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Mar 25, 2016
If you'd like to take a break from all the new shiny mainstream anime and don't mind dipping back into an older era of anime, Legend of Basara can be a hidden gem. I have the bias of reading the entire manga and I will forewarn you the anime is only a taste of the beginning of what is a very epic story. The end WILL leave you wanting more because there IS so much more. The manga is 27 volumes.

The creator likes to break out of the shoujo mold, though clearly with such aesthetics and a romance interest, there is also the horror of read more
Jun 13, 2013
Just Wow. I have finally caught up to the last chapter and just couldn't resist writing a review. This story was loveable to begin with and the anime was very fun (if too short), but the later volumes have exceeded any of my high expectations as if too say "Hah, you thought that was good?"

STORY: As others have stated the summary and beginning alone has some very standard shoujo elements though the anime version had enough hilarious moments my fiance was able to enjoy it as well. In my late twenties now I can't help expecting and wanting more from a shoujo title. read more
Feb 7, 2012
7 Seeds (Manga) add (All reviews)
I truly wish an epic story like 7seeds was better known. It's one of the hidden gems of manga. Even many of my popular shoujo favorites feel shallow after this one. It first grabbed my interest due to my love and admiration for the mangaka's other work, Basara, but has gripped me further than I believed an end of the world sci-fi plot could do.

I'm becoming addicted to the art style. It has a strong classic shoujo look but also seems grounded in reality. The characters all have a unique look you can recognize and the world is detailed enough to lose yourself in read more
Nov 3, 2008
I was very surprised by this series--it looked like a bunch of candy fluff in the beginning and though I thought it was still cute at first I didn't expect this addicted feeling to it that I now have. Like an addiction to chocolate--just can't get enough, and beneath the candy sweet there's a lot more bitterness and plot to it than I ever would have guessed. There's a lot about growing up, the feelings of love and friendship expressed in this series and it still carries a very innocent feel to it. If you are fond of series like Ultramaniac, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Gakuen read more
Aug 23, 2008
Glass Mask doesn't have the following it deserves (which is a shame, it's practically an icon in Japan, older than Sailor Moon and even references to "Mr. Purple Rose" or characters can be found in newer material such as Skip Beat). Started in the 70s or 80s, the manga after a hiatus is only just nearing completion at over 40 volumes. It's an epic romance with the drive of a young girl, starting at the age of 12 as she embarks on the journey to become an actress and grows up over the y...ears. If you like characters who follow after a dream at all read more
Aug 23, 2008
This is not so much a sequel as an OVA covering the very beginning of the story of Glass Mask. It begins with Maya, the girl who is not good at anything... aside from her fascination with all that is movies and dramas. Even her own mother believes her a useless girl. If a tv is on, she won't hear a word you say, if you send her out to deliver Ramen she may come back hours later, she can't remember a single formula for school... but she can recite any play she's watched once by heart. As a habit, she acts out her favorite read more
Mar 3, 2008
I didn't expect to like this series so much. The animation is average and of an older anime era, and military/sci-fi anime is always a hit or miss with me. But you can't NOT love Captain Tylor. As the title says, he's irresponsible... on of my favorite anime music videos has hime singing "Reponsibility, what's that?" But he's also a very happy, easy going or care free individual who thinks life should just be fun. Though he makes enemies within his own fleet due to his idiotic luck, he manages to win the respect and eventually friendship of many of their foes (I'd say he read more
Mar 1, 2008
Wow, I didn't even know this series was licensed until I happened to see the series was on TV. This is an amazing series and is a must to watch, especially if you're tired of the typical anime. I recently watched the entire series marathon style with two friends who were as equally engrossed as I (myself watching it for the second time). This series has a very realistic feel to it in this ancient time and the animation, music, characters, and story are beyond excellent. Even the fantasy elements are believable and seamlessly portrayed in the series. Sometimes it carries a bit of slice-of-life read more
Mar 1, 2008
I loved the story concept when I first heard it--it sounded awesome and I couldn't wait to watch it. Guess what? It is awesome! I have watched this series numerous times with different friends (surprisingly a few were guys!) and all have loved it. The animation style is a bit more old school... but in a way it's more endearing than all color shininess. I like the more subdued coloring style in settings and the music fits well. I love the violin music and the opening song. Some people may be annoyed by character stubborness... key word DRAMA, lots and lots of it. And just read more