Jul 1, 2016
SirTifide (All reviews)
When I was younger, I wondered why plagiarism was bad. When I grew up, I read Black Clover.

Yeah, this is bad. I'd say it's like porridge, but I have to admit porridge has flavor. Black Clover is as bland as they come. It's taking a bread shaped cardboard cut out, toasting it, and pretending it's toast. It's also inorganic. Kinda like cardboard toast. Did I mention it was bland?

It's a good thing we're on the topic of cardboard, because that relates to the characters. Which are also bland. In a cardboard cutout way. Almost everything they say or do feels like it comes out of the 10 Easy Steps To Being A Believable Character Stereotype handbook. The main character is going to become the pirate hokage, so that he can defeat the black wizard. Whoops, wrong series. It's easy to get confused when over half of this manga is ripped from more popular works. The main character is Uzumaki D. Natsu, his best friend is fujoshi bait, and the love interest is the overtly popular "called a tsundere but isn't a real tsundere" type that is popular for some reason. There's a colourful cast of supporting characters too, who occupy different roles to help the plot along or to look cool, but never really become characters in their own right, because who needs interesting characters, right?

Voice tone doesn't translated into text. Read this in a mix of overt sarcasm and exasperation.

Go read Boku no Hero Academia instead.