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LastEvolution Jul 5, 10:40 AM
nah you just dont understand the beauty of it lol
or u cant comprehend whats it all about
The_Peak Feb 11, 12:12 PM
Well, I heavily disagree when it comes to your review on death note, I'll admit it has its flaws, however, it is overrated in some aspects and very underrated in other aspects. For example Light covers such a large scope of themes, his thematic significance is perfectly well done. the story itself can be contrasted to so many things, such as it uses a high amount of elements from Greek mythology, monotheistic elements, Shintoism, Japanese mythology, folk religious elements, Etc. And 2 of the first scenes in episode 1 and 2, recontextualizes light's whole character. If I were to narrow down death note to one question and one answer that it utilizes heavily throughout the series it would be 'If a human were to receive a power that would essentially make them ''god'', making them able to throw judgment upon anyone they want, how would a human react?". that alone shows what death note is all about. The concepts it embodies are one of the strong points. having such large importance for the story to flow. Death note shows how one's moral ambiguity can have such a large impact on one's true perception of reality, causing for example light to feel enlightened even tho it's the complete opposite, in reality being that of false enlightenment. In all Dn is in possession of one of the strongest thematically significant stories of all time. Please do yourself a favor, and rewatch it or reread it, just re-experience it. It will do you gods work.
Sagitarius Feb 2, 5:55 AM
hey ur a very talented satanist :) pls review some more animus bro
SatanYourHomie Aug 10, 2021 9:42 AM
Hi, Death note having boring moments, where? When?
Slow? He started killing in the very first episode!
I've watched it at least 20 times if not more since 2009 and even though I know everything that's going to happen I'm still hyped up.
Death note overrated? No way man. Maybe the English and Japanese version are not exciting I don't know but the French version in 10/10 for every characters.
ilalochezia Jul 9, 2021 1:06 PM
Your reviews, while short, are to the point and don't waste much time, which is pretty good.
ZAZC Nov 26, 2020 8:49 PM
BREAKING: Just in, very important user Dhaarok, correctly feels his opinion is written in stone and should be considered the undeniable truth, also, for the people who would say "anime is subjective", shut up. Such an important person as Dhaarok said so, don't you know of the omniscient Dhaarok?

In all seriousness, it's just an anime and an opinion bro. let people enjoy what they want lol
Dhaarok Oct 17, 2020 6:41 PM
Akira 9/10

Death note 7/10.

Please stop shitting up the catalogue with bait reviews.
chewyyajin Sep 23, 2020 6:20 PM
Grib_GFX Dec 26, 2019 5:44 AM
i would rate Tokyo Ghoul a 7 not death note
Nainu_ Jun 15, 2019 12:16 AM
Hi. Thank you for your review on Death Note. It's true that it is quite overrated. Some parts of it got me bored, pacing went from slow to nowhere, and some characters are not fully developed. Only forced. Cheers.
giannis85 Dec 18, 2017 4:58 AM
Hello, I liked your review about ''Death Note''and I agree with you that it's a good series, but kind of overrated! Now, you may ask ''Then, why you gave it a 10?'', I wiil tell you that I admit that it have flaws (storywise, I indeed give it a 7, or 8), but I'm the type of guy that puts enjoyment way above the story, so for me, Death Note was trully a fun ride (besides, there is no 9.5 ratiing, so I preferred to give it a full 10, because I thought a 9 will be ''unfair'', lol)!
Now, I watched it nearly a decade before, so sometimes I wonder to myself ''why the heck I stiil have it on my favorites list'', since I have seen way more better and original anime recently (Monster, Madoka, Steins; Gate, Fate/Zero)... Well, I think it's because is the anime that I will certainly recommend to ''anime-haters'' to make them become ''anime-lovers'' (the reason that I also keep having ''Attack on Titan'' in the list), heh heh!
Note: If you don't know, the manga has a more ''interesting'' ending than the anime, heh!

Needless to say that I still considering Death Note superior to Code Geass (that I give it a 9, because is the anime that should REALLY called ''overrated'')!!!
Gauchorino Sep 6, 2015 3:51 AM
Of course bro, and np.
Gauchorino Jun 19, 2015 2:44 AM
Gene avatar and profile: let me just say, you are awesome afffff.
Done May 20, 2015 12:59 PM
Done May 19, 2015 8:21 PM
Hey im part of the iluminati too!! Woohoo!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ Do you see the triangle????