the character, along with a few real bad voice actors to go along with it.

Yep, this is a Japanese anime movie where it's voiced entirely in English. It's not much better than you'd expect.

It's wild and barely comprehensible, but it's also pretty short. 15 minutes of the 40 minute runtime are actually a making-of featurette after the fact; that's pretty nice and I appreciate it.
May 6, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Not as good as the poster would suggest, and nowhere close to its sequel Redline, but Trava: Fist Planet is pretty good, and very goofy. I love just how strange the sci-fi world in Redline was, and we get to see even more of it here, even if it isn't nearly as entertaining. I'm not normally a fan of this very "Adult Swim"-esque risque and racy sci-fi world, but for some reason Redline, and Trava by extension, work very well for me.

I feel like I'd have enjoyed this way more, except that this only had Hungarian subtitles, and the English ones refused to load. Some ...
May 6, 2020
Dead Leaves (Anime) add
This is really good, though some of the grossout/ultra-violence humor was a little too much for me. It's like they compressed an entire mediocre 13-epsiosde anime into 55 minutes, and I LOVE that. If you think Mad Max Fury Road had a crazy-fast opening scene, just watch the first five minutes of Dead Leaves. Seriously, this was really awesome, and it's pretty as hell.

Director Imaishi Hiyoyuki has a very nice reputation for his insane works filled with excess and violence and racy elements, and while I think Dead Leaves is a success story in that regard, I also think it isn't fully refined into what ...

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