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link9us 10 hours ago
Yeah or naruto, thats actually a pretty decent shonen to despite all the hate it gets. People often compare naruto with fairy tail or bleach and i have to say there not even remotely on the same level of writing. One piece has the better writing and better forshadowing, though there are things that i do love about naruto more then even one piece so i guess they both have there pro's and con's for example naruto goes through a staggering amount of development where as luffy is, well just luffy lol. Naruto on the other hand is like watching your adolescent child grow into an adult. I look at one piece as sort of a series focused on adventure, ambition and idealistic dreams where as naruto is more of a darker portrayal of a shonen that centers around sorrow, sadness and drama with a world that is full of conflict and corruption.

Though like every other shonen, naruto had amazing potential to be something very special, but in my opinion the climax could of been more carefully executed, HOWEVER, its not even remotely as bad as bleach or fairy tail's ending and least everything didn't have any loose ends to tie up.

But just one thing. The fillers absolutely ruin it. It you were to watch everything all 720 episodes, it may detracted your over all enjoyment by about 80%, im not even joking lol. Studio periot is notorious for having one of the worst adaptations imaginable. So with that being said, the ONLY way to watch it with out the damn fillers.
De_Baer May 27, 11:31 AM
"Honestly, I'm pleasantly surprised at the time skip content so far since so many people complain about it not being as good as the pre- time skip One Piece. Maybe nostalgia has a lot to do with it?? Y 'know, a lot of fans have probably grown up for 15+ years of knowing the Straw hats in a certain way, and then it suddenly changed..."

THANK YOU! Good to hear this form someone who has not been following One Piece for decades and binged most of it. This is exactly what I have been saying to each and every person who told me that One Piece got worse after the timeskip or even that "it sucks now". Those people have just grown out of the series and most of them did not even notice this and think that the manga is at fault while in reality it is just their demands that changed after they grew out of the target audience which is still 15 year old teenagers. They think that everything before the timeskip was great and amazing because they were still younger and easier to entertain at this time. When you grow up into an adult your mind changes and most of the time you start to demand entertainment that is more complex and deep. Most stuff that is intended for kids and teenagers loses its appeal and this is pretty natural. Now blaming One Piece for not being able to fulfill your adult demands is just wrong. Not the material changed, the person changed. People who fail to adjust their demands and to accept that they read a manga that has simple writing and more simple characters will naturally say that One Piece got worse. I mean, I showed my 14 year old nephew the manga (i own every volume released here in Germany) and he pretty much burned through it in only 3 weeks. When I asked him "Do you think the series got worse after the timeskip?" he looked at me with a perplexed look on his face and said "Are you crazy? When the hell is the next volume coming out? This is freaking addicting!"

Pfew, anyway sorry for just bursting in here and blurting out a textblock. lol I just saw your statement and felt I had to get this off of my chest! :)
link9us May 26, 11:15 PM
I think im gonig to drop my score to a 4 now for fairy tail. I am just appalled by the way hiro mashima is treating this manga and the apex arc, the climax is actually the most disappointing arc in the whole damn series. Certain key characters and major antagonist becoming insignificant and being killed off in such a terrible fucking way. Zeref and Acnologia were built-up since the very start of the damn manga to be the largest threat in the series and the way they seemingly die off is bull shit. I just want to pretend this manga never existed and move onto better stuff like my hero academia, seven deadly sins and one punch man. Sorry for the rant but i have to express my hate to someone lol. Its kind of sad because you know this show held lots of potential, i mean its not one piece or Hxh but at least the author knew what he was doing and everything sort of fell into place, made logical sense and the characterization was not to bad. But the quality just suddenly started to drop after it got further and the ENDING. The GOD DAMN ENDING ARC. You know the arc that is supposed to tie up all loose ends, being the most climatic and most intensive ends up being the worst completely shattering everything that we new bout the story and its characters. When any series drops off the rails like that, it deserves no less then 5 on here in my opinion.
link9us May 24, 3:12 AM
I also think you should update or a write a new review to reflect what has changed over the course of watching one piece. Nn doubt you probably have alot more to say bout it now then you did when you only watched around 90 or so episodes.
link9us May 23, 11:06 AM
Or actually no he didn't say big event, he said big incident as in something happens that may change the world. So excited to see what this is and i have a hunch that the upcoming arc after whole cake island will give some clarification on this upcoming war that is happening.
link9us May 21, 4:36 PM
That is really good to hear. Its one of the reasons why i stopped watching one piece because i heard dressrosa was just a long drawn out haul and considering how the pacing changes quite dramatically afterwards, i kind of just wanted to wait till he gets a little more material out there before i jump on the bandwagon again.

But it seems to be one of your favorite arcs honestly. Yeah i think its a matter of what i heard in related to all the side characters not becoming a big part of the story and it felt like they were just random, but as soon as oda drops the bombshell of the "Grand fleet" suddenly all those characters had meaning now. Its little moments like that where i have to nod my hat to ODA for incorporating such an amazing scenario that will not doubt make all these new characters very relevant later on. But i wonder what the "BIG EVENT" is that he's taking bout cause the last time he said something like that, it was the Whitebeard war.:O

Ahh, ODA always foreshadowing things every step of the way.
link9us May 21, 4:18 AM
I just wanted to randomly checked up on you to see where you are in one piece and low and behold you JUST now finished the dressrosa. Like talk bout good timing. yep your right. No down time in the new world. In fact no downtime since saobody really. The story has honestly been at a break neck speed ever since and hasn't let up yet.

Your finally entering the Zou arc next oh you are sooo going to love that arc. Even though i have not read the WHOLE thing, i still have been quite a bit spoiled by it unfortunately by reading manga but if you think the story is moving now. Just you wait. I think the speech that dofy says is a clear indication that the series is about to enter a major development in its narrative. In other words the "Vs 4 emperors saga"

Also just a FYI but oda says at this point, that the YONKO are going to become a much larger part of the narrative now so look forward to that. That means more shanks, more blackbeard, big mom and kaido. The future of one piece is at its absolute peak.

Also what did you think bout Luffy's Grand fleet?
link9us Apr 26, 1:24 AM
Your in for a long haul on dressrosa, around 100 episodes. Unfortunately many of the major reveals in that arc i was spoiled by but i hear it has some of the coolest moments in the series despite its slow pacing. Then again though i had a friend that watched it with out reading the manga and still enjoyed it and didn't really notice the slow pacing lol, so i guess it just depends on the person.
link9us Apr 12, 9:18 PM
Finished fishman island? Nice. So is it everything everybody herald as the worst arc in one piece. (besides Davy back) Like every arc, i expect some decent revelations at the end and alot of build-up exposition for future plot points. I am hoping for some more info on the void century but probably won't happen till new world.

In any case, I need to start watching it again.

link9us Apr 7, 3:42 AM
I hope some day we get a one piece battle that is on a cosmic scale lol. I know it will happen sooner or later.
link9us Apr 7, 3:40 AM
The original is actually pretty good, considering the time in which it first aired. Its the shippuden saga that was really sort of inconsistent throughout with its quality and animation. Speaking in terms of filler/padding, yeah shippuuden is also the worst in that regards to.

There are some high grade quality episodes of shippuden but there spread quite few and far between, the final battle though shattered my expectations and it was just off the scale amazing. I wish the whole series had that kind of quality. One can dream i guess that maybe some years later we might get a naruto remake. But who knows. Boruto is the new thing now and its looking pretty good so far.
link9us Apr 6, 12:25 AM
wow, talk bout an animation increase in boruto. Also I didn't expect much given that its the sequel to the notoriously bad Naruto shippuuden. But it was actually pretty damn enjoyable, a lot of questions already arise in one episode and boruto is actually a very interesting and intriguing character, the polar apposite of Naruto. I was honestly pleasantly surprised and felt like I was watching a movie, cause how different the quality is to the regular older series..... So this is kishimoto's attempt at "starting over" eh? He claims he's going to make it better, a huge claim but I'm interested now to see what kind of story he is going to tell and judging by the teaser intro, I will say this does not look like a short project.

So Noriyuki Abe is directing this series this time (Director of bleach), Thank fucking god that damn Hayate Date is finished. lol Bleach is actually not to bad of adaptation, the fillers were mostly set in stand alone arcs and not ever conflicting with the main canon arcs which made it manageable to watch. So I think boruto will be in better hands with Noriyuki Abe. Also you can see the major difference in animation quality, it looks more like bleach then naruto. Just more angles and processed CELLS and higher grade quality animation.
link9us Apr 2, 6:08 PM
I tried following the crowd for once and started watching like 30 series all at once in a given season because my friend thinks i should be like everyone and try it for once so i don't fall behind on every season. It was to much for me, i not only lost interest but it was so overwhelming that i couldn't even stay focused on any one particular show. I honestly don't know how the regular anime fanbase manages to do that every season. I even forget alot of times what I was watching and it actually pulls my enjoyment away from a specific show that is like a contender for anime of the year.
link9us Apr 2, 2:25 PM
But on the same token, certain fans do indicate that dressrosa, has some of the biggest and largest story impacts in the whole series lol hard to know which side to take int his regards? Guess ill have to be the judge my self when i finally do watch it.
link9us Apr 2, 2:16 PM
I am really looking forward to what you have to say bout this. Because alot of people indicate this is where the animation adaptation slowed down to a crawl in terms of pacing and then suddenly quickened the pacing in the arcs that proceed the dressrosa. Or it could be the fact that people view the story as a whole suddenly at an abrupt halt. In fact one piece MAL reviews started to drop after being stuck on 4 years of just one arc. I guess people got the impression that ODA wasn't doing to much in terms of progressing the major goal of the story, that being to find the treasure and discover more of the deeper profound mysteries of the world and so people started complaining bout that and thought that fans were going to have to endure this arc for ever and the story would never move along. No other arc even comes close to its size. But in any case i think people that marathon dressrosa probably will not have the same issues. That is my thinking on this. But you can only imagine being in one arc for 4 long years and how that can totally change the perception of how you view one piece, cause after all the driving force and major core elements behind OP is its journey and adventure aspect that keeps it always fresh and exciting and that element of the show was put on hold for to long. So yeah its definitely a very controversial moment in the series amongst fans.

So i do want to see what your initial impression of it is and if people are just spouting nonsense, i certainly don't agree with them in regards to the fishman island arc. I absolutely loved that arc.