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Jun 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This is one of those “read the manga” type of anime as the adaptation was very condensed & omitted content. It's also the type of series that blind watchers won't see what's wrong it. However, most people gave up on the premise alone and couldn't view more than 4 episodes. The series has a small online presence & this anime probably killed any interest. I feel the promotional art is also to blame as it gives little accuracy to what's being sold here. Calling the series a romcom is correct but that's not the complete package. The series is battle oriented but the average audience ...
May 17, 2018
If you ever wanted to see a more romantic team up of Lupin & Fujiko, then this anime is the closest you’re gonna get.

Cinderella Boy is sort of a mix of Lupin the 3rd, Birdy the Mighty, Baron Ashura & Ranma 1/2. From Monkey Punch, the creator of Lupin the 3rd , brings a really odd idea for a story. Originally made as a one shot manga in 1980, Cinderella boy is about a pair of private detectives; Ranma & Rella. What makes it akin to Lupin are the obvious character designs and the similarities stop there. The characters don’t have much in common with ...
Mar 31, 2018
Mixed Feelings
This manga is now available by Seven Seas. Cutie Honey A GoGo is a retelling of the Cutie Honey series by Go Nagai. This 2003 iteration was made alongside the OVA series RE: Cutie Honey & the 2004 live action movie. GoGo's story is a mix of the two and borrows some elements from the original 1973 manga by Go Nagai.

What you need to know beforehand is this story doesn't finish properly as the serialization stopped prematurely. In other words, this probably isn't the best method for starting the Cutie Honey franchise. This version is encouraged for those who are already familiar with the ...
Dec 20, 2017
Note: This review only covers the 2017 TV series as the story continues with the 2018 movie. Infini-T Force is a superhero crossover featuring 1970’s superheroes from Tatsunoko Productions as a celebration for their 55th anniversary. However, the show is a mixed bag of content unable to properly balance its agenda while trying to incorporate 4 different superhero franchises & doesn’t do a good job in representing or explaining those characters to a new audience. Meanwhile fans that are familiar with these classic superheroes could be discouraged from watching the show given the different interpretations of said heroes. There are some redeemable factors to Infini-T ...
Mar 18, 2017
Time Bokan 24 (Anime) add
This review will cover the 24 episodes of the original airing.

Not many people are aware this series is a reboot of the 1975 Time Bokan or known as Time Fighters in English. Time Bokan eventually became a long running series spanning more than 200 episodes of content by having numerous sequels such as its most popular incarnation Time Bokan 2 Yatterman. As a result, the Time Bokan series is one of the main highlights of Tatsunoko's superhero lineup such as Tekkaman, Casshan & Gatchaman.

This anime is a great improvement over the original but offers a fresh insight to the style of the ...
Dec 19, 2015
This review is written by a Black Jack fan.

Young Black Jack is the 4th anime series starring Black Jack, however its quality does differ significantly from the other related anime. Despite the obvious differences in tone and writing the series might serve as a gateway to the much better Black Jack stories and related material.

This anime serves as a “possible” prequel story detailing the events of Black Jack’s origin and career as an underground doctor. The anime is set in Black Jack’s younger days where he went by his real name, Hazama Kuro, and is still in medical school. Upon doing some research, the ...
May 22, 2015
Hakugei: Legend of Moby Dick is certainly an interesting blend of space pirates and cyborgs. While the series goes back and fourth between serious and goofy, it still manages to have a dark yet melancholy story.

To begin, the story has very little to do with the original novel of Moby Dick and only borrows the titular whale character but re-imagined as a cyborg. The planet Moad is under martial law and is set to be destroyed. A kid named Lucky requests the help of Captain Ahab to save the planet and its people. Ahab agrees as the Moby Dick acts as the destroyer ...
May 13, 2015
Vento Aureo is the most controversial part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, however upon rereading the series I discovered there's a lot of good going for Parte 5. Despite my praise, there are some undeniable cons that really affected the overall story of Golden Wind; Parte 5 isn't bad but could've been greater.

Upon Jotaro discovering Dio's son Giorno Giovanna, Jotaro sends Koichi to verify his suspicions. It is quickly revealed that Giorno is indeed Dio Brando's son, but also carries the Joestar bloodline upon bearing the Joestar birthmark. (Thus, he is also Jonathan's second son?) Possibly inheriting traits of both fathers, Giorno is a charismatic, ...
Jan 6, 2015
Devilman (Anime) add
Note: both the anime and manga are two completely different stories but as long as you bear this in mind, Devilman TV is an episodic series super hero series that can be very repetitive but manages to provide gruesome horror or other times some intentionally ridiculous entertainment.

The story begins rather unsettling as the main character Akira Fudo is killed by Devilman, thus he takes over his corpse and becomes Akira. So, in other words our main characters is actually Devilman (or Amon to be more specific with other Devilman material). Despite this key difference, Devilman falls in love with Miki and has sworn to ...
Dec 22, 2014
This anime is a spin-off from the wrestling series Kinnikuman, however Kinnikuman knowledge isn't necessary to watch this series. Tatakae!! Ramenman is a very episodic series filled with martial arts action usually being over-the-top but shares themes of heroism and honor. In short, this series is the Chinese version of Fist Of The North Star.

As mentioned earlier, the titular character Ramenman was originally from Kinnikuman but due to massive popularity Ramenman earned his own manga series which eventually became adapted into anime form. While it is a spin-off to Kinnikuman, Tatakae!! Ramenman follows it own mythology beginning from Ramenman's childhood and his further training as ...

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