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Jul 29, 2010
Heroman (Anime) add (All reviews)
Heroman is a bit of an odd one to review.
Written by the famous Stan Lee it would seem that his writing and studio Bones quality would go hand in hand for a successful series.

The first point i would like to make is that Heroman of all things isn't bad, it would seem that it had allot to live up two especially when people put this series with the names Bones and Stan Lee.
Bones has had a history of great series, of course they had flaws but they were enjoyable especially in their stories. Compared with their previous work this is why Heroman doesn’t seem read more
Jan 6, 2008
Genshiken OVA's are the continuations of the 1st Series.

Story wise Genshiken is amazing but you can really say much because there are only three OVA's, but it’s really the same awesomeness of the Genshiken series

The music is the same which give it a Familiar feel. The opening and ending are great giving it more of a feel like Genshiken.

The Art is what really let these OVA down; the backgrounds are fine it’s just the characters. After the great art we had with Genshiken I thought it would be just as great but it is a real let down the characters look really read more