Apr 15, 2013
Shaja (All reviews)
This was a pretty Bad Ova Overall. its looks and sounds fine on paper it even sounds interesting. Unfortunately translating this to a Ova was not a good thing. Reading the Synopsis you can clearly see where the draw for most people would be in that its based on many video game references but they are pretty poor and not well referenced. This Ova had some interesting ideas but they failed to make it into anything noteworthy and the product suffers even more because of it.

The Greatest Flaw of this anime is the characters cause you just cant grow to like them at all. Theres is nearly no character development in this Ova so you don't grow attached to anybody or particularly care when somebody dies. It tries to emphasise emotion in a few very well made scenarios but because you have no prior connection to any of the characters it falls on a flat note. Another major problems is all the characters seem very hollow and cliche, nobody feels like a original character except maybe tegilof but he is off putting for other reasons.The third offense to this already mundane and sad roster of characters is the fan service, which in most every other scenario i am ok with but the way they do it is so off putting and out of place that i can't help but want it to go away. I really could go on and on about how i do not care for this underdeveloped band of cliches but i don't see the point of beating that dead horse.

The sound and visual quality of this anime is actually rather on par with anything else of average quality. Though the problem with being average is that it doesn't stand out in anyway, it really lacks its own character. That being said there are parts of animation and character design i did and did not like. I did like how some if only a handful of characters had a symbol as to what game they represent in the form of a necklace or earring in some cases, i wish they had done more of that though. I found it almost impossible to figure out who half the people in the show were supposed to represent in the game universe as they looked pretty much like random characters from any anime, some were also really odd references that i have to admit i had never heard of though. Another thing that i found lacking is all the settings seemed really bland and simple. The three major settings i can clearly remember were forest,training hall and dungeon and they all look exactly as what you'd expect when somebody says those titles. The artists played it really safe and didn't put all that much effort into making a really interesting visual experience.

The Story's main problem is despite it possibly being tolerable it is done poorly. It starts without a prologue at a scene where you have to question why it starts that way. It stems from the problem you don't care about there characters so all the meaning in this scene is empty and pointless, they should have used a prologue to that scene. The biggest problem facing this short series is the fact that it is a short series, three 20 minute episodes don't take you very far. I actually would have liked to see the characters go off into the different kingdoms and face off against Marcus(Mario). The pacing just could not be done right for this series so they tried to emphasis emotional scenes hence why they start and end with one. It just did not work out though with the lack of character development.

Being a really big classic game fan and a even bigger fan of anime i kinda hoped this fusion would turn out at least alright. My hopes were dashed though and i ended up having a really boring and uneventful time. I did not really enjoy it and some people may but it feels more like a time waster, just something to watch when you got nothing else too. So ultimately this gets a 3 and i feel i might be a little generous with that.