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Aug 5, 12:18 PM
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Aug 4, 9:27 AM
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Made in Abyss
Aug 3, 7:46 AM
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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Aug 4, 2017 5:19 PM
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru - Episode 5: End of the Golden Witch
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru - Episode 5: End of the Golden Witch
May 27, 2017 9:04 AM
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Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru
Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru
Aug 25, 2016 3:02 PM
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Trivialmadness Jul 24, 12:37 PM
Hey, recharging going nicely? :D

I don't have any vacation this summer, only a couple of normal free days now and then, for the reason you already stated - I haven't yet had time to earn any. I'm doing extra because of other peoples' vacations are on and there's been too many unexpected sick leaves in our department...and because I feel bad for my workmates because the summer in our place is a hell break loose and I'm an idiot who always says "of course I'm coming to work on my day off if there's need for it!" Kick me please! D: But only for the summer...I'd die otherwise... :D

from playing in traffic to.. like having sex in public

Ahhahhah lol what! Have you done some spicy dares yourself?

You didn't consider watching the original one yourself?

The original Galactic Heroes is err.. .I think the length is a bit intimidating. Come to think of it, I've watched all the longer series on my list when they were airing (and 100+ episodes is a rarity!). Not that it doesn't interest me but the effort to start watching it needs some built-in stamina for that. And yeah the second part of the new adaptation is gonna be in movie format, which is really weird, because it worked good as a series. So why?

That water level in there is disturbingly low! The heat and dryness hits the nature hard...we just had a forest fire which took almost a week to put off and thousands of clams have died in lakes. That's so sad. ;( I'm a little afraid of coming years in the light of this summer. D:

Buuuut something more fun now! The premise of Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger is that kind of dark show that attracts me too regardless how generic it might be. It was a pleasant surprise to see it doesn't seem to ride with dark and gritty themes only but approaches the story more like a supernatural drama. And I'd recommend Banana Fish even after a couple of episodes! Don't let the shoujo tag affect too much, because if the manga was created nowadays instead of 30 years ago it would definitely be seinen. There's some nice 80's vibes and everyday realism I'm really liking. Speaking of dark, I saw you've watched Kuroshitsuji "book" stories! How did ya like? I loved the circus story arc in the manga and have been planning to watch it too.

About MAL...maybe someone spilled their coffee in the wrong place and *explosion*?
Trivialmadness Jul 18, 4:39 AM
Oh, and I'm so glad to hear about the socks! 0/
Trivialmadness Jul 18, 4:38 AM
Hey babe!

Has it really been almost two months!? The time has just disappeared somewhere - I know it has disappeared into working since I've been doing extra hours and will continue to do so till the end of August but still! Speaking of #conspiracytheories there's definitely been something fishy going on with MAL...some API problems shouldn't take this long to fix and taking down the whole site and reconstructing(?) it is a massive operation, right? And the forums are still down! I'm not any wiser than you and can only wonder whatta heck happened. D:

I can relate to the crazy work stuff...I feel like there's barely enough time to come back home to sleep at night. And the weather's been like this. No kidding. I'm literally feeling sick because of the heat wave and dunno how I'm gonna survive the next 9 days-of-work-in-a-row. :00 Is the heat strong in there too? Can we survive? x`D

Yeah MAL problems seem to restrict the watching lists to their owners only. I wrapped up the new Galactic Heroes and without any prior knowledge of the previous adaptation I can say that it was a quality piece of sci-fi and I enjoyed it a lot. The downside is that it was short and stopped literally in the middle of everything and I dunno if it's gonna be as nice to watch the rest of the story as movies. Have you watched it or the original adaptation?

How is FMP

Believe it or not, I haven't yet watched FMP....i heard the last episodes were delayed but they should be out now and waiting for the day when I'm..errr...otherwise unoccupied. It needs a whole day devoted only for that sacred duty. :D How's your situation with that?

I haven't been so deep in the scene this summer and there doesn't seem to be that many interesting new series but there's two I've waited to start and they're here now: this gang action drama originated from 80's and this urban vampire/werewolf slasher. Both seem promising after one or two episodes.

We too have big bonfires going on in the midsummer celebrations! Old pagan traditions maybe? It's also common to do love spells and have dance parties in the midsummer eve's night. Oh, and there's always official and unofficial bets going on how many people will drown in lakes (only two this year).[everyone graduating dress up in overalls with same color] Woo that's nice! Does the color depend on their department of study or? The bit with alcohol and party animals sounds just like our university students...they start practicing a couple of weeks before 1st of May which is the official booze fest. It's interesting how some traditions and festivities differ in neighboring countries and some resemble each so much that they must originate from the same place.

but I haven't watched School Days

It's one of those series everyone seems to have heard of and which also has a terrible reputation . A cult series of a sort. :D

How is it going otherwise?
Trivialmadness May 20, 4:39 AM
Happy socks yayyyy I'm so glad they arrived safely! YW and thanks for the pic. 0/

The first week of the work is now over and I'm still alive. A little beat and confused though. (^0^)' We also had a whopping 25 degrees heatwave and I already got a slight sun stroke...PATHETIC. Luckily the heat turned down a notch and it's actually quite nice now, a cool breeze feels so good.

I was subscribed to

Whoa is it one of those subscriptions where you get a selection of different snacks sent to you once a month or? I sometimes get Japanese yummies from my bro who goes there to work trips and from my Japanese friend who lives here in Finland and gotta say that some of the things I've tried have been...interesting. Strawberry pocky sticks have been my favorites. :D

Why a witches though!? D: Just tradition or any backstory for that?

Easter and witches...the old folklore tells how the domestic animals are more prone to fall under the spells of witches at this time of year and kids dressing up mocks the fear of the "real" witches. The going door-to-door and blessing the house is on the other hand based on orthodox customs so it's kinda curious how these two have mixed. Do you have some unique annual traditions in there you could think of?

I've seen far too many "ok we're in the last ep now, lets kill him and/or her off and end this shit right here"

Yeah that's a low way to try to impress anyone and it rarely pulls off. I'm a fan of bittersweet and nobody-wins endings but they must be skillfully crafted to work. But talking about the best-worst endings I think Code Geass did it perfectly and I can't imagine any better way they could've ended it. Also, School Days. The whole series was utterly awful but the ending, despite being bad, was actually really enjoyable. Best-worst. :D For the worst-worst, you already mentioned cliffhangers...I also remember hating the end of Kure-Nai and Toradora because all the build up from before got wasted for one reason or another.

Heheh, the talk about death flags immediately brought to mind one anime of that kind which I checked is on your PTW. Without spoiling anything, I'm just gonna say I've never been so mentally exhausted watching anything so GOOD LUCK with that if you're ever gonna watch it! :D

I need more sports Anime in my life : ( I love em.

More sports anime! We demand it! You'll be happy to hear that Diamond no Ace is getting continuation...a voice actor already spilled and they're gonna make an official announcement (of the new anime for sure) at the end of this year. I'm super hyped because the MC has really grown up from the unreliable brat he was at the start of the series and we're gonna see how strong he's become thanks to to all the shit he had to deal with in act I/anime. Another interesting sport series adaptation is coming too, I've heard good things about the manga.

And for once more, FMP!HYPE!HYPE!HYPE! Let's wait all the episodes out. D:
Trivialmadness Apr 30, 6:08 AM
Happy hela and 1st of May! Do you have any celebrations at this time of year?

People get quite busy on halloween here though

Same here, but the old Easter tradition to dress up as little witches and do the door-to-door routine with decorated willow wigs is still popular too. When I was a kid there was every year a horde of little girls and boys in skirts and painted faces running around with sticks and old coppery coffee pots. :D

I don't remember the host nor his smile

You better off not remembering, heh. What a creepy host-san.

Bungou Stray Dogs was something I really, really wanted to like. It had some nice ideas but the attempt to mingle edgy police thriller with fantasy and badly timed comedy moments failed horribly. The visuals were amazing à la Bones but otherwise...not recommended.

I know my bad sides, but how honest can you really be

I know! They ALWAYS ask that but what they really wanna hear is a big question mark. Same with the "best sides" because you can't sound too generic but on the other hand no one cares if you're amazing at cooking or something like that. :D

Also congratulations! Well done *patpat* So can I ask what you will be doing? :>

Thankeeee! My new place is a big chain store specializing in electronics and all kinda nerdy stuff and I'm gonna start with doing customer service and billing corporate clients. Lotsa new things to learn and new people to meet but the place seems to have a really laid-back and friendly staff (let's hope it's true and they don't eat me!).

Although there is plenty people out where bad endings is almost like a fetish for them, lol

Hahah lol! It's nice to have fetishes...but I'd be devastated to watch only stuff with depressing endings. Sometimes it fits but the series have to be engaging for it to work. Most of the time bad endings seem to be done only for the sake of shocking the viewers and not for the story. :/ Have you any favorite bad or "bad" endings?

HYPE!HYPE!HYPE! I'm also gonna wait for all the episodes. I heard a very unreliable rumor that it might actually get a second cour right after this one but let's see...that would be TOO awesome. Aaagh I wanna watch alreadyyy. D: Sousukeeeeeeeeeeee

Also I see you've been hitting up Major!! Wooo. You like?

I had a beef with the second season (things to love and things to h-h-hate) but I decided not to be a sucking loser who gives up and picked the series up again (I also needed something to fill the the sport story emptiness while waiting for new chapters of Diamond no Ace which I've been obsessed with lately). And it was worth it! It kinda grew on me on the way and the main appeal must be how easy it is to watch; it feels the episode has barely started when it's over already. :D Are you planning to watch Major 2nd at some point?
apple_cake Apr 24, 10:21 AM
Vennligst kjøp og spis grønnsaker!

Taco på fredag. Ja!


Grandiosa = nei.

Lutegullfisk, klem!

God natt!
Trivialmadness Apr 19, 9:15 AM
Aaand if you PM me coordinates there might be some socks ready to take off. It's not summer yet... (^^)'
Trivialmadness Apr 18, 12:33 PM
If I recall correctly Dazai Osamu wrote No Longer Human and Run, Melos.. And also didn't Dazai Osamu kill himself. D: I remember being intrigued to find out more about him when while/after I was watching. Didn't the Anime feature some actual IRL backstory on the authors within the episodes? I think right.. Or I watched something separate.

Yep yep you're right on all that! Each episode started with a host introducing us to the authors and novels at question. It was a nice way to bring the stories closer to viewer and on top of that the host guy's frozen smile was maybe the creepiest thing in the entire show! Dazai was really the epitome of tragic artist type. (^^)' I remember that in Bungou Stray Dogs the character named after him was obsessed with suicide and that makes much more sense now.

Online interview? Hmm. Any big differences except for the obvious ones?

Just tell me about it...Can't believe you've only been in 2 job interviews. Does it make your success percent 100?! Back to the question,I'm quite adept with live interviews but this was more like "OK, welcome, I'm X from company X, congrats for making it this far, now you have 2 minutes to convince me why you're the right person for this job". Pitching, not one of my favorite things to do. And I had to to it again with another company *cries*. BUT! I advanced to the live interview from the second nightmare session and guess what! They wanted me! Yay! \,,/ It starts in a month so I'm gonna be super lazy these few weeks before. Next upcoming vacation: summer 2019...D: My head is still spinning with all that's happened.

you don't always have to "please" the fans

True. Taking the easy road is boring. Not that I don't enjoy seeing things I wanna see, but it's much more fulfilling if those moments are rare or happen when you least expect them to.

MAL Documentary? Is that the april fools thing, haha? :D Did you get fooled by anything on April 1st by the way, and how was your Easter in general? :>

I was shocked they actually made a documentary. xD I get fooled every year by everyone, there's a worrying amount of good liars around. :0 Otherwise, the Easter went nicely, we had some quests visiting and it was nice to have a long weekend. How about you?

Oh, do the kids in there do the Easter tradition of going from door to door and wish good health for the next year with willow wigs and rhymes?

And do you know what? Do you know what's in here?

YAAAAAAAAA! That's right!
Kiev Apr 7, 3:27 AM

how are you bruhhhhh :poggers:
Trivialmadness Apr 1, 2:24 AM
High five! 0/ I think I've been really lucky to stumble onto some really good anime lately. Speaking of which:

I see you're watching Aoi Bungaku Series - let me know your thoughts after. :> It's been a while since I watched it but it had some intereting story lines

Yoshi! I really liked the concept of having classic literature pieces as inspiration because it gave the whole series somewhat familiar and nostalgic feeling. The art and soundscape were beautiful and fitted their own respective story lines well, and even if the implementation of the content failed in some parts, I couldn't bring myself to dislike any part of the series for trying.

As for the stories itself, my favorites must be "No Longer Human" with it's melancholic and dreamy colored filters and music which complemented the wistful style perfectly and "Run, Melos!" which had great narration and feels. I also loved"The Spider's Thread" and would've liked to see more than one episode of it, because *drools* of the art and how it reminded me of a story of a mischievous trickster thief I totally loved as a kid.

For other parts, the Sakura Blossom story of a bandit and a demon maiden had some great elements in it but couldn't seem to decide what kinda story it wanted to be and ended up too quirky and messy (loved the "OP" though). I liked the two-sides-of-a-coin story "Kokoro" but felt that some substance had been lost even if I don't know the original story. The final part "Hell Screen" woulda been better for a starting story because it kinda lacks the finale feeling and would've been good in creating the mood as a starter; the "No Longer Human" or the spider story could've worked better as a closure.

Do you remember having particular likes/dislikes considering the series?

- - - - - - - - - - -

How did the interviews go btw?

They went well and I had fun. I even got to participate on an online interview on top of that which was a new experience for me! My personality maybe wasn't the kind they were looking for but well, I still have a lotta options left. D: I have some really sweet friends who like to inform me about vacancies they know are being opened in different companies so I'm actually quite spoiled!

Guess we Norwegians are weird

:D :D :D :D


As a fellow Wow retiree, you understand the meaning of spacebar. *happy tears*

maybe you're looking for something different from today's Anime

That's a good remark. Like you said that right now it's just switching out the characters and setting. I enjoy the crispiness of today's anime but it can also be awfully sterile. I think it's nicer to see series that take risks without being overly scared of minor flaws that can actually bring more flavor to the experience. Being original is hard, but it's still possible to not be original and still entertaining, ne? Like, hmm it's not so much about how many clichés you use but how you use them.

There is just some characters and situations that are portrayed so weirdly, and there is a complete disconnect for me. The appeal is probably to a different audience than me I guess

Tbh, I can't imagine who it appeals to. :D Characters you just wanna kick in the butt and misunderstandings and awkwardness that makes you wanna scream in frustration. Not to mention the love triangles. WHAT'S WITH THE LOVE TRIANGLES? Aaaaagh. Wishy-washy. Maybe that's why it's so satisfying if you find some good ones among them; it's like a 1 kg bag of candy consisting mostly of the ones you dislike but might put in your mouth if you can't find any better ones. If you find a good one, yay!

- - - - - - - - - - -

Did you already watch the new MAL Documentary? Recommended.
apple_cake Mar 31, 8:07 AM
Har du spist grønnsaker og frukt i dag?

oranegsin er fin!

KoroKudo- Mar 30, 8:50 AM
I did pretty well i exams i think, i got 7 past week. But next week i start extra class to prepare PSU (the exam that you gotta give here to get into uni), so i'm watching even less anime :'(.

I only got friday off >:(
KoroKudo- Mar 29, 6:46 PM
Doing pretty good, except that this week I got lot of exams and I wasn't able to watch animu :'(. What about you?
Trivialmadness Mar 28, 11:28 PM
And hey, The Sword of the Stranger was gooooood. The animation was amazing and the last battle scene was just epic. \,,/
Trivialmadness Mar 28, 11:23 PM
Thanks a bunch! I'm feeling I should be more mature now already but it's just the opposite...sigh. :D I even had a cake party. I made a chocolate-banana-quark'n'cream-and-caramel sauce with waffles -cake! I usually prefer simple ones like cheesecakes or something with berries but when I'm baking myself it always expands into unknown and even I don't know what's it gonna be like in the end. This time, a looot of calories. Hahah. :D

That's an interesting thing what you said about what's considered good manners or not in different parts of the world. All kind of noises are strictly forbidden for us westerners! And wearing a white shirt, yeah, that's an instant invitation for any kind of sauce to jump to your lap. Applies in cooking too.

We don't have any julebrus. There's....yea, a lot. Do they all taste different?

I've played a little of Witcher 2 but didn't really like it. You know, the only thing I remember about it was how annoyed I was that the character couldn't jump. Like, seriously? Beating space bar while playing is the joy of life, ne?

Because yeah it's been a while since we've had a good summer

Same here. There haven't been any "childhood summers" anymore, the weather is erratic and rainy and temperature's low. There's also been super weird occasions of abnormal phenomenons in recent years, like having a violent blast of +35 Celsius in the start of May. And some people still don't believe there's something wrong with the climate? It's interesting (and scary) to see how's it gonna be in ten, or twenty or even more years from now on.

I completely agree, and do you have any? :>

Oooh, you know I'm weak against BL. I'm sick of genre tropes and the lack of proper plot-lines but can't stay away. Not to say you can't find any gems in there, they really exist, it's just that I enjoy the not-so-quality pieces too. I also love to hate generic shoujo romances from time to time. Oh, and I think I might have a thing for mid-2000's series that are nowadays considered mediocre-to-crappy. 0/ Maybe that's because they're the kind I most got exposed to when I first got into anime? Something you know isn't gonna be great but wanna watch anyway. Do you have same kind of feelings?