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Jul 1, 2022
Onipan! (Anime) add (All reviews)
I can't believe it's not Doga Kobo! (TM)

I've always been a fan of director Ohta and his crew. They make some of the best comedies out there from Mitsudomoe to the legendary Sabagebu. But the team is most well known for their work on Doga Kobo's comedies such as Yuru Yuri and Uzamaid. While recently we haven't seen much output from them apart from the dreadful Abilities Average show, imagine my surprise when they're doing a kids show (like an actual kids show with the time shown on the top left and such) with stunt cast idols as the MCs. So how does this fare read more
Jun 30, 2022
Don't think this means you've won, JC Staff!

If you've known me, you know I've been very, very vocal on my dislike of the first season. So seeing me give this show such a high score must have been quite a shock, but believe me when I say that the second season of Machikado has been a remarkable improvement over the first.

The improvements are obvious once you start the first episode. Oh my God, I can actually follow through the show. The biggest, and by far the most important change is the pacing of the show. It's actually at regular speed now. Now, I do love read more
Jun 28, 2022
Goddammit Sunrise (You're still Sunrise to me, BN Pictures). After what seems like eons being trapped in the Gundam and Love Live salt mines, finally do they come up with another wacky original. I thought, man, it's just Golf, quite possibly the most boring sport in the whole world, how could they pull it off. And boy oh boy how glad I was to be proven wrong.

First off, the gritty noir faux-European setting one would associate more with Bee Train than Sunrise didn't clue you in, then the fact that half the series takes place in Nafrece would let you know all you need read more
Jun 26, 2022
What I didn't know going into Kono Healer Mendokusai (henceforth Karla's show) was that it wasn't your typical anime. Each episode consists of our two mains playing off of each other in verbal wordplay while being joined by the guest of the episode. In short, it's Manzai.

While I'm not as familiar with Manzai as I was back about a decade ago when I used to watch a lot of it, I can still tell what good or bad comedy is. Karla's show is very hit and miss for the most part, oftentimes within minutes of each other in the same episode. A lot of read more
Jun 22, 2022
I'm a very simple person. Big Witch Hat = Good Show. And wouldn't you know it, like Elaina and Azusa, the MC in RPG Fudousan has a big witch hat.

I kid (not really), RPG Fudousan has got to be the most refreshing Kirara show I've watched in years. As much as I love the comfort and familiarity of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things with some weak gimmick attached to them, they all start to feel very samey after a few dozen. RPG Fudousan, on the other hand, while also having a weak gimmick attached to it, somehow feels very novel by virtue of its setting, read more
Jun 20, 2022
Healer Girl is a show with an interesting premise that doesn't do nearly enough to capitalize on its unique premise, leading to a fine, but otherwise forgettable Slice of Life/CGDCT show.

The initial premise of songs having these fantastical properties to heal would make for a wonderfully original show, and yet the girls hardly do any healing outside of a handful of episodes. The majority of the runtime is spent doing typical CGDCT stuff like school festivals or summer vacation stuff. i.e. going through the motions without doing anything special. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but when you're me and you've watched a read more
Jun 17, 2022
Despite being an Isekai, you gotta give credit to Shokei Shoujo for its originality. Having what seems to be a standard Isekai suddenly turn into a yuri romance-adventure tale not 10 minutes into the first episode certainly is surprising...that is if you didn't read the description, watched any of the trailers, or even took a look at the key visual. But I am getting ahead of myself. Shokei Shoujo is still ultimately a fine show, and that much I am willing to say, but I wished it was much more than this.

Part of this stems from being an incomplete adaptation of an ongoing light novel. read more
Jun 16, 2022
I had always been a fan of RoTK ever since I was a kid, and having consumed so much media related to RoTK over the years, everything from live action dramas to games to anime, you get the sense that the stories and its characters are all overdone, and that there is nothing new to explore with regards to the series. So, believe me when I was Paripi Koumei is the freshest take I've seen on RoTK in a long long while that doesn't stray too far from RoTK while being a uniquely original experience.

Paripi Koumei is practically a reverse Isekai (or pretty much entirely read more
Jun 3, 2022
My favorite genre is the "Cute Girls do Cool Things" genre, which usually has a predominantly female cast engaged in badass and over-the-top action scenarios with little to no regard for melodrama, and every season I would search high and low for a show that meets that criteria. Usually 3Hz would deliver in that regard, but while expecting a show titled "Healer Girl" to have guns-blazing action is an exercise in futility, I somehow stumbled upon Estab Life, that has absolutely everything I wanted, and then some.

Estab Life is what you would call a "multi media franchise", or in less flattering but more accurate terms, read more
Apr 18, 2022
First things first, I'm not a fujo, so normally I wouldn't gravitate towards shows like these, but upon discovering the director for this was also responsible for Symphogear G, GX, and XV (and ...AXZ...), I simply had to give the show a shot. And honestly, this is just Symphogear with guys. Hell the first episode even begins with a Kirika/Shirabe esque moment with the 2 Buster Bros "sneaking" around like idiots.

The show is simply stylish. Similar to Ono Katsumi's work on Symphogear, the act of singing, or rapping in this case, is given such a bombastic and over-the-top flair that it becomes so engaging read more