Mar 28, 2017
ShadowJackal35 (All reviews)
"People aren't as complex as you think they are. They're simple, and they get sad or angry over simple things. That's just how they are."

I'm not going to try to summarize Death Parade because I'm sure there are more than enough reviews doing that already but I will briefly relay my opinions for Story, Art, Sound, Character, Enjoyment and Overall.

Story (7/10):
No anime is perfect and it is inevitable that you will come across plot holes and conveniences and Death Parade is no different. There was always at least 1 or 2 moments per episode where I would find myself asking "how does this make sense?" yet perhaps this is expected when an anime explores such thought provoking concepts. While there are some points that I question, the overall story had a satisfying conclusion and it was wrapped up cleanly.

Art (9/10):
From the get-go the colors were absolutely gorgeous and it was during the finale that I finally decided to give it a well-earned 9. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous and really sets the mood nicely. It was also during the finale when I was stunned by the style and fluidity of everything and really appreciated the series as a whole.

Sound (10/10):
Only to be expected from some of the best (Japanese) voice actors. Their emotions and the sound of their voices really sets the mood. I can give nothing but the highest of praise. The soundtrack also gave it a unique touch and I found some in particular to be extraordinary.

Character (6/10):
Despite the intriguing story and the various characters presented in Death Parade, I did find the main cast to be rather lacking. The show mainly focuses on the various "customers" that come to Quindecim and less on the actual cast. Perhaps it's to be expected since the series is only 12 episodes long but I would have liked to see even more of the characters and learned more about them. While I was satisfied with the attention they give to the "Black-haired woman", I can honestly say I felt very little attachment towards anyone else. Perhaps if they were to have a few bonus episodes exploring these characters my opinion might change, but not until then.

Enjoyment (8/10): I enjoyed it so much I managed to get my lazy ass to write a review.

Overall (8/10):
Death Parade will undoubtedly have you yo-yoing (is that a verb?) between what you think is right and wrong and how you think judgement should be passed. I have seen a lot of anime, but Death Parade is definitely the first of its kind that I have seen and I honestly suggest watching it. For an anime that originated from a short animation project, Death Parade traveled a long way and had a very interesting journey with a very satisfying end.
I don't often recommend these kinds of anime to get a second season because they tend to stray from their initial impression, however, should there ever be one you will most definitely find me watching it.