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Nov 16, 2008
“Mnemosyne”, also known as “Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musumetachi”, is a six episode series containing a mix of supernatural, science fiction and horror elements. What will no doubt strike most viewers about this series are its explicit horror and sexually tinted scenes.
Considering these horror and sex scenes, as well as the themes behind them, “Menomosyne” is only suitable for mature viewers. Those who do watch will be treated to a dark series that holds some very interesting references and concepts, both apparent from its visuals or integrated in its plot.

The series' time frame spans over sixty years, the first episode showing us events that occur ...
Nov 2, 2008
“Strike Witches” is a magical girl series rife with action, comedy and fanservice with a zest of yuri. Originally based on a light novel series, it first spawned an OVA in 2007 and a 13 episode anime series in 2008.

The story of “Strike Witches” takes place during the 1940's on an alternate version of our earth, where magic and technology coexist and most countries have different names. Thrust into a conflict that spreads across the globe by an unknown race or entity called Neuroi, the human race is put on the defensive after the Neuroi quickly wipe out several nations. Humanity's best hope to defeat ...
Oct 26, 2008
Mixed Feelings
“Zero No Tsukaima: Princess No Rondo” is the third season of the “Zero No Tsukaima” anime, an adaptation of the currently still ongoing light novel series. As a third instalment, it is recommended to have seen the two previous seasons, else you may not fully comprehend some of the plot references or know the character's different pasts and backgrounds.

The first “Zero No Tsukaima” series was quite enjoyable, while not particularly extraordinary it offered us a nice romantic comedy with an ill-tempered flat-chested tsundere female lead who was one of the characters that would help launch the recent popular movement where plenty of series each season ...
Oct 7, 2008
Macross F (Anime) add
“Macross Frontier” is a mecha sci-fi series meant to celebrate 25 years of “Macross” anime and bring all the different “Macross” series together.

As such all of the typical Macross elements are present, veritech fighters (transforming from airplane to robot form and back), giant spaceships and space battles, young men dreaming of soaring the skies, the many faces of being a popular songstress, from being discovered to becoming the people's idol and even saviour.
As a celebratory series that aims to bring all the previous series together “Macross Frontier” is rife with references to the other series, with explicit plot references, obvious links or Easter eggs. While ...
Oct 4, 2008
"Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu” is a romantic comedy based on a series of light novels with the same title.
The series focuses on the relationship of its two main characters, high school students Haruka and Yuuto, how they meet, form a bond of friendship and perhaps more, all in a mix of comedy, romance and some fanservice type ecchi situations.

As the title suggest, the main plot centres around Haruka's secret, she's an otaku. While this would not be so shocking by itself, Haruka is the eldest daughter of an extremely wealthy and renowned family, she possesses great beauty, has excellent academic skills and is a talented ...
Oct 3, 2008
An anime adaptation of the eroge “Koihime Musou” which in turn is loosely based on the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” novel, it takes a more novel and surprising approach than we are used to for anime series that are based on eroge. Already quite different is the fact all of the famous characters from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” are female in “Koihime Musou”.

But instead of having a male lead character that all the female characters fawn over and desire to be with, the “Koihime Musou” anime forgoes this classical harem and omits the male lead character from the eroge. The anime focuses more ...
Oct 1, 2008
Special A (Anime) add
When one sees visuals of “Special A” and reads that the main premise of the series follows the school days of a select group of intelligent, rich students at their prestigious school that has created an exclusive elite class for them called S.A., one can't help but to think of “Ouran High School Host Club”. Add the shared element that the wealth, insane levels of talent and skill that some of the members possess is often plastered all over the screen. The fact the group in “Special A” has one commoner among them, Hikari, quickly makes one think of Haruhi from “Ouran High School Host ...
Sep 27, 2008
The “Lucky Star” OVA is made up of several short stories or chapters. A coherent plot or over spanning arc is hence not present, but this is not uncommon for “Lucky Star” and the different short stories ensure the OVA will have something enjoyable for everyone. From a slice of life story, to a full blown comedy or parody story to a heart warming tale, the OVA touches upon all of the types that were featured in the series.

Being all about Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki, it's a bit of a shame the other characters were featured less. Yutaka, Minami, Patricia and Tamura only ...
Sep 8, 2008
The “Clannad ~ Another World, Tomoyo Chapter” OVA brings us an alternate reality story focused entirely on Tomoyo and Tomoya. While I enjoyed the “Clannad” series, I was a bit disappointed that some of the female characters such as Kyou and Tomoyo did not get as much screen time or story arcs that span multiple episodes. This OVA resolves this largely for Tomoyo's case as it deals only with her and Tomoya's relationship, none of the other “Clannad” characters save for Sunohara appear.

Even with the single episode time constraint, this chapter nonetheless brings its story well paced and shows us Tomoyo and Tomoya's relationship over ...
Sep 6, 2008
True Tears (Anime) add
“True Tears” managed to grab from the first episode on due to its more serious themes and the different situations the characters find themselves in, which are not as shallow or simple as they sometimes can be. Especially the Nakagami family situation, and those some of the other characters are in lean closer to more plausible life situations and help make those characters less two dimensional. Not all is black and white, but more grey.
This continues throughout the series for several of the plots and characters involved, especially Hiromi and Aiko are slightly more complex and realistic characters.

Being more of a romance/harem series or ...

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