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Sep 29, 2017
If you like disappointments and pieces of shits in your life, this is the manga for you and also this is very sad if you encourage people like the main male character Sei.

The dramatic synopsis made me really think I would enjoy this manga. So to that idiot who told me "if it has a good plot, then it's gonna be good, anime or manga without a great plot isn't worth the time." Lemme tell you that reading this shit was a waste of time like you literally have the typical weak and dumb female protagonist named Tsuchida who tries so hard to impress read more
Jan 30, 2016
Is it bad that I enjoyed this and it's more entertaining than. Blood-C? It's really interesting, it shows how cruel nature is but on the flip side, this is life. In order to survive, you have to make sacrifices even if you're a mantis hunting after a cicada. Nature is also beautiful however, you have the other insects on the cicada's side then with the cricket as they prevent the mantis from eating them but it is a little unfair because all the mantis wants to do is survive. This 5 minute duration movie shows survival and that you should watch your back nonetheless, like read more
Jan 23, 2016
This was by far the best hentai, I've ever seen. No shitty plot with ugly characters, nothing too over the top like in harem. I didn't mind the incest, I think this way better played out than Yosuga no Sora. And I like that the sex was normal, like this is what it's like when you have really amazing sex. Some hentai do waaaay too much, like a person doesn't cum the 10 times they have sex and enough with the size H boobs, it's disgusting. Got really into it and the female protagonist was attractive so it was easy to watch, plus the moans read more
Jan 2, 2016
By far my favorite anime of all time! This art for the animation is so abstract and different, that's what really enticed me about this anime when I first saw the art style. I'm also a fan of sports like ping ping, badminton, and hockey so this was a joy to see. The characters were greatly developed but I like how the main character makes you feel his emotions and inspire you, it's more than a show. "The hero wins," I feel like Peco gave inspiration in everybody who watches this. It was also pretty amazing how they showed the trouble that the ping pong read more
Jan 2, 2016
This was a surprisingly great anime, I did feel bad for how harsh the abuse was lol but it was watchable, the character development was very unique, and the last episode had you very curious, it was kinda like a cliff hanger. I very much enjoyed this and I'm really picky when it comes to anime. I don't think there's anything I disliked about this anime, the anime pretty much played with my emotions lol felt sympathy, then angry, the relieved, it was great, I don't think any of my friends have any bad to say about it either, it was interesting.