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Feb 15, 2010
My quest to complete all of the Gundam series took a great stride forward with the completion of this series, which wasn't as bad as I had feared it would be.

This series is set in an alternate gundam universe and begins in Neotopia, a futuristic utopia where robots and humans live in peace and harmony as friends. There are several noteable departures from the standard gundam series the main one being this series was serialized in Cartoon Network and aimed at the younger set (5-8 years old in my opinion), so tons of stuff is dumbed down and the series as a whole comes across read more
Aug 22, 2009
As a fan of MS Igloo I was excited to finally see this in its entirety and was not disappointed.

Story and Characters

The year is Universial Century 0079 at the start of the war when Zeon has just landed on earth. These 3 OVAs are the stories of 3 common soldiers, their weaponary and revenge as their motivation in fighting for the Earth Forces during the period.

OVA1's protagonist is the conflicted Ben Barberry, notorious as a death god for sucking the life out of his unit but somehow surviving. At the start of the war, Zeon's Zaku's held the tactical advantage and Ben's anti tank read more
Aug 11, 2009
Gundam 00 is a solid anime series with a lot to like. The pacing was fine, fights were exciting and you couldn't wait to see more. Since most of it is good for this review I will try something different, and state what was really good and could have been done better to elevate this series to Masterpiece status.

Story and Characters

Gundam 00 Season 2 takes place after Gundam 00 S1. Celestial Being comes together again to fight against the A-Laws although the process of "reforming" was not an easy one.

Here's what was great:-
* There are 4 Gundam Meisters, 3 from Gundam 00 S1 and read more
Jun 27, 2009
Story and Characters

Initially, Turn A Gundam started as a total departure from the normal Universal Century Gundam formula. Set hundreds of years from the traditional gundam storyline, the earth has just began to recover from the depredations of the gundam wars, and the old earth citizens who escaped from the moon are planning a return to earth.

Our protagonist Loran, is one of three "advance scouts" sent to earth by the Moon's queen, Dianna, to figure out if the planet is (1) habitable (2) worth returning to. This is his story. On the way he learns about earth, the moonrace decides to return and he inevitably read more
Jun 18, 2009
The third season of Aria, Aria the Origination is a stunning and satisfying conclusion to the Aria story. With 2 seasons and a few OVAs behind it, I would say Aria the Origination has perfected the slice of life formula, hence its very well deserved high scores. I did analyze this alot, but at the end concluded that a review of this series would only be effective if it came from the heart :)

As stated by pretty much every reviewer, to fully appreiate the masterpiece that is Aria The Origination you should first watch Aria the Animation, Aria the Natural and the other OVAs/Picture Dramas. read more
Jun 16, 2009
In summary, Vampire Knight is the anime offspring of Ouran High School Host Club meets Twilight. I didn't have high hopes for this anime and was pleasantly surprised at the strength of character development and some plot twists.

Cross Academy is like 2 schools rolled into one. The normal day class students are all intrigued and have terrific crushes on members of the Night Class who look like Movie Stars. Of course they day class is completely unaware that the Night Class are vampires, and an uneasy peace is kept by 2 prefects (Yuki and Zero), obeying the Headmaster's ideals of "let's all just get read more
May 6, 2009

Aria the Natural continues where Aria the Origination left off, chronicling the adventures of our very likeable main protagonist Akari and her best friends and fellow Undines (Gondoliers) Aika and Alice. Most of the episodes start off with Akari writing to her friend Ai-Chan about what is happening at Neo-Venezia and ends with a closing narration. The difference is, with Aria this is not only seamless, but very natural and fits the anime.

This is a true slice of life anime, the stories are random, mostly standalone (except a few arcs) and can be picked up at any time. All the stories are compelling in some read more
Apr 27, 2009
What do you get when you cross a classic Hong Kong style martial arts movie with the Gundam Franchise? Mobile Fighter G Gundam - a very unique Gundam series which for many reasons I'm really glad I watched.

The setting is in the future where each country vies for the right to rule space by participating in a "Winner Take All" Gundam Fight on earth every 4 years. It started out slow (6 rating) but the pace picked up throughout and the last 10 episodes flew by. Although parts of the series are predictable, there are plenty of plot twists to keep us entertained, Cliches and read more
Apr 1, 2009
The "Worst Gundam Ever" tag didn't scare me from watching this series as part of my completionist mentality. After all I had managed to eventually finish Zeta Gundam - so how bad could this be? I guess the tag wasn't exaggerated. Now, while the other reviewers may have liked this, I have to beg to agree to disagree. Read on for a "keeping it real" review.

Story wise, ZZ follows the generic gundam story line. Young hero, happens to "fall" into piloting the "latest and greatest" suit. Gets conscripted into fighting for adults whether willingly or unwillingly. Grows up, finds his own reasons to fight/not fight read more
Apr 1, 2009
Gundam has always been a series I watch. I've always been drawn to the Mecha Genre, the newer series are usually awesome in sound/animation but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give a chance to the older ones. Luckily for me Victory Gundam was actually enjoyable (unlike Z or ZZ)

Story and Characters

Story wise, Victory Gundam follows the generic gundam story line. Young hero, happens to "fall" into piloting the "latest and greatest" suit. Gets conscripted into fighting for adults whether willingly or unwillingly. Grows up, finds his own reasons to fight/not fight which usually includes a love interest somewhere. Goes to space, comes back to earth, read more