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Apr 15, 2013
Ushio to Tora (Anime) add
My heart really goes out to classic anime featuring ghosts and demons, it really does. Ushio to tora when i first saw it kinda looked kinda dumb to me based on Toras design but when i actually took the time to watch the first episode i was surprised how much i enjoyed the series. This anime is mostly a goof spirit fighting anime that was pretty common at the time when it was made but it felt more original as it did not go for really overdone tropes.

The story is pretty straightforward it doesn't get very deep or complicated, its very episodic and is mostly ...
Apr 15, 2013
This was a pretty Bad Ova Overall. its looks and sounds fine on paper it even sounds interesting. Unfortunately translating this to a Ova was not a good thing. Reading the Synopsis you can clearly see where the draw for most people would be in that its based on many video game references but they are pretty poor and not well referenced. This Ova had some interesting ideas but they failed to make it into anything noteworthy and the product suffers even more because of it.

The Greatest Flaw of this anime is the characters cause you just cant grow to like them at all. Theres ...
Feb 24, 2013
Berserk is one of my all time favorite series in anime or manga but i so far am generally displeased with the movies. The characters and Story are the same but its the way its all presented to me that really brings down the quality of the series. So though i may praise characters and story it lacks in other ways.

The art is one of the biggest sufferings for the movie,instead of traditional anime they use a incredible amounts of CGI and 3d models. Other than looking like a poorly rendered video game with clunky models and primitive move cycles the show doesn't feel like ...
Feb 23, 2013
School Days (Anime) add
It's been some time since i watched school days but i can remember it pretty clearly. I remember it being two things Boring and Surprising. That sounds impossible but they do it, you watch about 20 minutes of the show and then out of nowhere a surprise you had not seen coming the entire episode happens.

As far as story goes this show is a really sleazy slice of life. At first you think its gonna be a really sweet kinda romance anime but after the first episode your left with a slightly unsettling scene. This becomes the basic framework of the show, as it ...
Feb 16, 2013
Ranma ½ (Anime) add
Ranma is probably the anime that got me completely hooked on all anime. It was not the first i had ever seen but it was in the first 10 at least. When i saw the very first episode of this show i immediately sat down and watched the entire series from beginning to end over the span of a month. This is truly my all time favorite anime and this is my review of it.

The story of Ranma is not a very deep or complex one, it doesn't even have a conclusion. Ranma is majorly episodic and has very few two part episodes. Ranma ...
Feb 13, 2013
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
This season seemed to lack a lot of luster for me till i saw the picture for this anime that stirred my curiosity. After watching the first half of this anime i already know where it intends to go and i can see the increase and quality every episode.

The Characters of this anime are all uniquely set in there role and Given names to reflect that. (Eg. Knight,Hero,Mage) I enjoy this method of naming cause it makes everyone really easy to remember and there role apparent from the start. It does away with a lot of formality by establishing the characters early. Then the show ...
Dec 9, 2012
Eden's Bowy (Anime) add
Edens Bowy was one of those anime i glanced at and thought it would be rather dry and sad in comparison to other anime of its time, i was wrong. I found great enjoyment when watching this anime, it seemed a lot more mature than it looked and used a lot of themes that a mature audience may appreciate more.

Visually Edens Bowy is great in most aspects, i think they made the female lead very badly with her gigantic elf ears and pulled back hair. It makes her look more like a alien than anything else. I consider this a major problem since its hard ...
Dec 9, 2012
Fire Tripper (Anime) add
Fire tripper is a interesting little OVA and while watching it i couldn't help but think it was the first draft of Inu Yasha or it borrowed heavily from it for inspiration. Of course it is made by Rumiko Takashi the maker of Inu Yasha so it is not a far stretch to believe she borrowed elements as she has done in the past and currently does.

The story is all within this one episode and it feels very fast paced. In the amount of time used it actually creates a fairly interesting plot with a good ending with a rather enjoyable surprise. I think they ...
Dec 6, 2012
Medarot (Anime) add
I like medabots a lot, it was a fun concept. Robots with interchangeable parts you win off people. I had so many questions about this show when i was younger, like why anyone would let there kids gamble with expensive robot parts they payed for or they'd let kids play with robots that have live ammunition. As a adult all i could think about is how much gang warfare musta advanced.

Anyway onto the review, medabots was a show designed to move merchandise but it kept a actual plot which was nice and it wasn't silly like shoot beads or spinning tops that suddenly got faster. ...
Dec 5, 2012
Colorful was a very interesting movie. The plot was highly original but it was transparent to see where it was gonna end up. This doesn't take away from the over all experience that is this movie tho.

The art for colorful is a pretty detailed and kinda bland looking but that's cause its supposed to be realistic. It is also that way so we can kinda immerse ourselves in the character more emotionally. I dont feel like the art was outstanding or a masterpiece but its realism is perfect for the atmosphere and subject matter.

The sounds of this movie are alright, i don't really have much ...

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