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Apr 29, 2023
Tonari Tenshi is the most miserable experience I've had watching a one-to-one romcom in a while.

I don't know why, but recently shows have a propensity to cast bland no-personality doormats as the MC and have unbelievably hot girls be attracted to no one but him. Fujimiya is a dense motherfucker and bland as all hell, and his obliviousness/stubbornness is frustrating and annoying more than a charm point. That's strike one. Now his love interest (oh I'm sorry, the other person who happens to occupy the same amount of screentime as him, I don't wanna get the wrong idea), Mahiru, is a strange character ...
Mar 27, 2023
When I saw Draluc pop in a shitty game that has Sugita yelling "QUEST OF SOUL GATE GA HIROGARERU WOW!", I knew then I was in for something truly special.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the first season when this first came out, but KyuuShinu S2 is shaping up to be my favorite comedy of the year. After overcoming the initial hurdle of getting to know everyone, you start to appreciate the humor of KyuuShinu once you know who's who and how they act around each other. And my word does S2 improve upon S1's humor and then some, with familiar characters getting into ...
Mar 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
When they first announced a Trails anime, I was fully expecting the show to be "So Bad It's Good", especially considering the trajectory the series has been going. With Kuro 2 being another shitty followup to an otherwise decent Kuro, and Cold Steel being completely batshit by the time Hajimari ended. What I got however was even more disappointing: A mediocre depiction of the Northern War event.

This anime is not for newcomers at all. You'd need to have read the documents in Cold Steel 3 that describes the war in order to even understand what's going on, who the factions are, and why there is ...
Mar 23, 2023
Onimai has finally Oshimai...

Onimai has got to be one of the best success stories this generation. I remembered reading the original when it was still a Pixiv manga all those years back, and seeing it animated with such high quality animation is simply stunning.

I knew I was in for a treat when the OP first played. Such fluid animation that blows everything else from this decade out of the water, with a flair you haven't seen since the 2000s ended, all wrapped up in a beautifully directed package by the always great Watanabe Akio. No rotoscoping, no 3DCG, no cheap stills, what you see ...
Mar 23, 2023
Revenger (Anime) add
Urobuchi comes back and pens his first anime in God knows how long and all we get is this!?

Revenger is a poor imitation of Urobuchi's works without the quality that makes his shows the way they are. After watching so much Thunderbolt Fantasy I was hoping to get a show of a similar caliber, now in Feudal Japan instead of China, one that subverts expectations and delivers surprises at every corner. But no, all you get is a predictable "Church Bad Opium Bad Trade Union Bad" story that fails to elicit any emotion from you outside of boredom.

I should have known things were bad when ...
Mar 22, 2023
Before I continue with this review, a full disclaimer: This isn't an isekai. It's all fake, done with the flimsiest justification plus a reversal so people would read the author's fantasy novel.

Tenten is full of surprises. You would never expect a show selling itself as an Isekai, animated by Diomedia of all people, to look this good. And yet in spite of the odds it still manages to deliver on a believable and engrossing romance set in a (now refreshing) non-RPG-based fantasy world.

It's clear from the word go that the team has a lot of passion and love for the original work. Far from ...
Mar 12, 2023
Isekai Ojisan (Anime) add
SEGA fans are a dedicated bunch. Even with their exit from console manufacturing, you'll still see dedicated SEGA fans who will passionately gush about their favorite games everywhere. Isekai Ojisan is a beautiful show borne from this passion, and, despite its many delays, manages to pull through with a stunningly fresh take on the Isekai genre.

Isekai Ojisan is 2 shows in one. On one part, you get a pretty comfy Slice of Life on a SEGA fan, who Isekai'd before the Dreamcast came out, and his nephew as they run a Youtube channel. The other half is said SEGA fan, his nephew and nephew's friend ...
Mar 12, 2023
Shinkai films (especially after Kimi no na Wa) generally follow a similar pattern: Supernatural disaster + Couple + Poorly Defined Romantic Relationships = Movie. Suzume no Tojimari is no different, even with the perspective switch to a female main character. All this wrapped in an absolutely gorgeous film that has to be seen on a cinema and not on your phone.

And if Shinkai has an Achilles' Heel, it's character drama. I hated 5cm/s despite its beauty and only enjoyed Tenki no Ko in parts. Suzume no Tojimari thankfully eschews most of this, though it does rear its ugly head near the beginning of the ...
Jan 2, 2023
DIY is certainly a rarity among anime. A CGDCT original that's actually really good and not boring/a thinly veiled ad for something. In a season already with several great CGDCT shows already, how does DIY fare?

Quite well in fact. While your typical archetypes are there, they do a good job in making them immensely likeable with plenty of character interactions abound (most noticeably for Yua Serufu, Purin, and Jobko) to let you get a feel for their personalities. With 6 characters as opposed to the usual 4, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but the show never feels bloated when it comes to ...
Dec 30, 2022
Renai Flops (Anime) add
Let's talk irony.

Had this show stuck to its fake premise of a shitty ecchi harem circa the early 2000s, it would have been less generic and more enjoyable than what it ended up becoming: a shitty bait-and-switch nakige circa the early 2010s.

In a way, there is some enjoyability when it comes to the shitty harems of the world. Now almost a bygone era, the shitty school life ecchi harem is strangely nostalgic to me, and are something of a guilty pleasure as one guy seems to effortlessly draw the attention of every female in his vicinity. Renai Flops however, wants to be more ...

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