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Mar 21, 2024
A group of classmates get dropped into a new world, and are given powers from a cold-heart sage. However, Takatou happened to already have powers from the real world; to kill anything just by telling it to. And that's the whole story. Something dangerous shows up, it kills some pointless characters, it tries to kill Takatou or Dannoura, he tells it to die, and then it dies. Then the cycle happens to repeat with more and more absurd powerful beings appearing in front of Takatou and dying on the spot.
There's nothing really about this show that makes it funny or charming in the way One ...
Dec 22, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Tate no Yuusha: Season 3, Time for all the Side Quests! This season was honestly pretty slow and fast at the same time in the worst ways. With 3 different redemption arcs in a single season, they felt rather repetitive. They definitely should have spread out over other seasons to give them more impact. There's also the fact that they talk about the Phoenix all season only for it to be reserved for next season. The new characters are a nice edition and are the positive part of this season. The CG also looks pretty rough in the later episodes with the dragon in particular.
Hopefully ...
Dec 17, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Another isekai with generic characters? Where to start? The two main girls, a high class lady and her servant have lost everything to the "Void" attacks and are looking to save the last of humanity with their holy weapons. It's a fine concept and these are the only two characters that feel fleshed out, so if the story was about that them it could've been a interesting show. Sadly, the plot revolves around a demon lord that comes back after 1000 years in the human body of a 12 year old and gets adopted by said girls from earlier. This happens to muddle the story ...
Dec 10, 2023
Preliminary (12/12 eps)
Dekoboko is an anime that will have mixed reactions due to its over-the-top style of humor. Me personally? I love it! There is a small and concise cast of characters that are unique and stylistically different, which keep the episodes from feeling same-y. Alyssa is the sweet, overly-doting mother to Viola, a human she found abandoned in the woods which she took to raise as her own. Viola can be very... protective of her mom, and constantly gets in people's way if she feels suspicious about them. But even though this show is a comedy, the show does take time to flesh out the relationships ...
Sep 28, 2023
Mixed Feelings
There are a lot of mixed feeling about The Devil is a Part-Timer!! out there, with a lot of them being somewhat justified with how long it took to get a second season and it feeling rather disappointing. The story in season 2 part 2 (really hate the part system) has picked up in pace from part 1, and even though it hasn't regained it's full grasp it had in season 1, I had found it to be enjoyable.

Whether you continue to watch after this point is hinged entirely on if you're hooked into the story or not, since this seems to be one of ...
Jun 17, 2023
Boku no Kokoro wa Yabi Yatsu is another high school drama/romance, but I would say it stands out from the rest. Most of the characters play coy and hide their true intentions, which can be hard for a quiet outcast like Ichikawa to understand, but to his surprise he is adopted by the extrovert and popular model Yamada-san.
The show I think does a good job with the dialogue and keeps things interesting, even though it sometimes leans back into classic romance anime tropes at times of 'awkward situations that happen by accident'. Yamada is playful without needing to be flirty, and feels like a ...
Mar 29, 2023
Tomo-chan is a girl who would be regularly misidentified as a boy if not for her *ahem* sizable assets. Jun, the boy she is in love with, has been her best friend forever and doesn't understand what she means by "I love you, Jun!" And so our macho pair begin their story of trying to find love in their perfect bromance, assisted by the cold Misuzu-chan and the deredere Carol-chan.
In short, if like tomboys, rom-coms, MILFs, or a good story, then there will be something for you to enjoy in this show. The animation and the voice acting are fantastic, and Tomo's and Ms. Olsten ...
Mar 21, 2023
This show is the perfect example of an interesting premise with poor execution. A group of outcasts form a party and begin adventuring and learning to trust again. However, the show takes multiple weird turns like modern/advanced tech in ancient locations, multiple episodes on side characters no one cares about, and generally no adventuring outside of the town that they live in apart from a few dungeons. There's also the issue that some of the animation is rather unpolished in some places, whether it is awful perspective or missing frames of animation that makes movement stop-motion like.
Finally, the show spends too much time on characters ...
Mar 21, 2023
What happens when the descendant of a snow woman meets an 'ice queen'? A quite wholesome experience packed with snowmen, cats, and ...Buddha?
The show mostly revolves around Himuro and Fuyusuki around the office they work at, along with a few other co-workers, as they go on business trips, holiday retreats, or even get up to mischief at the office. The other co-workers are also paired as potential relationships, and are fairly entertaining and likable. There are also other descendants of other myths pop up during the show, so the show's interesting premise doesn't go to waste with just one character being special.
The show is ...
Jan 11, 2023
Yoru wa Neko to Issho is a very simple short anime; thirty 1 minute episodes with Kyuruga the cat doing various cute things. Similar to Douki-chan, this started out not from a manga, but from the artist posting it on their Twitter. The style is the same as the author's, very simplistic and it works better for the cat than the humans.
If you like cats, there's no reason not to check this out and nod along to the catchy ending, and then you can head to the artist's twitter to catch up on Kyuruga's antics some more. 6/10; Sweet and simple fun with a cat.

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