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link9us Sep 21, 4:00 PM
Speaking in terms of RE:Zero. Yeah that series was absolutely one of the most solid anime series ive seen this year, production visuals, music was fantastic, it had a well orchestrated plot. I did feel that some of the character dev was lacking but i won't fault the anime for that, because the series is incomplete and i am sure many other characters will get more screen time. This season was amazing though and chock full of unsurprising twists and turns at nearly every corner. It was deeply satisfying to see the change and growth of Subaro Natsuki and how he finally believes and stands up to take matters into his own hands and not conveyed in such a way that made you feel as though it was the generic tropes of a shonen genre. Which i appreciated. Definitely one of the best series ive seen this year and im just barely getting stared. Here is hoping that i'll run into some other note worthy gems like this one in the near future.

I know the ending is going to spark major controversy though on who sabaro ends up shipping. I am kind of on the receiving end. i still think that the feelings of REM were emotionally sincere and completely true. Where as the relation between Satala *cough* i mean Emilia could be but a mear farse. Also i don't know if im going mad but whats up with the sudden camera drop and the small grin on Subaro's face. Could the writers being telling us something here??
link9us Sep 21, 3:53 PM
Funny you mention go nagai the day my friend does and shortly within the same time frame I thought both of you found some article but apparently not.

I mentioned Go nogai because I was looking through the archive and old classics of some series they still have on amazon apparently. I was also updating my list and ran across cutey Honey F.

Nanoha getting another season and symphogear getting two more suffices for my craving for more mahout shoujo as well, there's also a white fox original coming out that I have no idea why i'm hyped for.

Looking forward to Nanoha, but I am more interested in Force getting an adaptation, not all those Takamitchi spin offs. Although I liked it, but I really want to get back to the true canonical story line. Could be because White fox is a renowned studio behind some of the most brilliant masterpiece works, such as ReZero, steins;gate, Akame ga kill!, The Devil is a part timer, Katanagatari, and Jormungand. Which not any single one of these series has disappointed me. So chances are, anything from Whitefox would be pretty solid. :p

The mahou shoujo is Matoi the sacred slayer.

Yeah I did see this when It was posted. I am definitely up for some more maho shoujo. I think maho shoujo anime has went through lots of changes these last few years. Its not all just bout catering towards the younger demographic like CCS or sailor moon where its heavy in shoujo ai elements. But a lot of the series have started to become a lot more aimed towards a more mature audience with lots of genre shifts of physiological themes or mystery mixed with the magical girl formula. I think a lot of companies have been heavily influenced by Modoka.

This is just a what if but considering the chain of events that have occurred I don't think something like captain Tylor coming back or crest of the stars is a faraway dream. I think legend of the galactic heroes might trigger a chain of events for space operas to come back into relevancy.

That definitely seems to be the pattern and I don’t see why it won’t follow the same formula, specifically in the last couple of years we been getting anime reboots, that have obviously influenced the return of other series in a genre that has sort of dried up. Space opera’s is honestly a more obscure genre this day and age. I haven’t really seen any real noteworthy space opera’s recently. All the ones I really deemed as like top tier are all old classics. Captain Tylor, LOTH, Crest of the stars, Planets, outlaw star, SDF, and of course Yamato. Some of these are cult classics in their own right but honestly if you look at how many TRUE space opera’s we have actually had. There isn’t that many. Many series try to define them selfs as a space opera but it’s really mix and mash of different genre’s. Comedy/action, mecha and a bunch of other things that don’t really amount to a sort of real galactic space odyssey. So yeah I think the return of LOGH which will be a huge breakthrough for the medium and people might look at this and start bringing back more space opera’s to the forefront or the industry. There is quite a lot of novels I know that have never been adapted either.

Berserk coming back into relevancy depending on how the future goes from here. might trigger stuff.

Also stuff like Ubell Blatt and Vegabond. But yeah I really want to see Vinland, saga people are going to be blown away by that, if it ever does get an adaptation. It is probably currently one of my favorite manga’s im reading right now. I just hope a worthy studio picks it up. Though I really hope they don’t use berserk’s representation as inspiration for other series because I really wouldn’t want to see another train wreck like berserk. That anime is an absolute disgrace. I don’t need to go into the reasons as I have already done that before. But it’s just appalling. MAL SCORE – 1 Appalling lol. It is kind of a real slap in the face to the author to and his brilliant organic style of mid even dark fantasy and I can’t believe Miura would even attempt to be a part of this project. I am just glad D gray man didn’t fall into the same pitfall. Although I think personally long ongoing anime is kind of a thing of the past now. Studios are just into seasonal adaptations now. Even if it’s from shonen jump or Denkeki magazine . it’s all about seasonal core’s this day and age. So when LOGH first airs, it most likely will be a seasonal show as well.

After that we need some fantasy/three kingdoms epic to do well to pull stuff like Twelve Kingdoms*/*Record of lodoss war*/*Slayers back into relevancy.

Kimono Soujin Erin (havn’t you finished this yet?), and my personal favorite sererei no morobito. Anything from Nahoko Uehash needs more faithful adaptations. I also 2nd a reboot of 12 kingdoms. Though the series is a brilliant piece of literature and Chinese mythology with a beautiful representation of character development, it’s kind of a cluster fuck of madness all at the same time due to the fact that it was showcased completely out of order and all the main events subsequently are not in the correct time line according to Nahoko’s novels. So that being said, I think a lot of people can be very confused by 12 kingdoms. I really do hope it gets a proper adaptation.

Go-nagi and Obari also need to make a return, possibly finish up Mazinger and Obari could do an original or finish iczer 1 (the later isn't likely.)

I don’t think Iczer is ever going to see a reboot. Lol You can dream though. Most likely the more heavily inspired or talked bout series like Devil Lady/Devilman, Cutey Honey, or like you said obviously Mazinger would be one of the largest likehood or maybe even getter robo.

So I think something like Bastard that was once shounen jump and has an ova series as well should be a more likely pick up.

Bastard yes, I definitely want to see this one. Though the manga is still on indefinite hiatus. So I don’t see it finishing any time soon. But this the kind of supernatural seinen and dark fantasy lore I want to see more of in the medium. We don’t have enough of these any more, not that I have seen. I think its because every studio now days is trying to re-create everything with visual CG and computer magic and when you’re dealing with a sort of classical eastern fantasy type of story and setting, you kind of loose that original carbon-based animation. It is one of the things that I have really loved about classics. Take an example from berserk. Look at what that turned into.

It's just an exciting thought over how anime is changing and dreams like this aren't an after thought.

It actually used to be lol. I remember years back I would of never imagine some of these series to ever get reboots but like we discussed in the beginning of this conversation, many studio’s and companies and taking heed to these far off dreams becoming reality. So many companies are learning that it’s a plausible scenario and CAN HAPPEN. So they are doing what they can to recreate or reboot some of their old series or continuing adaptations that we all thought were dropped many years

I know I said Older authors get me more excited but there's been more of a selection to keep things interesting as opposed to before 2013. Stuff like Shokugeki/prison school/one punch man is very much so something to be hyped about. And by older authors I meant in age not what i'm familiar with, but the authors that are clearly inspired/influenced by something ground breaking etc are worth keeping an eye out as well.
And there's been a lot of that since 2013.

Absolutely and that’s precisely what this whole conversation sort of entailed lol. I think also the super hero genre is pretty big, definitely didn’t use to be that huge in the medium before 2013. In the last few years its arisen to a new high. Most likely due to many life action films being a part of the movie industry in the last few years to and also comic conventions that have been a great place for fans to speak thoughts on the growing legacy of marvel and DC influence. Having stan lee becoming much more involved with other forms of media, video games being another huge influence. It’s just like super hero involvement has impacted our society in a HUGE way in the last several years. I remember the days when you really have to search a bit to find anything marvel or DC outside of comics. Like there were cartoons on tv that you can watch and a VERY few select video games but nothing much. Now a days its evolved into a worldwide phenomenon and it’s no surprise that the anime industry would follow that same trend.
Quantization Sep 11, 12:56 PM
Solid openings :>
Quantization Sep 11, 12:37 PM
make these characters more believable but that's just me.

Yeah that's just you. You need all those references and dank memes.. Erhh, but I agree with the part about recalling back to their childhood but generally I'd say - if it wasn't a "missing element" for me while/after watching then.. Yeah it would be harsh to go back and critique it for that.

There was at least a shout out moment towards Sket Dance though that was pretty cool.

I've actually been wondering for a while now; if I should check out SKET Dance.

12-13-20 episodes a day pretty much putting off seasonal the entire time, it did seem short but still perfect in length for me.

Hah, that's how I binge at least :> It is indeed perfect length but you always want more of that great feeling back when you were watching it (as with any show you really really enjoy).

Mashiro was hella fun though to see him grow. :D

Hell yes, my favorite.

(loved the hospital scene.)

Haven't seen Romeo & Juliet yet but I agree with the hospital scene which caught me completely off guard. I'm so glad they didn't go with a bs storyline from Miho, like.. "I know you're at the hospital but I can't see you.. Because of the promise".

Bakuman is a guaranteed rewatch later down the road, that's for sure.
link9us Sep 11, 3:11 AM
Still like OP 1 the best. I just like the tune. The visuals were pretty awesome in those openings though.
Xpendables_T101 Sep 3, 2:09 PM
TY....already added in watch list
Quantization Sep 3, 11:41 AM
Not one of my favorite romances however but still one of the more note worthy one's.

Well it's a little different from other Romance Anime, but it does what it sets out to do. Nothing more.

As a general thing I always appreciate a good ol' slow buildup, and didn't really have that many problems off the bat (for s1). That said the journey needs to be entertaining and enjoyable, and I thought it delivered there.

The duo was rather refreshing when they put their heads together and started to sharpen their talents Bakuman in itself was a rather refreshing take on the shounen genre as well and loved the hell out of the rivalry with Niizuma (L) and the focus on editors/assistants also was a factor in this enjoyment.

Certainly I agree here, and especially agree regarding the focus on editors and assistants.

I'm glad you enjoyed! Bakuman for me, is one of those shows where the 75 episodes felt pretty short. Well I did binge a lot, and yeah you tend to watch more when you're enjoying it to such an extent.

For a manga anime there wasn't enough references either i thought it was gonna end up like Gintama but i was little disappointed to find out it never did.

I can't agree with this, but I can't completely abolish it because I haven't seen Gintama. However I would say that for every Anime series, they should strive to be their own entity. For slice and life I rarely have these distinct "rules" or notions that it should be something other than itself. While there are many many things I would have liked to have or see in every Anime I watch, that doesn't mean it's bad or worse because it didn't have those things. That would be like the equivalent of unlimited fanservice it feels like.
link9us Sep 1, 4:42 AM
I didn't score shippuuden an 8 either, i scored it a 7 just so you know.
link9us Sep 1, 4:09 AM
One piece clearly is the top dog when it comes to a coherent plot though, a heavily character driven story but its clear from even the very fucking beginning of the series, that oda knows what the hell he is doing. There is forshadowing during certain events that are like in early beginning episodes, that you won't even see until the 500s or 600's. The guy really does his home work, probably the reason OP is so successful is because the author writes pages and pages of scripts and novels almost several years ahead of his manga panels, so he knows every piece of the story and where the future of the plot will be, so then he creates and develops the series based on those future events that he has set in his mind.
link9us Sep 1, 3:58 AM
Yeah i have to dissagree with you. Naruto didn't just have intensity in the villains. I would probably say that bout bleach and hitman reborn though, both were just pure shonen battle anime in its truest form. Most villains or antagonists didn't even really have much of a personality. Kind of a throwback to the later DBZ arcs. Although DBZ is so beloved to this day not for the story but because it so heavily inspirational and you got to love the ensemble cast of great characters.

The plot of naruto was very progressive and each character, itachi, orochimaru, Tobi/Obito each had there own ambitions/goals from the very beginning and through out the series and story you got see how all of this was conveyed in the narrative. Everything was cohesive in a way and felt connected. Kishimoto always put the core of the narrative at the center and thats honestly why people never really got bored of it. Because the story just moved from every arc, new developments arised. The problem with naruto and i will say it again is many things that the author introduced, were not planned/executed correctly by the time the plot reached a certain point, so as the plot moved on. It started feeling very nonsensical as the story moved on and granted the original series seems to have layed the foundation of the series, but Shippuuden changed so many things that really contradicted many rules and elements of the original series. The narrative with in shippuuden was ok, i actually might be in the minority but i really liked the manipulative obito, i thought he was an interesting villain. I just hate the direction the author took his character and for the many reasons. He could definitely have came up with a more beliable scenario. The whole Zetzu plot twist, is kind of way far fetched and out there even by naruto standards. In fact this probably what really brought the story to a new low.

Because it absolutely made no sence what so ever. There was no forshadowing, unless you want to called Zetsu looking down at the valley of the end watching naruto and sasuke fight, saying "Things are starting to get interesting" as a little minor foreshadowing that he's the true instigator. But there is so many ways that scene could of been interpreted. Everything that happened after the pain arc was literally the author trying to correct all his mistakes and try to bring together a story that makes sense and with a proper resolution but pretty much failed at it quite miserably, and it got worse as the story went on.

It was clear that it was enjoyable and had its share of "epic" moments like all series do but it wasn't consistent in story, one of the things i do love the most bout it though is naruto's development. He's honestly probably the most developed shonen character ive seen. Even more so then luffy and Gon. (or Natsu Lol) I mean like literally watching the kid grow from adolescent to adulthood. Learning the ways of the world and becoming its true savior. Passing his legacy onto the next generation. That is something i really admired bout the series and you don't see it that often. Definitely a huge inspiration from the infamous Goku.
link9us Aug 30, 7:01 PM
Yes i have heard of Re:zero the game, actually some how before anime news network even posted it. It has me quite hyped to see how the company will put it together. Seeing as how its a visual novel, most liekly will be even more faithful then the anime series. Though i have never read the light novels but i still think its quite an amazing show.

link9us Aug 30, 6:10 PM
Well bleach will forever remain just generic and bland imo, as far as story goes. I think two of the key things that make a good shonen series are narrative and characterization. In which bleach just really failed at both. It had the visual representation of being one of the more consistent series quality wise unlike fairy tail and naruto. Naruto on the other hand ran it self into the ground quite a few times, especially with the ending, but at least it did have some what appealing characters and some fantastic overall characterization with a cohesive story that pulled it all together and still kept you quite invested.. As far as i am concerned, naruto was pretty great series up until the war arc. It wasn't top tier quality but it was still some how able to keep me entertained. Where as bleach to me died along time ago, after the soul society arc. That is like 80% of the damn source material just being non coherent, riddled with every cliche you can imagine and uninspiring characters and the story makes no sense.

Both are average, its kind of a tough call because shippuuden will remain absolutely the most atrocious adaptation ive witnessed, but then again it was only the final war arc that really took it to a whole new low, where as the other 70% of the series was decent enough.
Xpendables_T101 Aug 23, 11:44 AM
Thanks I will be watching it by next week ....any other anime like Your lie in april
Ethereid Aug 20, 5:58 PM
Yeah that chant was pretty epic.
Sorry for the late response, I wanted to finish Zeta first before I responded. I was thinking Origin as well, so I'll probably start that tonight. Doesn't CCA take place after ZZ? I think I'll probably wait until after ZZ to watch CCA, I'm going to try to keep things in order. As for Macross, I don't really like it as much as Gundam so I'm not super keen on picking it up again. I already have almost half of Macross watched, so maybe I will watch it slowly at some point. I guess Delta is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth, plus I just got away from the terrible animation in MSG and Macross is even worse lol.

I've already seen Unicorn and freaking loved it, but I will probably have to watch it again to enjoy it even more as it was my first Gundam. Now that I have MSG and Zeta under my belt I'm already making some connections in Unicorn that I missed. Yeah I've heard that ZZ is mediocre, but I actually don't mind the goofy stuff, since Zeta was pretty dark so it might be a nice change of pace. Now I should mention that I already had Zeta spoiled for me for the most part before I started it and I know ZZ's storyline so I know what to expect roughly. What you listed there is enough of a reason for me to watch it: more of the delicious regent is always a good thing and I'm interested in Ple as I thought Marida Cruz was really, really cool. I'll probably start ZZ once I watch what there is of Origin and I'm going to watch Thunderbolt as well as that takes place either before MSG or right at the same time (I can't remember.)

As for Zeta I just wanted to leave this here:

I actually really liked the series, even more than MSG. I was a bit disappointed in Char, as he was cool as fuck in MSG, but was kinda meh in Zeta. I really prefer him in his Zeon attire and mechs. Kamille was surprisingly likable at times and honestly the show as a whole is what I've always imagined Gundam to be like: old school OST, melodrama, awesome rivalries, deaths everywhere and tons of space combat - which MSG was lacking.