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Jul 3, 2017
Note: After reading my first review of the series, I decided that my opinion piece was overly antagonistic, and having grown up, it seems that there is far too much hate over trivial things, as well as the presence of politics in the previous review that seemed utterly inappropriate, and that I regret and apologize for.

That being said, the show is still incredibly dreadful upon my second viewing.

In terms of the plot, two exceptionally talented siblings who happen to be a loser hikikomori, are pulled into another fantasy world after demonstrating to the God Tet their amazing skills at online chess, with read more
Jul 3, 2017
Huh, never thought D.W. from the PBS show Arthur would get her own anime.

From all my years watching anime and stories in general, I have finally come to a conclusion. It is okay to make characters who are hated, in a way. Where would we be if Femto from Berserk did not elicit strong feelings during the sacrifice? Or a certain dad from Fullmetal Alchemist was actually as nice as he appears? Surely not everyone in a story can be equally liked, and some are downright detestable, which may serves the story well. It makes us root for a particular outcome, that of the Protagonist read more
Apr 1, 2017
This anime is a catastrophic attempt at humor, and a callous one with rose tinted glasses towards what is veritably a whole slew of sex crimes. Yes, he is apparently a male who does initially to consent to crossdressing to pay off a debt, though it seems the student council gets off to putting him into embarrassing situations, knowing full well the consequences that will entail, which is usually at least a panty shot, if not worst, without his knowledge beforehand or his consent.

For all the episodes I watched, I kept thinking "Where is the punchline?" Then I realize that the situations are the read more
Mar 24, 2017
HEAVY SPOILERS (Entire Anime ruined, With Already Obvious Manga End Spilled, Progress At If You Know And Do Not Care):

This anime started well enough. Masamune's Revenge requires a little amount of disbelief in the premise, because of course it is going to end with the main girl he is trying to get revenge on become his lover, and while I would fault this anime for making it so starkingly obvious upon reading the synopsis, I am somewhat of a fan of these stories, where hostiles give way to mutual understanding and feelings of affection. How Masamune's will learn to forgive Aki could be execute read more