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May 30, 2017
(spoiler warning. better safe than sorry)

Ever wanted to fuck your sister?

I sure hope not. We're all well-adjusted human beings around here.

Aki-Sora is a manga which transcends barriers and breaks glass ceilings. It reaches for new heights, and achieves the impossible. It's in a class of its own- no manga could ever be as terrible as this.

This is a story about sex. Specifically, how many weird sex situations can you get in before the reader loses their suspension of disbelief and gives up all hope on humanity. For me that was the part where the main character had to act as a substitute "hot beef injection" read more
Sep 30, 2016
Welcome to The Asterisk War, Fat Fucking Titties Edition.

Oh, yeeeah. That's the good shit I want. Thanks to the creators for the Uncensored version. It's really solved my frustration over the fact that there are never any nipples in anime.

This is a masterpiece. After all, what masterpiece doesn't start without a full minute and a half groping scene?

Forget everything you know. This is the anime that changes lives, solves world hunger and cures cancer, thanks to its copious amounts of voluptous, bouncing, large, sizeable, monstrous, pillowy, soft...... plot. Niiiiiiiiice.

There's no way this isn't a parody. If it isn't I'm sure I'll lose some of my read more
Sep 18, 2016
Let me paraphrase Hitler. "Any anime that seeks to be popular has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach."

That isn't to say that anyone who enjoyed this is stupid. Just to say that this show caters to stupid people. And that is to say that it's some pretty lowest common denominator stuff. And I'm explaining that so that I don't get slapped on the wrist for insulting people.

Now that I've insulted "the best anime of spring 2016, the year, the decade, and possibly of all time", I'm going to take some time to state why read more
Aug 25, 2016
Boy moves back to his childhood home, meets with his childhood friends again, and falls in love with his best friend.

Sakura Discord's basic plot is pretty paint by numbers, feel good type of stuff. Kids overcoming their problems together and becoming closer friends. But it has so much more heart than other manga of its ilk. I started reading because it looked mildly interesting, prepared to drop it within a couple of chapters should it become too same-y or tripe. But I binged the whole thing in an afternoon, because it absolutely engrossed me start to finish.

The ending felt a bit rushed (which at this read more
Aug 24, 2016
"lol they're going to bang lol they didn't haha lmao" isn't funny for 200 chapters. It's grating.

It's like babysitting a toddler. Sure, at first it's all cutesy and laughs, but then it shits itself and starts wailing and the only reason you're taking care of it is because you're getting paid or it's a friends' kid.

No one was paying me to read this, nor is it my friends' kid. So I stopped.

Read it or don't, doesn't matter to me. In my opinion, There's plenty better comedy 4-koma out there. Try Seitokai Yakuindomo, That's funny and also is just sex jokes.
Jul 28, 2016
Who doesn't like hermaphrodites? Probably a lot of people, but that's beside the point.

Hello and welcome to the "Sometimes I Really Question Why I Finished Reading This" segment, where the answer is almost always "Curiosity Killed The Cat".

I like reading weird shit. It's almost always bad in an entertaining way.

Sometimes it's not. Enter Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa, where it's just bad.

Spoiler warning? The twists are so left field not even Nostradamus could hope to see them coming...

Enter cousins Hiromi (not a hermaphrodite) and Makoto (a hermaphrodite). They have everyday problems, such as boys, the school lesbian, periods, and making sure Makoto doesn't pop a read more
Jul 8, 2016
Ooh boy. There are guilty pleasures. Like eating a whole bucket of KFC original recipe by yourself.

Then there's the deep fried, bacon wrapped, meat stuffed, chocolate sauce covered excess decadence of something that exceeds guilty pleasures. It's sinfully bad in a good way.

That's how I feel about MonMusu. Once upon a time, I too, stood upon the moral high ground turning my nose up at the those gorging themselves upon the debauchery of monster girl harem comedy. But a thought took root in my mind- "Give it a go."

And since I thought that obviously there would be no harm, and I would immediately see I read more
Jul 1, 2016
When I was younger, I wondered why plagiarism was bad. When I grew up, I read Black Clover.

Yeah, this is bad. I'd say it's like porridge, but I have to admit porridge has flavor. Black Clover is as bland as they come. It's taking a bread shaped cardboard cut out, toasting it, and pretending it's toast. It's also inorganic. Kinda like cardboard toast. Did I mention it was bland?

It's a good thing we're on the topic of cardboard, because that relates to the characters. Which are also bland. In a cardboard cutout way. Almost everything they say or do feels like it comes out of read more
Jun 20, 2016
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
FLCL is modern art. By that, I mean that it's that one exhibit at the at the art show that all the critics rave about being "deep, inspired, and shows that the artist is trying to reach out to the viewer to express his inner torment" when literally everyone who is just there to enjoy art is puzzling as to how a floating square next to an empty cereal box has any deeper meaning.

I feel like everyone who worked on this project had to go home and ask their kids what they liked, and they spent the next meeting dropping LSD and mashing what they read more
Jun 8, 2016
I find this review hard to start. It's difficult to come up with a tagline that'll grab attention but also let me have more to say later on.

If it sounds like I don't have much to say, that's because nearly the only thing that comes to my mind is that Little Witch Academia is fun. Good, plain, clean, for the whole family fun. It sure isn't overwhelmingly deep, it doesn't break new ground, nor does it set a new bar for production value. But regardless of this, it still remains one of the best things you can watch.

It isn't too long, only about the length read more