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Oct 14, 2017
There aren't any reviews for this anime and I honestly enjoyed it a lot, so I guess I'll give my brief opinion.

Fantastisa Stella is a 3 episode sports anime featuring soccer (or football if you aren't American) and it has all the basic elements to make a sports anime, but it didn't have the time. There are only 3 episodes so ~60 minutes to get a whole tournament and if you know anything about anything about sports anime, it's this: one tournament usually equals about 5-6 episodes. 3 minimum if they're really trying to be fast. (laugh) So unfortunately, FS did not have this luxury ...
Oct 3, 2017
First things first, I write this review out of mere spite and am thoroughly disappointed with this season, so I'm going to be brief. Six episodes of the fourth season of Hell Girl are completely new and in every way a "Hell Girl" worthy episode. The last six on the other hand, are RECAPS from seasons 1, 2, and 3. Except for short 2-3 minute skits in the beginning of each episode, the episodes that follow that are copy and pasted from early seasons and are not worth watching. I have a very good memory and I can say with confidence that these episodes are ...
Oct 2, 2017
Really "hot" nerds, cool character designs, AWESOME scenes.... And your typical e-sport anime. Quanzhi Gaoshou is one of my favorite current animes, yet I have to rate it fairly.

Story (7/10):
Nothing particularly fantastic or special happens; it's literally a show about playing an MMORPG and very little of anything else. I only give it a 7 (70%, -C on an American grading scale) because it's better than most e-sport anime I've watched, but nothing especially deep. The story is very straight forward and honestly, some of it feels kind of rushed because at a lot of moments I couldn't really understand the reasoning behind certain points ...
Aug 25, 2017
Shitcom (Anime) add
I'm honestly not sure what I expected out of watching this; nothing really, I suppose. I just decided to watch because I was going through another user's list and the name caught my eye.

I'm one of those immature fools whose attention can be easily caught by lame words like "shit" and well, guess what my little eye caught onto when I saw "Shitcom." So, I was curious. I wondered, "Shit as in English shit" or "shit because it's the Japanese translation of "sitcom" since there's no "si" noise in Japanese.

And the video was only a minute so I thought, what's the harm?
Well... Let ...
Jul 13, 2017
Preliminary (7/13 eps)
I don't care what most of the people reviewing this anime say people say.
But this series and its reviews claiming how "deep" and "profound" it is has made me so mad, that I've come to write a review warning people to stay away. I make it a point to not drop anime and try finishing every one that I start until the bitter end, even if I have to pull my hair at the roots to see it through but I honestly, could not for the life of me, complete Serial Experiments Lain. I gave it until about episode 7 before I thought I ...
Apr 1, 2017
Accel World (Anime) add
If you thought Sword Art Online was bad, you'll think it's a complete masterpiece by the time you get through just one episode of Accel World. I watched the series almost 2 years ago but I've had this unfinished review sitting in my Gmail account all this time and I thought I'd do myself a favor by finally getting rid of it. Agree to disagree if you want.

I wrote pretty much wrote the entire review after I watched the series so I'm currently just revising what I wrote. The scathing harshness of my words drip like poison. This is basically a very long, salty rant.


Story ...
Apr 1, 2017
Ling Qi (Anime) add
Because I'm Chinese-American, I've always had a connection to Chinese culture however, never have I really been interested in the Chinese "anime." I started reading Chinese light novels such as Quan Zhi Gao Shou (waiting for the anime this month!) but other than that, not much else. Recently however, I was impressed by Shuangsheng Lingtan and decided that I wanted to see what Chinese anime is like. So, I picked Ling Qi by random (I think it's recommended if you like Shuangsheng Lingtan) and started watching. I was not disappointed at all.

Story (7/10) - Good: The story is not particularly fascinating or unique, however the ...
Mar 28, 2017
Death Parade (Anime) add
"People aren't as complex as you think they are. They're simple, and they get sad or angry over simple things. That's just how they are."

I'm not going to try to summarize Death Parade because I'm sure there are more than enough reviews doing that already but I will briefly relay my opinions for Story, Art, Sound, Character, Enjoyment and Overall.

Story (7/10):
No anime is perfect and it is inevitable that you will come across plot holes and conveniences and Death Parade is no different. There was always at least 1 or 2 moments per episode where I would find myself asking "how does this make sense?" ...
Apr 29, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Let me just start off by saying that I am a HUGE Sengoku BASARA fan. Like, seriously big. I have all the video games including all the games that haven't been translated into English, I have several of the manga spin offs both in English and Japanese, I have the whole anime series AND I even have a freaking Date Masamune cell phone charm, So when I say I'm a mega-BASARA freak, I'm not kidding. Pretty much the only things I don't have are action figures (because they creep me out in general) and maybe a few miscellaneous items such as the alarm clock, stickers, ...
Apr 22, 2015
It is a sad day in the forest when a kid can't recognize his own father who looks EXACTLY like him when he has outrageously yellow, spiked hair just like him. This is the tale of Naruto and the Lost Tower in a nutshell.
*Note: This review may include a few spoilers.

Story (1/10):
The plot makes absolutely no sense and has little purpose other than for Naruto to meet his father and completely misunderstand it, as his head is too thick to even consider the fact that the guy with the exact same haircut gave him his gene pool. I'm only going to assume that this plot ...

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