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link9us Jul 17, 10:26 PM
Despite all that, its been one killer ride, i just don't want oda to rush thats all. Please god do not end up like every other shonen out there with a convoluted story and a rushed ending.
link9us Jul 17, 10:20 PM
I am kind of a little worried bout one piece. Oda indicates that "to please follow me for a little while longer" now you can take that into what ever context it means, but i really hope there is at the very least like 5 years left to go or something. Even though the story is really building towards something major. There is still just SO MANY mysteries and questions that need answered and i really hope oda doesn't jam pack everything into its final arc and it ends like naruto or bleach. But i have faith in him. Its just a little disheartening to know that this series is really going to be over soon and yet there is just so much to cover still. My proxamation figured into around 1000 episodes or like 1100 chapters we already know that the 500 mark was the half way point. So if you think bout it, its like 200 more episodes?? I just don't see how he's going to cover all the underlining mysteries of the story (IE void century, one piece, the final war, blackbeard, kaido, fishman's prophecy, luffy's rise to pirate king, etc) in just 200 more episodes. I mean after all, it took 100 episodes for JUST the dressrosa arc.

But the reverie arc in the manga will tell all for sure.
link9us Jul 15, 3:18 AM
Tsuna honestly starts off as one of the most annoying characters, but when he does a major 180 later on, it just really catches you off guard. Reborn is and always will be my favorite character though. Its a shame that the anime series never finished though cause the final arc is probably the best in the whole manga.
link9us Jul 15, 3:01 AM
You enjoying those first 19 episodes of Hitman lol. Reborn is clearly the most interesting character in that series.

Though i do like how it focuses on the development and personality traits of each of the individual characters in the daily life arc.
link9us Jul 14, 1:03 AM
Well now they've done it. I can official die now. I think all my dreams have come true.

Shuisha, TOIE animation, and Bandai Namco are all collaborating together on an "Unprecedented One piece game"

Could this possibly be the open world RPG game we all been waiting for? In addition Eichiro ODA the author of one piece is directly involved with the development of the game. Anyways here is the source for you to read your self.

Wow, what a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary, they are just going out with a bang with all this.

I can't wait till the 22nd for more announcements, i guess that narrows down one of those 10 big projects.

link9us Jun 30, 10:07 PM
Lucky you, the timing couldn't of been better either, cause you just recently caught up with one piece.
link9us Jun 28, 10:09 AM
Well if there is one thing i have learned bout shonen, is the specific theme represented, such as Pirates (one piece), Ninja (naruto), mafia (hitman reborn), or even wizards (fairy tail) don't necessarily constitute the whole entirety of the experience, not to mention an accurate and realistic representation of that specific theme. Many authors kind of have their own unique spin on it. For example fans can go into something that are not necessarily going to like ninja's or pirates and still have alot of enjoyment out of the experience. Because shonen has alot more to offer then just the general initial theme such as the magic of the show, the creative and diverse worlds and most of all, the kind of fictitious stories that are represented. Obviously with anime in general i have learned that just because i may not be a fan of something in real life, definitely does not hold true to anime.

That is just my own personal interpretation of the whole thing. I can give many examples, like im not really a fan of teenage drama or movies centered around teens, but yet in anime, i love it. I hate racing and anything having to do with sports really, but in anime its quite an engaging experience, especially some of the sports shonen anime like Diamond dust or Kureko No basket and Initial D which i still find one of the most greatest anime series ever and its all about racing and cars which im not really into. Not huge fan of reality type movies, as im more of a scifi/fantasy buff my self. But again in anime, slice of life when of my favorite genres. So anyways i think you get the point lol.

""Fanfiction"" Yes, thats the word i was trying to think of yesterday but some how couldn't articulate the right wording for it. Also for some reason my writing was a little off yesterday, i guess we all have those days. But yeah fairy thats a perfect example of how fairy tail is written.

Chances are if you already watched 50 episodes of bleach and still find it not to your looking. It doesn't really get much better then that. Its actual peak moments are around episodes 40-70, after which in my opinion it goes down hill from a story perspective. But you know some series i do enjoy just for the pure entertainment aspect. I don't necessarily over-complicate things, just turn your brain off and try to have fun. I guess that goes with some of my favorite classic shows like Inuyasha, rurouni Kenshin and slayers. Certainly shonen today is far more creative in the amount of depth and multi-layered writing then the classic era of the 90's but there are certain charming moments that i still thoroughly enjoy. Some genre's today i find get overly saturated with to much moe and advertising that it kind of ruins the experience, especially with the whole adventure and or eastern fantasy sub-genre's.
link9us Jun 27, 12:14 AM
Well I realize every person has their own views of what they subjectively think about a specific series and in some cases certain shows may appeal more to others then some for example fairy tail is a show that pretty much guarantee's fan's perception of shipping characters and hiro mashima loves to appease the fans. I mean in some ways I think he bases alot of story ideas on critical fan feedback and if your into that sort of thing, some fans just adore that. Whereas i think an author should know full well what his story is and not change things just because some raving fans want something different to happen. That’s honestly lazy and poor execution in writing imo.

But if I had to rank these shows, I would probably put Katekyo Hitman Reborn on par with like bleach in terms of story and characterization. But don't let that deter you from watching it, there are certainly some good things to expect from that series, however i would not consider it personally on the same level as, one piece, hxh or even Naruto. There just much more interesting stories to me then hitman reborn. Hitman kind of revolves around alot of competition and arcs involving tournaments and the like but I think it really lacks any sort of engaging or plot with any sence of threat, since everything is involving kind of a game. At least until the last arc which was never even animated. I would much rather recommend soul eater over hitman reborn personally (manga) cause the anime never finished. I honestly like shonen series that have a more serious story, where an initial major threat is present in the case of Naruto. In fact, I would say Naruto even feels a lot more darker than one piece in some ways.

Speaking of Toriko, I have heard countless things that the manga is just vastly superior to the anime but I can't really place judgement on a series I have never seen. I have heard that there are some interesting things that happen in the later stages of the manga though and some of the panels are just breathtaking.

Beelzebub I have never watched or read my self so i couldn't give you any thoughts on that, sorry.

Out of these, I still tip my hat to naruto though despite its flaws in the later stages of the story. (and I mean much later) It is still very much on par with series like FMAB, One piece and hxh and its thrilling and has a rather exciting overarching narrative full of dramatics, emotional impact and multidimensional characters. Some of the villains in Naruto are awesome and really poses a major threat to the world. I still think to this day that the original series was always superior to shippuuden in some respect because I think kishimoto ran himself into a corner to the point where the final arc felt a little claustrophobic but unlike bleach, he did actually resolve everything and everything did make logical since, even though the execution may not of been the best. I also really enjoy the more personalized story in the original, but that is just me. Some people still really loved shippuuden and there are some AMAZING moments in the 2nd series to. But in terms of comparisons to these other series. My rankings would go something like (not including filler)

One piece - 10 (obviously 9/10 depending how it goes from here)

Naruto - 10 (easily a 10 for me. It’s hard to make an accurate rating of this show because I may be little biased because this is a show that I grew up on but I really love the more personalized, emotional tale full of drama sadness or sorrow. It kind of starts off like hxh because kishimoto is hugely inspired by hxh so you will see some similarities there such as the Shinobi exams. However this is merely only the premise of the plot that eventually expands into a foreboding darker storyline with a sinister conspiracy and a major threat involved. The character naruto also majorly resembles myself as well so perhaps that’s why I have a major connection to him.)

Hxh – 9/10 (again this one is hard to rate, if I must go with what I’ve seen up to the chimera ant arc, I would say a 10, but with the introduction of dark continent, I would say over all 9 maybe. Because it’s hard to rate something correctly when the damn series is not finished and probably not even close to concluding yet as there are still so many plot holes left unresolved. In addition, I do not like how Kurapica and Leoro are not a large part of the narrative any more)

Bleach – 7 (Well the series sported some of the most amazing music in the early parts and some awesome chorography for the fights. Seriously this series was consistent in its budget and animation. The story itself felt a little lacking however bleach I think had a lot of potential but ultimately fell flat because the author honestly had no idea what to do with the story and at times it felt like the plot was not even moving and there were just many enemies that just felt very irrelevant and only used as crutch to prolong time.)

Hitman reborn – 6 (As I said before hitman reborn had some interesting characters that all had their uniquely identified traits but the narrative never felt engaging to me as everything was based around the fact of competitive games and the like. Not to spoil anything to deeply, there are some great moments and good battles in the series though. However, it’s probably the hardest series out of all the ones you recommend to start. Reason being is initially the author wanted hitman reborn to be a slice of life comedy like series but instead chose to change into a battle shonen series. So as a result, the first 17 episodes will be just based on a very casual slice of life experience with comedy, before anything good happens.)

Naruto Shippuuden – 8 (Personally I would give this an 8. I think it had some of the most amazing fights ever seen in a shonen series, (almost as epic as Merium, in some cases) some of the shippuuden fights were great, well others were subpar. But in all honestly, the adaptation felt kind of inconsistent mostly in the filler arcs but there are some canon arcs that felt like it was a major decrease in animation. The story itself as I said said still is very entertaining, but felt like it could have been a little bit better. Certain characters don’t get as much development as I would have hoped, especially from the initial character building of the first series. Though I do like how everything in shippuuden does connect to the even the events of the original series, making the original series very relevant as well. If you were to watch this with fillers, I would say the rating would be more like 5/6 out of 10. Seriously the filler is was arguably ruined this series for all its worth.)

Fairy tail – 4 (This show probably has the most cliché shonen tropes that I have ever seen in any shonen series. It uses the element of friendship and bonds to an absurd degree to the fact that characters gain extra power to move forward just based on the call of their nakama. The story only continues to get worse the further you get along. Fairy tail had some great potential in the early arcs. Some of the first arcs were great, had some amazing character development and the story although a little more simplistic when compared to naruto or hxh. Still the author knew what he was doing. But as the story progressed, the plot has continuously contradicted it self so much and many characters were written off, even to the point that the author created suicide attempts for certain characters because he didn’t know how to use them anymore. Honestly I would avoid fairy tail like the plague. This is probably what I consider my worst shonen series out of all of these large shows.

link9us Jun 24, 2:45 AM
Pretty nice and respectable review on one piece. I do like how your not against constructive criticism like some fans just call OP the best thing in the world and leave it at that with no clear indication of its flaws. So i do appreciate that in well (all your reviews). Alot of the flaws you mentioned are actually handled a bit better in other series like hxh and naruto. Presumably bout a story that kind of sprinkles its lore here and there and moves at kind of a slow pace. Eichiro Oda may be one of the best mankaga ive seen in terms of foreshadowing and writing, but i can see where some fans might be agitated at the fact that the core narrative moves at kind of a snails pace. Where this is definitely not the case with shows like naruto, hxh or even bleach. All of then kind of follow a much more rapid plot with one beat after the next.

Though i do think were one piece is heading currently, the pacing has improved quite alot since were really getting into the meat of the story now, the Yonko, the one piece and a huge war on the horizon. But like you said, if people have the patience to sit through the long haul, their is a satisfying payoff that will all make it worth its while.

I generally might be a little biased when it comes to one piece, as I am naruto to. Specifically naruto cause i grew up with that show and well i was in middle school at the time of watching it. The main character was also in middle school, and now currently im a 32 year old adult watching my favorite character transcend into adult hood with his dream accomplished. An experience like that is just very endearing let me tell you. One piece will never make me feel the same way cause i kind of got into the show real late so i don't have those "child hood memories" of my adolescence to hold onto like i do with naruto. The type of development that naruto's character goes though i think at its core is that series strongest element. If i had to make a comparison i would say the only one that probably has more growth and development is Goku from the dragonball franchise.

But in any case i just thought i would share that lol. So what long ongoing shonen's do you have left to catch up on now?
link9us Jun 21, 4:58 PM
Yeah its not surprising considering were getting a shift of members working on one piece now with Director Fukazawa and famed artist and animation director Ichikawa most notably known for the his animated work during "episode of Sabo" side story and Luffy and Doffy's great battle in the dressrosa arc. He's also the one that directed the Big Mom epic introduction. As long as we are getting these people for the entire whole cake island arc under the helm, i would no doubt hope for a major increase in quality for one piece.
link9us Jun 19, 8:50 PM
Editor Sugita revealed in an interview on June 19th that

- Whole Cake Island arc will be more exciting in the future.
- "Something" will happen on July 22nd. (OP chapter 1 was published on the day 20 years ago.)

Wow, ive never seen any one actually designate a particular date for some special moment in one piece. All i have to say im really looking forward to this 20 year anniversary celebration for the date of July 22nd.
link9us Jun 3, 7:26 PM
It seems the anime is accommodating that by creating much longer intro's and recaps which i am perfectly fine with as long as the pacing will stay consistent in that regards. We may not get as much material each week but the result is that the material isn't effected as much.
link9us Jun 2, 12:47 PM
Yeah wait till you see Big mom's grandiose reveal. So far the anime has done an amazing job of introducting kaido and big mom. Even more so then the manga in my opinion.
link9us Jun 1, 7:46 PM
I do fear for the anime though, how the hell are the studio supposed to maintain decent pacing of the anime now that its right on its ass practically. I mean hell the manga and the anime are in the same arc literally. I can't possibly see Wano happening in the anime with out having some sort of filler arc. If we are lucky we may get reverie in the anime, but thats bout it.

One piece is serously going to need to enter some mad filler for the manga to get far enough ahead.