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_Nagisa 6 hours ago
Ahh,,sorry for the very late reply.. I've just rarely been online here recently...
OHH,,You own a doggo?? what kind of dog is he?? Is he big?? Well, here, it has been raining for days until recently, it started to get hot again,,,I always woke up just because I'm sweating,,, It was so uncomfortable.

How have you been these days?? I hope you havent been sick since last time. With that changing weather you are having.

Ahahaha,,, Saitama and Genos are just adorable,,, xD I love his team as well... They are just funny and you can't just help liking them.
SweetKiichigo Yesterday, 5:36 PM
Hi Tat-chan ^_^
How are you doing? :)
AngelHana Jun 14, 12:35 AM
Hey Tatsuta :)
ah, I have already deleted the file sadly.
But I can make you another one but with different design. If you don't mind tho.
Charlotte1412 Jun 12, 4:49 AM
Hey!! How are you? Sorry for the late reply!!
I am definitely gonna watch Good Omens because of David Tennant (Crowley), he was my favorite doc in Doctor Who, I just finished watching it recently..

We went trekking! And it was awesome~~ :D

Yeah! I am less creative so card designs don't come easily to me. :(
I like what you did there...with the template. ^_^
skyskyfer Jun 11, 6:54 AM
that means Lag is your fav chara then?
Bunille Jun 6, 1:15 PM
No problem and you too! ^^
_Mawaru Jun 5, 12:22 AM
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I see. Yeah, he's indeed cute. XD

Haha, I see. Ermm, hmm, I don't think so but some of my fav characters has dark pasts/tragedy shocking truthly! >.>
and it's video game characters and dunno whether they're really anti-hero or not after I saw the details as it describes by AngelHana herself on the edition post. orz
Because, it's more faster. xD Unknown to anyone, the club has become popular. orz >.>

You're very welcome! Then, it's the same for me on Anti-Hero edition. Look how it turned out, especially Card 1 & Card 2 looks really antagonist somehow imo. orz
Yes, I just saw it! Nice one! <33
SweetKiichigo Jun 4, 9:07 PM
Thanks ^^
Tohru is such a pure girl tbh i like her personality.
Has it changed from the original?~
Oh same, if i can’t find good artwork i won’t even add the edition. Do you use renders often?~
SweetKiichigo Jun 4, 9:04 PM
Sure ^^
Feel free to close editions that are due to be closed~
TheNguyenShow Jun 4, 2:26 PM
thank you so much
Tatsuta-Hime Jun 3, 11:31 AM
done with replies.
Tatsuta-Hime Jun 3, 10:48 AM
SweetKiichigo Jun 3, 10:06 AM
Tat-chan ^_^
_Mawaru May 31, 9:09 PM
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I see. Maybe your dog is tsundere? xD #nvm

Oh my, you did see my cards for it? Thank you, glad you love them <3 Haha yeah, because they're anti-hero after all. xD
Finally, someone asked. As I did wrote it in the archives, it's actually up to each staffs whether to simply use DS (upper case or not) or full club name. Regarding DS, that's simply just our preferential/preferences (Me and sky) if you're wondering. I've posted in here to answer your questions and for others that might be wondering the same like you too. Please tell me if you don't get my mention notif. c:

Okay then! :D

I see, I see. Keep up the good works! <3

Edit!: I just saw your Anti-hero cards! That's also nice! Better than me imo! <33 ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Thank you filling the staff notif preferences too~! o /
SweetKiichigo May 31, 3:53 PM
I try to keep mine at least a month but sometimes i change them like every week or so.~
Do you have hard time finding artwork for some characters you wonna use?~