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Dec 11, 2013
Looking for Mystery, Horror and Supernatural? Good luck with that and have fun with a different anime. No, really, at best this is a cliche boring parody that’s not even remotely scary. And I’m not necessarily talking about the dub which adds ‘ridiculous’ to the adjectives and pushes everything up to the eleven.

It starts with Satsuki Miyanoshita and her family moving to the hometown of her late mother. However the real thing starts when all of the main characters walk into an old school building (for different reasons) which is still on the premise of the new school and it’s closed. Don’t ask why, apparently ...
Apr 2, 2013
Mixed Feelings
If I should describe this anime in a few words, I would say colourful and predictable fanservice. It’s not that there’s nothing else to it, it’s just the strongest and arguably the best or worst points of the whole anime. Really, enjoyment in this anime is as subjective as it gets. Do you like cliché and predictability? Do you like fanservice of underaged girls? Colourful cast with only as much depth as their fanservice scenes? Or simply want something simple with a hint of characters and story to watch? If so, this show is for you and you’d most likely enjoy it.

The plot isn’t ...
Dec 30, 2012
Every Digimon season has one or more short films that serve to tell something that didn’t fit anywhere into the original. However, Digimon X – Evolution is a self-standing film of film length that has a story and world of its own. It doesn’t depend on popularity of anything as it creates something completely new. The question is, does it need other series to look appealing or can it truly stand on its own?

Probably the first thing any Digimon fan is going to notice is the lack of human characters and complete focus on the Digimon and the Digital World. This is further emphasised by ...
Dec 29, 2012
Medaka Box Abnormal is the sequel to Medaka Box, so if you haven’t watched that, don’t bother with this anime. As a proper sequel, it picks up where the first season ended, however the main genre is very different than the first season. It turns the first season into a sort of lengthy introduction and puts emphasis on battles and “abnormalities” (strange inhuman abilities based on nature aspects) of individuals compared to the first season that focused on humour and SOL. Nearly every mainstream shounen does this, but this anime does it on a completely different level, what makes many people dislike it. But it ...
Oct 1, 2012
Digimon films have a weird habit of being called films despite having double episode length. However, most of the still manage to have some sort of plot, cool action, interesting new characters or act simply as a reminder of how awesome the Digimon season was. This is where the Savers film probably surprises fans. Unlike the usual double episode we got single episode “film” and, even more surprisingly, less characters than in original season. Why the creators did that is completely beyond me.

Evil Digimon attacks and seals all humans. So the Digimon have to release them and defeat him. Sounds nice at first, right? ...
Jul 15, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
I’m one of those few people that prefer 02 over Adventure. Maybe it’s because I saw it first, maybe it’s because of what a deep and complicated character Ken was. Anyway, you can imagine that I was very happy when I saw there was a film (and I mean film length film not a double episode wannabe film). Of course, I knew how horrid dub is, so I watched the subbed version. More golden Digimentals, must be amazing, right? As long as one of the doesn’t go to a new character that was never mentioned before, sure. Too bad that happened here.

Story: 6/10
This was a ...
Jul 15, 2012
The Runaway Digimon Express may look kind of cliche and boring but it’s much more than it seems to be. It’s short length doesn’t stop it from having a solid story, all important Tamers characters, very interesting moments yet not feel crammed even a little.

Story: 7/10
There’s not much a of deep storyline, it’s basically just about stopping Locomon. However, that doesn’t mean that it ends there. We get slowly uncovering mystery of how and why Locomon got into the real world and what it wants . Not even the fight against it is straight forward or plain and it’s full of surprises. The only problem ...
Jul 11, 2012
Mixed Feelings
The yuri and moe force is strong with this one.
That is really the first and the most important thing to mention about this OVA. Basically, watch this only if you like Mei or yuri. Don’t watch this otherwise, it’s a waste of time. Above all, don’t expect this to have a story.

Story: 6/10
This is supposed to be a prequel to Another. It does a nice job being a prequel, since it makes you feel with characters but it does an awful job being a prequel released after the original. Why? You’ll learn nothing new in this. Actually, you learn completely nothing that wouldn’t have been ...
Jun 27, 2012
Ai no Kusabi (2012) is the newest adaptation of a light novel of the same name published in 1986-1987. It’s first adaptation was airing in 1992-1994 and it had 2 OVA’s. This adaptation consisted of 4 OVA’s so double the fun, right? Well, yes and no, unless you call unfinished work fun. In that case it’s yes and yes.

Story: 9/10
It’s set in a fictional world with mostly men because of some genetic issues. The society is divided into castes where elites are at the top and mongrels at the bottom. The story revolves around an elite and a mongrel but don’t get the wrong idea, ...
Jun 27, 2012
Shadow Star is probably the most well done manga I've read and could have a code name “100 ways how to mentally break young teens”. Cute monsters and young girls? Why not make their life hell and make them fight for their lives in a battle that is seemingly lost even before they try? Why not add a psychotic group of young teens that want to rule world with “cute” monsters of their own and give “cute” another meaning the most ugly and bloody way? That’s pretty much Shadow Star.

Story: 10/10
Everything begins when Shiina finds a weird creature, Hoshimaru (as she names it), and keeps ...