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Apr 23, 2009
I'll keep this short like the OVA, but first let me say: this was terrible, actually terrible. I'm usually completely against people giving an 1/10 if they've watched a full episode of an anime as it's therefore no longer 'unwatchable', but this was as near as it gets. My first ever 1/10 and I'll explain why:

Story: 1/10

So why the 1/10? Well in all honesty there was no real story, no plot as such, just Imari getting dragged into a room and being raped, she actually seems to enjoy it by the end but that's literally it, no joke. If that can be called a story read more
Feb 1, 2009
Let me start off by saying: If you've played Final Fantasy VII extensively, or have just taken in all necessary information from playing it through once then this will have a drastic effect on your opinion of this anime. I'll explain what I mean by this and review it in full:

First off I have given this anime a 5 due to it being (for the most part) a recap of a portion of the FFVII storyline. Just to reiterate: if you have played FFVII and remember all information relating to the whole 5 years ago incidents at Nibelheim then I think you will agree with read more