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Jul 21, 2021
There is a conspiracy theory or rather.. 'conspiracy joke' going around that every anime, manga or light novel with "raising of a child" as its main subject has been secretly funded by the Japanese government in order to raise the low birth rate of Japan. Two well-known examples are the adorable Usagi Drop, and the very funny and sweet Kakushigoto.

While this anime is not quite at the same level as the above it belongs to the same subgenre. The setting might be very different, since the genre is fantasy, and the little girl Latina is not even human, but that's largely decorative. The core, the ...
Jul 5, 2021
Shadows House (Anime) add
(no spoilers)

"Don't fret over trivial matters". You will hear this phrase many times while watching this show. It is the Shadow House's Prime Directive, its Alpha and Omega. There is a reason for that that I'm not going to spoil, and this reason is gradually disclosed. In a sense, this phrase is the central mantra of the show.

Shadows House is an anime with a very original story, some non pretentious philosophical and existential comments on the individuality (or *non* individuality) of self and on free will, and finally a rather scathing critique of classism, social prejudice and discrimination. I read that the first 10 episodes ...
Jun 30, 2021
Mini Dragon (Anime) add
Mini Dragon consists of 13 "episodes" which are basically comedic super shorts lasting on average 90 seconds. Their purpose is solely to remind us that the second season of Dragon Maid is to be aired soon; nothing more, nothing less. There is no story at all to be honest, I don't think Mini Dragon can even be considered slice of life; *subslice* of life maybe?

The 2D art is just as good as the art of the main show, but there are ~15 seconds of rather poor CGI with each intro that forced me to cut 1 point from the art. The music is nice and ...
Jun 29, 2021
Odd Taxi (Anime) add
(no spoilers)

Odd Taxi is a very smartly written and crafted original anime with one *major* SPOILER disclosed at the very last episode that, now that it's been fully aired, you need to take great care to avoid. No googling about it, no looking it up in Wikia, no nothing. Not before watching all 13 episodes. This particular spoiler changes everything and at the same time changes nothing (as one of Durarara's narrators would say), but it *is* important. Almost Sixth Sense level ending spoiler important.

OK, now that you've been adequately warned let's move on to the review. Odd Taxi is a kind of unconventional ...
Jun 22, 2021
(no spoilers)

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is an anime with exceptional production values, art & animation, great music and very fine voice work, particularly from the two main leads Jun Fukuyama (his funniest voice work since voicing Koro-sensei in Assassination Classroom) and Atsumi Tanezaki. Unfortunately it is rather poorly and sloppily written. Its script is by far its weakest, if not *solely* weak, point, and that's despite the fact that it's supposedly its main star feature, since it is an original story co-written by Eiji Umehara and Tappei Nagatsuki of Re:Zero fame.

Quite surprisingly for a time travel story the time travel elements were handled quite ...
Apr 27, 2021
Nanbaka (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings

Nanbaka is an anime that is, from start to end, in search of identity and purpose. Since it lacks a single identity, purpose and any focus at all, it adopts multiple ones arbitrarily. I am all for multi-genre anime as long as the mix of genres is done gracefully, it serves a purpose and the plot is largely coherent. Neither applies in the case of Nanbaka; the sudden change of pace and genre is even lampshaded by some characters a few times, presumably because even the writers thought it was excessive and wanted to alleviate the problems by pointing them out. Lampshading often helps ...

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