Oct 2, 2017
ShadowJackal35 (All reviews)
Really "hot" nerds, cool character designs, AWESOME scenes.... And your typical e-sport anime. Quanzhi Gaoshou is one of my favorite current animes, yet I have to rate it fairly.

Story (7/10):
Nothing particularly fantastic or special happens; it's literally a show about playing an MMORPG and very little of anything else. I only give it a 7 (70%, -C on an American grading scale) because it's better than most e-sport anime I've watched, but nothing especially deep. The story is very straight forward and honestly, some of it feels kind of rushed because at a lot of moments I couldn't really understand the reasoning behind certain points and I think if I read more of the light novel then MAYBE I could understand better, but most likely not. (I've read about 40 or so chapters but I'd already surpassed what I'd read by like, episode 2).
It wasn't like Sword Art Online, which is to say, it stayed fairly consistent throughout the series and didn't devolve into another harem anime, yet it also lacks that feeling of desperation that SAO has, so it's basically just a story about hard core gamers and nothing else.

Art (9/10)
Easily a 9 out of 10. Quanzhi Gaoshuo has some of the smoothest and most consistent scenes I've ever seen. The colors are nice and vivid and the choreography is really impressive for an anime.

Sound (8/10):
I don't watch a lot of Chinese/Taiwanese anime so I'm not a good judge on voice acting, but it didn't seem unusual or poorly done in any way and the soundtrack fit the series.

Character (5/10)
Not a lot going on here. You've got your characters, and that's it. There's not really much in terms of character development and the personalities are pretty basic. You know very little about any of the characters other than what is portrayed in the series and backstory is a moot point. The problem is that Ye Xiu is already the top gamer, so there's no where left for him to go but down (which, while admirable in its own right, isn't exactly TV show quality) and that obviously isn't an option, so he pretty much pwns anyone without breaking a sweat.

Enjoyment (8/10)
I really enjoy Quanzhi Gaoshou and the way they portray Glory. I thought the scenes were interesting but between those there would just be short "exposition" scenes that didn't really move the story and were kind of boring at some points. I enjoy it immensely compared to other e-sports anime I've seen, but as another show it isn't much. I'm in a very strict frame of mind to take things at face value, so for me, watching sports anime gets boring because I'm constantly thinking, "it's just a game," and I have a hard time getting into it. Believe me, I do my fair share of gaming, but I'm not so much of a gamer that I would take it as seriously as pro gamers might.

Overall (8/10)
You don't really watch Quanzhi Gaoshou for the plot, you watch it for the art style and unique choreography. I got into the series through reading the "unofficial" manga first, and then the web novel and I've stuck with it mostly for the exact reasons listed above. MMORPG based anime don't really interest me, but I enjoy Quanzhi Gaoshou enough to write a short review and recommend it for, if nothing else, some eye-candy and something a little out of your ordinary paradigm. It's really too bad it ended before it began; I can't wait to see the live-action that's coming out 2018 and I will definitely be waiting for season 2. :D