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piannissimo Aug 8, 2015 1:24 PM
I did it, I completed Mekakucity Actors. You're right, the characters are cool ;) although sometimes it was a bit confusing with these flashbacks and other stuff... and towards the end it felt a little bit rushed (the end itself was not really satisfying for me as well) - but hey, all in all I enjoyed the show.
So now the last member of my current watch list is Katekyou Hitman Reborn! It's only about 30 more episodes or so, so I'm definitely not dropping that show now! XD But well, that's not really true, there are a bunch of shows waiting in my 'on-hold'-list. I sometimes watched the first episode and then ... I don't know, I didn't watch the rest XD Maybe I really wanted to see something else, not because I didn't like that first episode - in most cases you cannot really tell from the first episode if this show is going to be good or horrible... so that wasn't the reason. I think I will try to erase them one after another.

Jormungand is on my PTW list, I do like dark things (muahaha- ehh... nothing XD) and I will definitely watch that, don't worry :D It has two seasons, right? Maybe that made me hesitate starting it until now. It's a show I will watch, but before that I want to watch FMAB. I haven't watched FMA (just the second movie - don't ask me why, it just happened somehow! XD), so I'll go with Brotherhood and I'm really looking forward to it. To be honest, the only little thing that stopped me from doing so in the past was the amount of episodes. But I think if this is good enough, 64 episodes are over in no time ;D

I need to watch Log Horizon 2 soon, too, because otherwise I have no idea what they are talking about... okay, I already forgot a lot of things, so maybe I should re-watch the last episode from season one and hope that I don't get totally confused XD but I think Brotherhood comes first, I have the feeling I want to watch it right now. Okay, maybe tomorrow...? ;D

Hmmmm, I cannot really remember when the last time was that I used messengers... it must be ages ago XD but I don't know whether that is a good solution for our 'problem', because I have impression we are never online at the same time^^. But you're right, I'm also scared to lose my text again every time I'm writing my reply. It's just... thinking is hard for me right now. I'm sorry, my response is not as thoroughly as I wanted it to be, I left out some things from before again, but I can't concentrate right now, it's just too hot here... ah, by the way, I didn't know how to make links as well at first - until I tried to just paste it. XD It automatically appears like that! And the rest (italic, bold, etc.) is somewhere in the FAQ I think...
piannissimo Jul 19, 2015 1:11 PM
Hey hey, it's been a while since my last 'visit' here...

Yeah, I've started Mekakucity Actors some time ago, thanks for reminding me about that -.- no, just kidding :D I thought about finishing that anyway, after I postponed it just because I wanted to watch Kiseijuu first - btw it's really hard to guess whether you will like it or not, but it's true, this parasite-thing is something strange. There were some funny moments and sad moments, ah well, the fighting scenes were pretty cool. I think Kiseijuu has a pretty unique style but maybe I do think that because I haven't watched something like that before... I definitely don't regret watching it, the soundtrack was pretty cool, too, something different ;)

"For me, I always get really excited about shows, but once they finish airing, I hesitate to dive into them. I get the feeling that I want to save them, but that usually just ends up being me delaying watching the shows that I was really excited about." - that could be me XD I always save up certain anime shows, like Monster, like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood,... I don't really know why I do this, but at least I'm not the only one^^

Wow, I just had to laugh a bit about how our 'lists' are totally different ;D okay, God Eater was also somewhere in my mind, but I don't know about that military stuff... I guess I might give it a try to see if it's for me or not. Potential candidates for the summer season are:
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki - just because of the visuals, I don't know what it is about XD
Aoharu x Kikanjuu - pretty much for the same reason...
Gangsta. - hey, those two guys look pretty bad-ass, don't they? ;D
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace - of course because it has the mystery tag!!! but it's from a new (?) studio, so that's also interesting...
Rokka Yuusha - the synopsis sounded promising and the art style is cool
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime - Historical & Romance... well, let's see how much 'shoujo' it is^^
Gakkou Gurashi! - I got curious about the Horror-tag here, the synopsis sounds pretty strange though o.O

I think that's it. OMG they are so many... but for now, these are just titles that 'seem to be interesting' at first sight - I don't know if I will end up watching them, well, I don't think so. Maybe I will have a look into the first episode(s) and then decide about that. What I'm also looking forward to, is OVA and movies (and the it's the same, I don't know if they will ever be watched or nor, but they are on my PTW-list):
Kami-sama Hajimemashita OVA - well, of course because Kamisama is just awesome!!! <3
Akatsuki no Yona OVA - just maybe, I haven't watched the anime yet
Little Witch Academia sequel movie - the prequel wasn't bad, might or might not watch that...
Bakemono no Ko movie - from the director of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, Summer Wars and Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
Meiji Tokyo Renka: Yumihari no Serenade movie - yeah, another reverse harem XD I'm still waiting for a title to turn out to be good, haha ;D
Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. - synopsis sounded interesting, but well, let's see...

Gatchaman is also on my list, but until I have watched the first season I don't know about the sequel... And I don't know Working, I just have heard the title before and that it is comedy but that's it... might watch that someday. When I read through the list of upcoming shows I had to laugh about one title: Bikini Warriors. The key visual looked exactly as ridiculous as I expected it to be... I mean, what the hell...? Well, I don't really understand, why someone would watch that, but hey, I don't need to since I'm not the target audience for that! :P

I have to admit that the MAL-score sometimes leads me to watch a certain series and also sometimes to avoid a series... at least that's how it was in the beginning. Now I still do look at the score or at reviews if there are some (and hopefully spoiler-free) or at the recommendations (sometimes that's even how I find a series that I didn't know/notice before), but it is not as important as it used to be when I started watching anime, I think. Maybe it changed because I realised that it's not the best way to choose a new series only based on opinions of people that surely have an entirely different taste than me. I mean, it didn't work out well to assume I will like it because everybody else does ;) Okay, a lot of entries in my plan-to-watch list are there because of that reason, but I also add shows that list genre I usually like or, as mentioned before, inspired from recommendations.

I know what you mean, movies are sometimes just 'not enough', especially if you liked them very much and crave for more. I do like watching movies when I don't have much time to watch a whole series in one rush, because it's usually much shorter. But that can also be a problem, it must be difficult to develop a story without rushing it too much and at the same time it shouldn't be too shallow or even imcomplete (I hate these type of movies when movies end and you are left alone with all the questions). Hm, let's think about some good movies I can remember... Hotarubi no Mori e, I think I already mentioned it, is one of my favourites (Go watch it!!! XD), Colorful was really impressive, oh yeah, and I think you could call me a Ghibli-fan, too. Princess Mononoke (I think when I first watched Mononoke Hime on TV, I didn't know that this was actually called 'anime' XD) or Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaä, Laputa, Totoro :3 ... there are many good Ghibli-movies in my opinion, but I still haven't watched them all^^. I'm totally addicted to the soundtracks, Joe Hisaishi is a genius! Perfect Blue was something I watched recently, I somehow liked it... not that light-hearted stuff this time, but something pretty dark instead. Kara no Kyoukai is something similar in terms of genre, I think. The movie series is also already on my list, but I'm 'saving' them for... yeah, what exactly? ;D I also have some 'classics' on my list, such as Akira or the GitS series, although I'm not too much into mecha stuff...

Phew... I think I will deal with the rest some other time, I'm thirsty now XD
piannissimo Jul 8, 2015 3:27 PM
Don't worry, a late reply is also a reply, so that's okay. ;) I was only a little bit worried, hopefully things will calm down soon.

I recently finished Kiseijuu. It was good, I liked it (the music was cool :D), but I'm not as flashed as I thought I would be. I should really stop having any expectations when starting a new show... I think it's a pretty bad habit but that's also a problem with anime shows that get a lot of hype. But on the other hand it is a little bit of a relief for me that I do not like everything just because the MAL-score says it's super-duper-awesome ;D okay, there are times I do agree but that's not surprising, I think.
By the way, do you watch anime movies as well? I don't mean those related to a TV or OVA series.

Well then, take care!
piannissimo Jun 21, 2015 10:13 AM
Damn, why am I so lazy? A whole week has already passed... what did I want to write? *think think* yeah, huke is everywhere! XD

Concerning Bakemonogatari: I think I did like it for it was something different - is this what they call SHAFT-style? What I tried to say was that my 'problem' now was or still is, in which order I should watch them (or if it is important to watch them in chronological order or not), because there are so many ~monogataris to watch. ;D

Ah, by the way, I have watched two or three episodes of Akame ga Kill by chance and so far I'm not quite sure about whether to continue watching or not. I'm not really like 'yay, I need to watch the next episode RIGHT NOW' or something like that, but maybe it just needs more episodes to catch my interest...

Fate/Zero is already on my list, I'm looking forward to it... :D but I'm thinking about watching Kiseijuu next. It's hard to decide... I don't know whether it's a good idea to start watching a show with more than 12 episodes now, but I'm really excited for that anime somehow (also for several others of course, which is why I'm hesitating a little bit^^). In the last weeks I watched some movies but now I would like to start with a new series, I think. Although there are also some sequels waiting for me (Log Horizon or Psycho Pass).

Now that the current season ends, are there shows of the summer season (or from the current season) you're interested in?
piannissimo Jun 13, 2015 12:58 PM
Yay, you wrote back :3 but with such news... I hope your dad is going to be fine!

Oh noooo, the curse again! XD I better save my progress every second, just in case :D
Yes, I FINALLY completed my Devil Survivor mission... and I survived! But I have to say I was somehow disappointed. I really liked the music, OP/ED (!!!) as well as the soundtrack. I really wanted to like the show itself, too, but there were some things that I couldn't undersand. I mean, why did this girl (Nitta) not die although they said her soul is already gone? But, of course, the MC manages to save her somehow... that was a little bit annoying (not that I wanted her to die). And the last episode... omg... crybaby... maybe it was the MC I didn't really like, I liked Hotsuin more and I could agree with him more, I guess.
Also, it was getting so ridiculous that when the situation was really getting dangerous for the group they always came up with a new monster that was more powerful and then saved them all (like this monster from Daichi who was useless until that point) ... and I thought the MC was way too overpowered to begin with... but I think the problem of this anime is the short time frame. 12 episodes are not enough time to adapt an actual game, so I think my feeling of the story being too rushed and sometimes not really making sense is caused by that. I mean, we did get a few seconds of backstory from the characters but that was not sufficient I think. So, while I didn't really liked this show it would be interesting to give the game a try, because the plot itself is not the problem. Unfortunately I do not own a DS...

As I stated, I found Bakemonogatari interesting (somehow^^), so I think I will give the other ones a try, but it's not on top of my imaginary priority list. ;)

A GC-spinoff would be super awesome and I think almost everybody who watched the OVA would agree that it was way better than the TV show!

I only watched the first season of Psycho Pass (and liked it) and from what I heard, the second one is not as good, but I guess it's always hard for a second season to maintain the quality of its predecessor ... I hope for the sequel of Noragami to be as awesome as season one.

It's really depressing me that I cannot buy the soundtrack of Zetsuen no Tempest, because it was only released with the Blu-ray, I think. I don't recall a single track I didn't like and this is not something to happen so often for me. There are always tracks I don't like (often these "daily" themed tracks if you know what I mean because they are so plain? boring? annoying? something like that), but ZnT was just ... perfect. I really like classical music! :)

Okay, I will write more about the Vocaloid stuff later, when I have found the time to watch the videos ;) but for now, I know Gumi and Luka (and Miku, Rin and Meiko as well), but I don't know who IA is... XD

Wow, you speak Chinese?? That's pretty cool... do you have asian roots or why did you live there? Well, my university offered Chinese courses for beginners and I thought 'why not?' because I thought a language with totally different characters is quite interesting. But sadly it's the same with me, I forgot a lot of things, like, how to write the characters or about the tones of the vocab that I can remember. I think I can still talk/understand a little bit (of course only very basic stuff) but I hope/think it comes back when I start repeating it (I planned to do so, and I hope I will actually do it^^).

Actually I don't really have a plan of what I would like to see in Japan, but I guess it would be a mix of modern and traditional places in the city/countryside, and also the nature itself. Speaking Japanese or to be able to read and understand it would be awesome to play games, too, I think. :D Or even for watching anime... no need to wait for subs anymore or for games to be released in US or Europe... XD

btw. nice profile pic... another anime I need to watch!! XD
piannissimo Jun 1, 2015 8:04 AM
So, in the meantime (while waiting for your promised answer ;D) I managed to finish Kurozuka aaand I re-watched the first four episodes of Devil Survivor! :3 I hope I can make it to the end this time XD
And of course I'm already thinking about what to watch next, haha, I just can't help it...^^
piannissimo May 18, 2015 3:32 AM
It's often not that easy to just write short messages, but yes, that might be more safe. ;D

Oh god, noooo, I'm far from being ready to watch DRRR! XD Couldn't find the time to watch anything at all this month... well, but let me know what you think about Baccano, I'm curious! :3
piannissimo May 7, 2015 3:44 AM
OH NOOO, what is this!? It's a curse! Just when I was about to finish my answer I made some weird combination on my keyboard and... it was all gone (I'm not kidding). Arrr, I hate it when that happens!! asdladfhgakfjlsdgf!!!!! *rage mode* Okay,... okay, I need to calm down. I will write that reply later, okay? Okay.

Hm, I'm still a little bit angry but I want to get this done, so here it goes again (this time I'm making a textfile and save every 2 seconds! XD):

I might start the manga of No.6, but first things first, there are other titles waiting for me... ;)

Yes sir, I will finish DS2 soon!! Or wait, I will start again from the beginning for I cannot remember too much of it.

I've only watched Bakemonogatari so far, it was... interesting? I'm planning to watch other ~monogataris but I'm a little bit confused, there are so many of them! XD
Ghost Hunt and Shiki were both very enjoyable for me, the soundtrack of Shiki is awesome! Yes, Sawano Hiroyuki's soundtracks are pretty cool, although... when I think about it, they tend to sound quite (maybe a little bit too?) similar. I mean it's fairly easy to tell it's him just by listening to the background music while watching a show, like Shingeki no Kyojin for example... but nontheless, I also liked Guilty Crown's soundtrack. I think without that, the show would only have been mediocre. I liked the OVA better, did you watch it? Scrooge and Carol, they were so cool <3 it was too short! A show with the two of them would have been awesome, I think...

I think it's the same with me, I also have my phases, like Vocaloid (but I never got too deep into that to really have a 'knowledge' about all that) or the traditional music or the different music types used in AMVs. After watching Psycho Pass and Zetsuen no Tempest (the soundtrack is... just wow!!) I got addicted to Nothing's Carved in Stone and Ling Tosite Sigure. Right now I'm listening to game soundtracks or Ghibli piano music... as for Vocaloid, you're absolutely right, it's a great thing for creative/skilled people. I heard it's super difficult to make the voice sound good/natural. Well, in the end I will (probably) always prefer 'real' singer exactly because of that. But indeed, there are good songs. One thing that I often didn't like was the instrumentation of the songs. In general I do prefer rock music but a lot of these songs are so... noisy ... but in a negative sense^^. Do you have a favorite Vocaloid or do you listen to all of them or from specific songwriters? From what I can remember I liked some songs of Nem, buzzG and otetsu, there were other songs, too, of course. I have no real voice preferences but most of the time the male voices are less annoying (the female voices tend to be too high-pitched which really pains the ear!). Well, I like it if it sounds more natural ;) Oh God, after I heard Matryoshka for the first time, I was singing around searching for different versions of that song for days, because I couldn't get it out of my head XD

I think I have heard that Senbonzakura song before ... hey, just now I found another version of it interpreted by a band called 'Wagakki'. They use both modern and traditional instruments, well, THAT is pretty cool!! :D Here, if you're interested (links don't seem to work?! - okay, MAL adds them automatically o.O):
Ah, Lindsey Stirling. I've watched a few videos, I like them because of the costumes <3 but she's also very talented. I always wanted to try playing a string instrument... what is it like, I wonder? By the way, playing harp looks very elegant!

Unfortunately I do not speak Japanese :( only a little (little!) bit of Chinese. My 'Japanese' consists of words and phrases often used in anime shows, so that doesn't count for me. I haven't been to Japan yet, but I also really want to go! But before that I would like to learn at least some of the basics, I think that would make the trip even more enjoyable. ;D I guess, learning the Katakana shouldn't be too difficult (I mean, I also somehow managed to learn Chinese characters) but I think it's a little bit tricky for me to figure out where to begin when learning that language by myself and so I'm too lazy(?) to actually start... Do you speak Japanese?
piannissimo Apr 28, 2015 5:31 AM
Of course I was desperately waiting for your answer ;___; ... haha ;P but yay, that's great, now you have more time for other things :) No.6 ... hmm... I watched it like two or three years ago and I think it was okay, the synopsis sounded interesting, but I'm pretty bad with remembering what exactly happened or how it ended (that's always the first thing I forget >.<). I just remember I thought about starting to read the manga, but well, ... tell me now that you finished it ;D

I will definitely watch Darker Than Black. Soon. Very soon... nngghh but I must stop starting a new show before I haven't finished the other ones, damn, why did I even start Romeo x Juliet? I don't know! I even watched Juuni Kokuki (12 Kingdoms) instead of Kurozuka and the other ones (I'm so sorry Devil Survivor XD) ... but once I started it, I just couldn't stop, that's why. The beginning was a bit hard to stand because of the annoying MC - yes, she's a crybaby at first, but she becomes quite cool during the show. I was a bit depressed when it ended... there are some things I wonder about and the show doesn't answer some questions. Well, but as far as I know the manga is still ongoing so maybe that's why it ended there? And I just found out that the story is written by the same author as Ghost Hunt and Shiki. Did you watch these shows? I liked them both... but I don't know if that's your type. Okay, blablablah, next topic XD

I promise I won't touch ehh watch Queen's Blade ;)

Do you mean another studio produced Log Horizon 2? Oh, I didn't know about that. Well, if that's a good or a bad thing I will see... later.

Yes, I read that a lot (about how Clannad is a must-watch). Until now I didn't really intend to do so soon, because of the... eyes... yes, they somehow look... creepy? XD The art style is not my type and, to be honest, I'm slightly annoyed about how everyone is hyping this anime show. Maybe I'm afraid that this can only end with me being disappointed (again). But that doesn't mean that I will never watch it, it is just a little bit harder to persuade myself :D but I try to get more open to series that I (literally) may not like at first sight. I know that it doesn't necessarily mean they are bad just because I don't like the visual quality. I think I can overlook that to a certain point if the story is great... do you pay attention to the music? Well, I do and I think it is pretty important (in both positive and negative sense).

So... music, that's a hard question to answer shortly :D I'm a huge fan of anime soundtracks but also of "normal" movie soundtracks and game soundtracks as well. I like the classical music but I'm also listening to rock, metal, pop, whatever... there are even some dubstep songs that I like. I got pretty addicted to a lot of opening/ending songs from animes so sometimes after that I'm searching for the artists. And... it may sound funny now, but I can also enjoy traditional asian music (I like the sounds of these instruments^^). I don't know if I forgot something (I bet I did) because there are so many different genre, but you asked about Vocaloid. Yes, I know that type of music but I would never call myself to be an expert or fan. There are some songs I like but I'm pretty picky because I don't like it when it's too obvious that it is not an actual person singing (well, you know what I mean, I know the voices are from humans^^ but how they manage to let them sing can be good or bad). How about you, do you like Vocaloid? And what about music in general?
piannissimo Apr 12, 2015 6:39 AM
Darker Than Black and the other one are also written on my list ;) Hei looks pretty damn cool... oh man, now I'm super curious. I have to watch that really soon. ;D

Well, I was a little bit sad being so disappointed with Qwaser. I thought the MC was awesome... until THAT happened. I've only heard the name Queen's Blade but I never watched it and I guess I won't do that. I really don't like shows with too much ecchi elements in it... ;)

It's not that SAO was very bad but I cannot say I liked it, either. I really enjoyed the first half of it ... but the second part was disappointing/annoying for me. I personally liked Log Horizon better (I know, almost everybody compares these two shows XD). The second season of that is also on my list, let's see how this one turns out, when I find the time to watch it. I hope it won't disappoint me (too much)...

Don't worry, I'm not judging you ;) As long as you're not like one of these crybabies we both hate in anime shows it should be fine XD I can also cry in anime shows/movies if I'm really moved, but usually I don't like it when it's too cheesy. Well, it depends on my mood after all... Oh, when I hear the name Clannad it reminds me of everyone getting super emotional on YT-comments (I'm sometimes watching AMV and there are plenty of AMVs with Clannad in it). I haven't watched it yet but it's on my list like too many other shows^^

Yes, it's the same plan I have - and it fails. Every time^^ I frequently add new interesting looking shows to my list when they are on MAL news or on one of these season preview charts from the internet.

Hm, since my last response ... I cannot remember to have watched anything at all - what a shame! Since I actually had time I somehow didn't want to watch something ... oh no, what's wrong with me? I need to hurry and finish Kurozuka and the other ones I'm currently watching before I forget everything... plus the new season has already started, waaaah!!!! XD

Hehe, I think I would also be excited about moving ;) Is it far away from where you were before? I hope, everything works out and you soon have enough time again to check off plenty of shows on your list! :D
piannissimo Mar 30, 2015 7:44 AM
Ah, well... Elfen Lied was okay, but from what I remember right know that main guy was preeeetty annoying -.- whatever... right now I'm watching Kurozuka and it's not like there aren't legs/arms/whatever flying all over the place let alone all that blood XD so maybe it's not only the gore/blood amount but the way it is done or whether it fits the show or not... for Kurozuka I quite like the fighting scenes, the story is pretty much confusing (a lot of flashbacks), but I hope it is going to make some sense by the time I finish watching... if not, well, then at least I enjoyed the action parts of it XD

You mentioned Qwaser, I guess you mean Seikon no Qwaser? Oh yes, this is a pretty good example for what I meant in my previous reply, because I think this show could have been good! I liked the idea of the element manipulation thing plus I loved the art style, b-but then I watched the first episode... >.< I don't want to talk about it! XD Well, a certain amount of ecchi is okay for me, I think. It also depends on my mood, whether I can laugh about it or it's just a nuisance for me.

By cliched shows, which ones do you mean? Can you name a few examples? I'm just curious.
But I absolutely know what you mean when you say you don't like dropping shows, because I'm pretty much the same XD I know, there are a few ones that I did drop... but usually I try to endure it until the end^^. Hm, right now I cannot really recall a series that turned out to be better than I thought at the beginning, but I can remember one where it was the other way around (it was SAO -.-).

Oh yes, I feel like I will never manage to watch all the titles of my list because I add more new shows than I can update as 'completed'. But actually I'm glad there are always new shows (in almost every new season) that pique my interest.
piannissimo Mar 21, 2015 2:25 PM
Well no, unfortunately I felt so bad I couldn't do anything -.-

I usually prefer the second option, watching the whole thing (except for long-time series, that's pretty impossible). I guess it also depends on the genre, for Slice-of-Life anime or episodic anime series it's no problem but if the storyline is more complex you might forget some important aspects and end up being confused.

It's true I have a weakness for mystery anime :3 They often come with horror elements but I do not like it too gory, e.g. I didn't like Elfen Lied so much - as everybody else seems to do^^ - I don't know why but I found it a little bit too exaggerated with all that blood. Well, and I am not a huge fan of ecchi ;), because most of the time it's just annoying and it sometimes even destroys the whole show for me making it ridiculous (in a negative sense). The same goes for comedy elements in shows that absolutely do no not need them... but that's just my opinion

I'm also somewhat into historical anime, you know... a lot of swords... and amazing fighting scenes... and hot guys all over the place XD haha, just kidding... well, I can't deny the reverse harem shows in my list, but they have a usually low score in common. I know they will be stupid, but I watch them anyway^^. There are also some romance anime I do watch/like...hey, I see you have not watched Hotarubi no Mori e yet? It's one of my favourite anime movies, I hope you plan on watching it soon, I can hardly imagine that you would regret that. Now that I mentioned it, I want to re-re-rewatch it right now^^

Well, I know there are a lot more genres I could mention but I would say I'm also generally open for most types of anime, although there are some genre that I don't like so much, such as mecha, sci-fi or sports... which does not mean that I do not watch them at all, but they are rather rare to be found on my list.
piannissimo Mar 18, 2015 1:04 PM
Don't worry, my reply is also late, but hey, I have a good excuse: I caught a cold - for the second time this year after feeling 'okay' for one week or so... I hope it's really over this time >.<'

You should watch Nichijou one day if you want something to laugh about :)

I don't think it's weird to want it completed before you start watching, I usually do it that way, too (after following a few shows of a season while airing and then deciding to avoid that because I also hate to wait if I'm watching a show that got me hooked) but still, sometimes I do watch shows while they air. For example Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2... I even re-watched Season 1 in the meantime and now I hate the moment I finish the latest episode because I know I'll have to wait for the next one... well, I just couldn't wait XD

By the way, do you have any preferences in genres you watch? Or are there genres you do not like?
piannissimo Mar 2, 2015 3:48 AM
Oh yes, I occasionally end up watching a series that was not on my list at all (and there are enough shows I really want to watch!) or had a low priority, so basically just because I "felt" like watching it ;D

I also think it gets boring to watch one great or hyped/popular show after another. In my case I think it's a gut decision what to watch next. Sometimes I just want to watch something hilarious such as Nichijou, but after that I might prefer something more serious with an actual story or from a different genre.

That deal is a little bit unfair, don't you think? I mean, Durarara has about twice as many episodes as Baccano plus several (?) seasons more to come - by the way are you watching that currently airing one? But we can do that, I mean I want to watch it anyway^^... someday the time will come either for me to watch Durarara or for you to start with Baccano, then the other one will have no choice but to keep the promise... or something like that, haha ;)
piannissimo Feb 27, 2015 11:30 AM
B-But at least it's on my list :3
I heard it is not as good as Baccano but I will see then... btw you absolutely must watch Baccano! I really enjoyed that, Miria and Isaac are so awesome! :D