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Sep 21, 2008
What a rainy weekend in a farm doesn´t make you watch....
First of all, if you ever picked this series because read somewhere that it was yuri in it, they deceive you (me too btw). There is a very, but a veeery light subtext, almost inexistant.
Second: this show has panty-shots everywhere, every and meaningless time. If you can´t handle useless fanservice run away from this show.

Story: It´s a good story btw. Sadly it has no time to grow deeper between the panty shots overdose. A secret agent has the mission to recover robots (Humaritts) which are putting the world in dangerous, but her partner is a read more
Jun 27, 2008
Hotel (Manga) add (All reviews)
One word: fantastic
It shows exactly what humankind is doing with the world: destroying it. Maybe our generation won´t see it, but this day will certainly come if we keep this behavior. The story is about this days, when the destruction or Earth is inevitable some people departs to another planet and, at the same time, builds a "hotel", a tower controled by a super-computer with DNA from all beings , except the man. Its mission is wait to Earth becames liveable again to restore all the plants and animals, the manga shows the records of this computer through the years.
The story is told in read more
Jan 5, 2008
The story is totally yuri, there are only few guys with no important role and almost all girls are interested in girls, but the theme is treated in a kind and natural way. Despite that, this a comedy and a very good one, I really laugh all the time while read it. The story is focused in some characters and their feelings, dont go deeper than that, it´s a light-hearted story and a very funny comedy about people and their relationships.

Nice and clean, the art is quite beautiful. Actually, it´s one of my favourites.

They are all memorable. Their personalities are easy to understand, there read more
Nov 5, 2007
An classic manga with lots of simbolism and fantasy. In order to understand all the story read the manga, after this, watch the anime and, in the end, watch the movie, they have important diferences but are related.
The story is very original and the progress of the characters and their past is very deeper.
The story is focused in each member of Student Council, their relationships and the quest of Utena to find her prince and became a prince herself. It shows like someone can fight for his own wishes, live the way he wants and the importance of friendship. A very good history that influencied read more