Feb 1, 2009
SelfRevolution (All reviews)
Let me start off by saying: If you've played Final Fantasy VII extensively, or have just taken in all necessary information from playing it through once then this will have a drastic effect on your opinion of this anime. I'll explain what I mean by this and review it in full:

First off I have given this anime a 5 due to it being (for the most part) a recap of a portion of the FFVII storyline. Just to reiterate: if you have played FFVII and remember all information relating to the whole 5 years ago incidents at Nibelheim then I think you will agree with me when I say this anime is (to an extent) Square Enix's attempt at milking FFVII.

Now I am huge fan of the Final Fantasy games having played them all through numerous times, VII included, but in all honesty all the new content you get from this anime is a couple of new scenes of Zack slicing through some members of Shinra, then get injured himself, you will also see Cloud get stabbed once more than I remember in the game, otherwise you will have already have got all of this anime has to offer by playing FFVII on the Playstation.

Story: Yes the story originally was excellent in FFVII, but I'll say again, this is more or less just a recap, hardly anything new other than some action scenes, it's not worth more than the 5 average rating I have given it.

Art: This anime looked nice enough, but in all honesty I have seen better and have come to expect something a little more from Square Enix. Just take a look at FFVII - AC, it came out the same year and the art and animation are MUCH better.

Sound: There's a few of Uematsu Nobuo's classics thrown in which, if you're a fan of the original game like me you'll find leave you with a slight feeling of nostalgia, prompting you to remember the awesome game. Other than the Uematsu stuff, the music isn't anything special but it's good enough.

Character: The anime's heavily focused on Zack, who yeah, if you like him could be an entertaining enough character, but we don't really get enough time to really develop any connection to the characters here. The appearance of Tifa and Cloud along with Tifa's mentor/ master will again leave you with that nostaligic feeling, but - here I go again - have you played FFVII you'll have seen this all before, so you know what to expect, the characters themselves are great but with so little time nothing has any real chance to develop.

Enjoyment: Average because I'd seen it all before.

In short: This is one for the fans, and even then it's not anything to scream and shout about. If you like action, want something quick to watch (20 mins without the credits) then go for, but don't expect too much.