Jan 6, 2008
The_Elemental (All reviews)
Genshiken OVA's are the continuations of the 1st Series.

Story wise Genshiken is amazing but you can really say much because there are only three OVA's, but it’s really the same awesomeness of the Genshiken series

The music is the same which give it a Familiar feel. The opening and ending are great giving it more of a feel like Genshiken.

The Art is what really let these OVA down; the backgrounds are fine it’s just the characters. After the great art we had with Genshiken I thought it would be just as great but it is a real let down the characters look really retarded and their expressions are even worse it looks like someone drew the characters in paint.

The characters are the same crazy otakus doing what they do best: be otaku. Some more characters are added and their lives continue.

If the like Genshiken then you will like the OVAs. If you hoping for the same art then you will be disappointed.

You will like the Genshiken OVA's if you’re a fan of Genshiken. It would be really hard not to like Genshiken unless you are a Shonen junky. You might find it hard to find the OVA's but you will find them eventually.